PC Update Tuesday 2/6/01

Port Charles Update Tuesday 2/6/01

By Beth
Proofread by John 

Karen gives Frank a call just before finishing up her shift. She offers to meet up with him at the Recovery Room before their date. Pleased, Frank says that he'll be off work in five minutes. Before Karen can leave, Scott drops by with Rhonda. Karen is unpleasantly surprised to see that her mother is back in town.

Alison fawns over Jamal, who is dressed for his new job. She tells Frank that he got a job on the movie being filmed in Port Charles. Jamal admits that he's just a gofer, but that's all right. Alison tells him that he really doesn't have to take that job. She can cover bills until he finds something else. Jamal assures her that it's fine. After he leaves, Alison complains that this job is beneath him. She's certain that there must be something else out there for him, and she wants to help him figure out what it could be.

Kevin and Lucy are horrified to wake up next to each other. Lucy tells him not to get any ideas, because she's still absolutely furious with him. Kevin feels the same way about her. They promise that it will never happen again. Immediately after saying that, they start in again. The conductor knocks on the door and then opens it to say that he has found a compartment for Kevin. Seeing that they're in bed together, he assumes that they don't need the other room after all. He backs out the door, not hearing Kevin and Lucy protest that they do need the room. Lucy blames Kevin for this mess. It has to be over between them; they really can't go through this again. Kevin understands perfectly.

Frank tries to console Alison, who is drowning her sorrows in a diet soft drink. Alison sings Jamal's praises, not waiting for Frank to validate any of her thoughts. When Frank tells her that he's going to the charity auction at Port Charles High School, Alison invites herself along. Frank wonders how to explain this to Karen. He doesn't have to wonder for long; Karen arrives with Scott and Rhonda, who will also be accompanying them to the auction. Frank asks Karen how she feels about Rhonda's announcement that she's moving back to Port Charles. Karen admits that it certainly took her by surprise.

Rhonda tells Scott that it probably wasn't a good idea to surprise Karen that way. She thinks that it might be better for her to handle the project in the overseas office. After all, Karen didn't exactly seem happy with the news that she's moving back to Port Charles. Scott thinks Karen was just surprised to see her. Rhonda is convinced that her daughter resents her for not being around when she was going through rehab. Scott thinks that Rhonda should spend time with their daughter. The five of them leave for the auction.

Jamal meets with Travis and another thug. Jamal doesn't have time for this, but Travis tells him to make time. For just ten minutes' work, Jamal can get two grand. All Jamal has to do is drive the car. Jamal isn't interested. Travis tempts him with the possibility of getting Alison something nice for Valentine's Day. Alternatively, Jamal could just keep living off Alison's money. That gets to Jamal, who promises to think about it.

At the auction, Alison chatters away about her favorite subject: Jamal. Frank asks her to give it a rest for a while so that they can look around. Alison sheepishly admits to having gone on and on about him. When Karen finds an old clock, Alison just knows that Jamal would love it. She asks how much it costs, and Karen explains how auctions work. Alison isn't prepared to bid for it. She goes off to talk to an old friend from high school. Exasperated, Scott asks whether she ever shuts up. "No," Karen and Frank reply simultaneously. Rhonda thinks she's just bubbly and energetic, unlike Karen at that age. Scott is tickled to come across Caputo's barber chair. He thinks about bidding on it. Rhonda sees an old computer just like the one her dad used to work on when she was a little girl. She hasn't seen one in ages. Frank is impressed, considering how old it is. It must be 25 or 30 years old! Rhonda asks him whether Karen is happy. Frank says that she's the best he's seen her in a long time.

Karen tells Scott that she's feeling better than she has in a very long time. However, she wasn't ready for her mom to move back to town. Scott understands that it brings up a lot of bad memories. He offers to send Rhonda to his office in the Bahamas, but Karen doesn't want to run her mother out of town. She just needs some time to get used to the idea of having her around. Frank interrupts to take Karen for some hot caramel corn. Scott goes to find Rhonda, who is over by the Elvis stuff. Karen is very glad that Frank is there.

Kevin decides to get off at the next stop and just  go back home. He's no longer in the mood for a ski trip. He knows that he and Lucy can't be together, because it will drive them both insane. Lucy understands but doesn't know how to stop when the universe keeps throwing them together and tempting them this way. In Kevin's opinion, the universe is pretty twisted; it's like asking an addict to stay away from a drug. This reminds Lucy of Uncle Bub on "My Three Sons," who said that love is the only kind of fire you can't buy insurance for. Kevin agrees that Uncle Bub knew his stuff. He prepares to get off the train. Lucy is going to continue to the spa. They both know that they have to stop hurting each other. They absolutely can't be together anymore.

Alison talks to her old friend, Marissa, about how wonderful her life is in spite of being disinherited. She's in love, and that's more important than money. Alison never has to worry about Jamal, because he would never do anything behind her back. Suddenly, she sees something that inspires her. She knows how to help Jamal.

Rhonda quizzes Scott about Karen. Scott assures her that although their daughter is wary, she does love her mother, and she wants to work things out.

Karen is a little down because of the way the day turned out. She had it worked out quite differently in her mind, picturing finding something they both had when they were kids and then being surprised when Frank bought it for her. She didn't anticipate her mother coming into town, and it threw her for a loop. Frank teases her by saying that what threw him was the way she spent his money in her fantasy. Now he feels obligated to live up to it. Karen assures him that he doesn't, but he insists. He tells her to pick out anything she wants, and he'll make the highest bid. When her clothing gets stuck on the old computer, Frank thinks it's a sign. He talks Karen into it.

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