PC Update Friday 2/2/01

Port Charles Update Friday 2/2/01

By Beth
Proofread by John 

Cleaning up after her drinking adventure with Jack, Lucy remembers how Kevin found her with the young man, and it's not a happy memory. When Livvie stops by to talk, she tells Lucy that Jack told her the truth. Stunned, Lucy drops the glass she's holding. She wants to explain, but Livvie doesn't see how she can explain why Jack was using her to get back at his brother and then lied about it. Lucy realizes that Jack didn't really tell her the truth after all. Livvie is upset about the things Jack said to her the night before. When Lucy hears about them, she says that this may be for the best. Livvie still doesn't think it makes sense. She speculates that Chris finally got to him somehow. Since he was at Lucy's place, she asks whether Lucy has any idea why Jack would push her away.

Kevin is relieved to finally track down Karen at the Recovery Room after looking everywhere. He's hoping she'll tell him where Eve is. Karen actually doesn't know where she is, but Kevin can see that she has an idea. He doesn't like to put her in the middle, but he wants to make sure that his wife is all right. When Karen assures him that she's fine, Kevin says that he has his answer. He's not an idiot; he knows that Karen won't tell him where Eve is because she's with Ian. Karen tells him that she doesn't know that for certain. All she knows is that Kevin needn't worry about her. She's confident that Eve will be in touch soon. She also knows that Kevin means a lot to Eve. In Kevin's opinion, his wife owed it to him to deal with their issues before taking off with Ian. Instead of going to look for her, he's going to give her the space she needs and do the same for himself.

Jack stops by the Recovery Room, where he and Kevin exchange a look. He's hoping to find Jamal, but he's not there. He asks the bartender to tell Jamal that he's leaving town. As he leaves, he runs into Chris, who insults him about why he's in such a hurry. Learning that Jack is leaving town, Chris gloats about his victory over his brother. Jack informs him that he's not gone yet and that he's definitely not through with him. Chris warns him to watch his temper and not force him to call the police. Jack wouldn't give his brother the satisfaction. He informs him that his leaving town has nothing to do with him. Chris doesn't care why; all he cares about is that he won. Jack tells him that he'll never get Livvie, but Chris isn't so sure. Jack informs him that Livvie loves him and always will. He walks away.

Ben shoves Eve back inside the cabin and demands to know whom she was trying to call. Eve swears that she was calling the hospital to look for Ian and Arianna. Ben puts the phone to his ear and listens. It's still ringing.

Arianna begs Ian not to answer the phone. Assuring Arianna that she's safe now, he goes against her wishes. Picking up the phone, he can hear Eve being threatened by Ben. He tells Arianna what's going on, and they head out to help Eve.

Eve calls out for Ian's help. Ben grabs her again and stomps on the phone, crushing it. Shoving her against the wall, he asks for one good reason not to snap her neck. He forces her into a chair, yelling that he should have known better than to involve her in his family's business. When Eve offers to work together to find them, Ben accuses her of trying to patronize him. Although she assures him that she wouldn't do that, Ben informs her that there's nothing someone like her can do for him. He doesn't want to be there any more than she does. Eve asks why he doesn't leave. This really sets him off. "Don't you tell me what to do! You know what? If we were in my country, a woman like you would have disciplined long ago! I could kill you right now and be well within my rights," he informs her. Eve expresses her opinion about his country and his character. "Eve!" Ian arrives just as Ben is about to backhand her. Ben grabs her in a chokehold and informs Ian that they're going to trade one woman for the other.

Lucy makes some herbal tea. Livvie again asks Lucy's opinion about why Jack pushes her away. Hedging, Lucy rambles about getting hurt by the people they love. This isn't what Livvie expected at all. She thought Lucy would give her a speech about fighting for what she believes in. Lucy admits that normally, she would have, but too much has happened lately. Livvie asks Lucy what happened between her and Kevin. Lucy replies that he and Eve are still married and that what she wants may never happen. She's dealing with it, though. In fact, she's booked a visit to a luxurious spa, and she invites Livvie to go with her. Livvie thanks her but says that she really needs to be alone right now. Lucy understands. She gives Livvie a key of her own in case she still wants to live there. When the cab arrives, Lucy frantically looks for her keys and suitcase. Heading out, she promises to call soon. Livvie finds her wallet and runs after her, but the cab is already gone.

Ian orders Ben to let Eve go. Ben threatens to break her neck if Ian doesn't stay back. He wants his sister, and if Ian turns her over to him, he will let Eve go. Ian informs him that it won't happen; Ben won't walk out of there with either of them. Ben doesn't think Ian is in any position to be telling him anything. Eve asks him to ease up a little, because it's hard for her to breathe. Ben informs her that that's the point. He asks Ian which woman it will be. "Are you getting tired of this?" Ian asks Eve, signaling her with his eyes. Suddenly, Eve makes her move. She breaks free, and Ian decks the guy. Ben is down, and Ian continues to punch him until Eve tells him to stop. Relieved to know that Eve is safe, Ian takes her in his arms.

On the train, Lucy realizes that her wallet is missing. To her surprise, Livvie shows up, wallet in hand. Lucy looks through it, thankful to have all her "beautiful plastic" back. She tries to talk Livvie into going with her, but Livvie still wants to spend time by herself and figure out some things. Lucy is glad to hear that she doesn't intend to go after Jack, because she deserves better. She is also moving on with her life after Kevin. The train whistle blows, prompting Livvie to head out before it's too late. She takes a wrong turn and ends up in the baggage compartment, where she gets locked in. The train starts moving. Livvie shouts for someone to let her out. Hearing a cough behind her, she orders the hidden person to come out before she screams bloody murder. From behind a trunk, Jack stands up. Livvie accuses him of following her. Jack informs her that he's stowing away, and she should keep it down before he gets caught. He's leaving town because there's no reason to stay. Livvie again calls out for help. Jack is anything but pleased to be stuck with her for the long haul.

The conductor apologizes to Kevin, who was hoping for a private compartment. At the moment, the only seat available is in Mr. Lucoe's compartment, but the conductor will move Kevin as soon as a space opens up. Kevin is just happy to get a seat on such short notice. He enters the compartment and takes a seat, noting that Mr. Lucoe is a slob. Taking a look around, he finds a CD titled "Musical Mantras." There is also a book, "The Zen of Knitting." Seeing the "Heavenly Feel-Good Tea," Kevin furrows his brows, thinking about the name Lucoe. His suspicions are confirmed when Lucy emerges. Having come from the shower, she's wearing a towel. She's oblivious to his presence until she looks up and sees him giving her a strange look. She isn't any happier to see him than he is to see her. To make matters worse, the train's movement causes Lucy to fall--right into Kevin's lap.

Now that Ben is tied to a chair, Ian asks Eve why she came to the cabin with him. Eve explains that she was looking for Ian at the hospital and ran into Ben, who fed her a story about Arianna being dangerous. "Why were you looking for me? Why weren't you with your husband?" he asks. Eve ties to tell him, but Arianna bursts in to find out what's going on. Ian explains that her brother will wake up with a headache. Arianna apologizes to Eve, who assures her that she understands. Ian is ready to call the local authorities to pick up Ben. He tells Arianna that she doesn't have to worry anymore. Eve promises to find a safe place for her, where her brother won't find her. "Oh--no, you don't understand," Arianna says. Ian tells her to let him handle this, but she continues. "Ian and I are married," she announces.

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