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Port Charles Update Monday 2/5/01

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Jack and Livvie are annoyed at being locked in together. She wants to scream, but he reminds her that they're stowaways and shouldn't attract attention. Livvie points out that unlike him, she is there by mistake. "The sooner you're out, the better," Jack remarks. Livvie asks whether he really hates her that much--or whether he's just afraid to be alone with her. Calling him a jerk, she asks why he was so hateful to her. She considers herself an idiot for believing in him. Jack argues that he's the one to blame here. He doesn't want her to ever think she's dumb, because she's not. Encouraged, Livvie demands to know what's really going on with him.

Lucy demands to know what Kevin is doing in her compartment. "What are you doing in my lap?" he counters. Jumping up, Lucy informs him that she tripped. She wants to know what Kevin is doing on her train. Kevin points out that he could ask her the same thing. Lucy tells him that it's none of his business, but she's going to a spa to relieve all the stress he caused her. Kevin says that he's going skiing for a few days. Lucy refuses to share her private compartment with him. Kevin goes to look for the conductor and ask for a seat as far away from her as possible.

Eve is stunned by Arianna's news. After Ian confirms that they're married, he has a question for Eve. "Why'd you come looking for me?" he asks. Eve finds it hard to explain things to him now that the circumstances have changed. No longer unconscious, Ben demands that someone remove the ropes. Ian informs him that he's staying put. Arianna tells her brother that she won't be going anywhere with him ever again; her place is with her husband now. Ben is surprised and suspicious to hear her news. Eve still can't believe it. Ian claims that they had to lie about their relationship because Arianna's family didn't want them to be together. Ben is convinced that it's just a scam to keep her in the United States. Ian tells Eve that he's in love, that it was unexpected, and that he had never before met a woman with so much heart and courage. Although he was ostensibly describing Arianna, he was really talking about Eve.

While Lucy tries to meditate, Kevin returns with the conductor to show him the situation. The interruption annoys Lucy. The conductor fails to see why it's such a big problem for them to share the compartment. After all, they know each other, the train is full, and there's nowhere else to put Kevin. Kevin reluctantly assures the man that they'll make do, but he wants to be moved as soon as possible. The conductor promises to do so. After he leaves, Kevin and Lucy try to ignore each other. It doesn't work. Lucy lights a candle, which Kevin blows out, claiming not to like the smell. Neither is happy with the situation. Kevin laments getting stuck with Lucy when he just wanted to go away by himself for a few days. Lucy antagonizes him by asking why he's alone. She wants to know where his "lovely little wifey" is.

Jack assures Livvie that the times he spent with her were the most important times of his life. Livvie wants to believe him, but it's hard. She doesn't understand why he would hurt her so badly and say that she never meant anything to him. Jack tells her that it was the only way to make a clean break and stop causing her so much pain. Livvie doesn't think he should ruin the rest of his life just because his father abandoned him. Jack explains that it wasn't his father; it was Chris who decided to dump him with strangers and then be on his way. Jack bounced around from one foster home to another without connecting with any families. In fact, they were all happy to see him go. That's why he wants Chris to know what it feels like to lose something important to him; it's why he took Livvie. It all makes sense to Livvie now. Jack assures her that she didn't do anything wrong.

Kevin refuses to discuss Eve with Lucy, but she obnoxiously persists, stating that she'll keep hounding him until he cracks. He retorts that Lucy must be planning to bore him to sleep so that she can slip the conductor into the compartment for a little action. Lucy says that she's already had half the men on the train and is ready to have the rest by breakfast. Kevin hopes she'll stick to those who are of age this time. This comment puts Lucy in a snit; she knew he would eventually get around to bringing up what happened with Jack. Kevin objects to the way she worded it to make it sound as if her clothes magically fell off before she tripped and landed on top of his manhood. Offended, Lucy tells him that he isn't allowed to speak to her that way. They continue arguing, with Kevin pointing out how she never gives up and just has to "push, push, push, push, push." Lucy jabs that Eve probably ran off with Ian. Seeing the look on Kevin's face, she realizes that it's true.

Apologizing for barging in on their wedding night, Eve congratulates the newlyweds and tells Arianna to take good care of Ian. Someone from the sheriff's department arrives to haul Ben away. Eve is happy to make a statement that he assaulted her. Arianna wants Ben's assurances that he and the family will give their blessing. Ben says that she'll have his blessing if the marriage is genuine. Telling Arianna to wait in the car, Ian asks Eve why she was looking for him. Thinking fast, she says that she thought he might be in trouble and wanted to rescue him for a change, but it didn't work. He asks about her ceremony, and she says that he should have stuck around because it was a real tearjerker. Ian thinks that Kevin can't be happy about her disappearance, but Eve says that he's very understanding. Ian is curious about how she knew to look for him at the cabin. He's hoping she remembered what happened between them there. Eve lies, saying that she read about it in the police report and thought that was where he might be.

Jack promises Livvie that he never meant to hurt her. Livvie understands his reasons, but that doesn't change the fact that he hurt her. Jack is glad to see that she's finally standing up for herself. He tells her that he's a better person for knowing her. Telling him to take care of himself, she leaves when the conductor opens the door. Seeing Jack, the man knows that he doesn't have a ticket. He plans to turn Jack over to the police at the next station.

Ian reminisces about times with Eve. Arianna interrupts his reverie to see whether he's ready to leave the cabin. She realizes how hard it must have been for him to tell Eve that he was in love with someone else. Ian says abruptly that it had to be done. Besides, she has her own life and a loving husband to get back to. Arianna says that they have to make Ben and everyone else believe that they're happy newlyweds. Ian realizes that and vows to stick to his commitment.

Eve begins to cry. It took her too long to remember, and now she's lost Ian.

Lucy apologizes and asks whether Eve really did run off with Ian. Kevin doesn't know where she went, and that fact really isn't as important to him as it should be. Lucy thinks the universe could be trying to tell him something. Kevin doesn't want to hear about that; he thinks the universe is as screwed up as he is. Lucy is shocked and warns him to be careful with what he says. As she continues, Kevin asks what it will take to shut her up. Lucy accuses him of being rude. He again tells her to shut up. She tells him to make her. "Fine!" he says just before they throw their arms around each other and kiss.

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