PC Update Thursday 2/1/01

Port Charles Update Thursday 2/1/01

By Beth
Proofread by John 

After sweetly thanking a departing customer for the tip, Alison picks up the money and grumbles about all the coins involved. When she drops one of them, Jamal picks it up. He admits to pretending to be asleep so that she'd leave for work and give him time to wrap a present for her. He pulls a large box from behind his back. Excited, Alison opens the box and discovers that it contains his mother's recipe book. Alison is deeply moved by the gift, which Jamal believes his mother would have wanted her to have. He just hopes that it makes up for the way he acted yesterday. Alison assures him that there's nothing to make up for; it was the anniversary of his mother's death, and he has every right to his feelings. Looking through the recipes, Alison learns that the woman's name was Callie. Jamal says that she was named after her grandmother. It's weird for him to see her handwriting. He knows that she would have liked Alison. They're both sorry that the two women never got the chance to meet. The Recovery Room phone rings just as a customer brings her coffee cup to the bar. At Alison's request, Jamal answers the phone while she refills the cup. It's Karen, looking for Jamal. She tells him that a movie company is filming at the hospital and needs someone to fill in for the motorcycle stuntman, who broke his leg. Jamal can't believe they would hire him, but Karen assures him that she gave him a glowing recommendation. In fact, he has an audition in twenty minutes.

Assuming that the knock at the door is from Ian's friend who's going to help her, Arianna prepares to leave the cabin and go to their next destination. Ian assures her that after they answer some questions and sign some papers, she won't have to worry about anyone.

Ben joins Eve at the door to the cabin and demands to know what's taking so long. He yells to his sister to open the door. Arianna panics. Eve warns him not to scare her. Ben grabs Eve and orders her to get out of his way. He kicks the door in and looks inside. The cabin is vacant.

Having overheard Jamal's side of the conversation, Alison asks when they'll be leaving for Hollywood. She's very excited for her boyfriend. When Frank comes in, Jamal tells him that he has a chance to do motorcycle stunts in a movie, but he downplays it as no big deal. Alison teases him about his future on the big screen, when he'll eventually be making twenty million dollars a movie and starring with Jennifer Lopez. Re-thinking this, she decides that it would be better for him to work with Angela Lansbury instead. She wants him to change clothes for the audition. Frank and Jamal think he looks fine, but Alison thinks he looks like a total grunge. She assures him that she knows what she's talking about. Jamal relents and goes to change. Alison has stars in her eyes as she thinks about his future. She will have to remind him to thank Karen when he gets his first Oscar. When Frank seems confused, she tells him that Karen is the one who told Jamal about the job. Frank inquires whether Karen asked for him, and Alison doesn't think so. She wonders whether Karen will want a cut for being Jamal's agent. Frank reminds her that he doesn't have the job yet, but Alison is confident that he'll get it. She thinks that it's time for him to get something that he really loves. "I think he's already landed the top prize," Frank compliments Alison. Jamal comes back after changing his look. He's dressed all in black, with shades and a leather jacket. He looks good, and he knows it. Alison tells him to go to the audition and be his adorable, sexy self, and there's no way he can lose. Confident, Jamal heads across the street to the hospital.

While Ben searches the cabin, Eve reminisces about her time there with Ian. Ben returns with the news that he found footprints out back leading to a small road. He wants to try to pick up their trail. He grabs Eve, who demands to know what his problem is. Ben accuses her of causing this latest setback. Eve now realizes that he was lying about Arianna. She's not even certain that he's related to her. Ignoring her, Ben places a call to report that although he found her, she got away again. Eve threatens to call the police if he doesn't give her an answer. Ben screams at her to shut up. "No woman talks to me that way!" he yells. Getting back to his call, he states that they are headed north from Lake Raines on Copperhead Trail Road. He believes they must be trying to get Arianna asylum in Canada. He wants them found, no matter what. Suddenly, Eve picks up a poker and slams it into the back of his head. He drops, out cold. "No man talks to me that way," Eve tells the unconscious man. She goes through his pockets, gets the car keys, and rushes out.

Alison reads the cornbread recipe and learns that the last ingredient isn't given. She can't figure out why. Nearby, Frank is trying to call Karen at the hospital. He leaves yet another message for her. Hanging up, he asks what's going on. Thinking he was talking to her, Alison says that she would also like to know what's going on. "This is so frustrating," she complains. Frank understands completely. He asks how busy one woman can possibly be. Alison doesn't think it's about being busy. In her opinion, it's a test. "Test?" Frank asks, confused. Alison tells him to think about it. "You're going along; you're about to get things cooking, right?" she asks. "And then suddenly she deserts you," she continues. Frank agrees that it feels like that. "Yeah, and she leaves you wondering, and you have no idea what to do next," she says. "Well, so what do you do?" Frank asks her. "If you can answer that, then you've passed the test. I mean, it's the only way for you to have your cake and eat it too. Or in this case, cornbread," she concludes, walking away. "Cornbread?" Frank wonders aloud, bewildered.

Jamal finds Karen, who says that the film crew is shooting a death scene in the luxury suite. She sees the casting director and greets him. He assumes that her friend must be Jamal Forrest. Jamal corrects him and learns that the man's name is Mark Drescher. Karen introduces Jamal as the local motorcycle expert. Jamal shies away from such praise, but Mark appreciates his humility. Karen goes off to finish her rounds. Jamal states that he just wants to ride his bike, whether it's on the big screen or not. Mark likes his attitude. He also likes his look. "A little upscale, but we can always grunge you up," he says, to Jamal's amusement. He asks Jamal how long he's been riding bikes, and he likes what he hears. He thinks that Jamal is exactly what they're looking for. When he asks for a resume, Jamal doesn't know what to say. Mark would like to show the producers Jamal's credits. Realizing that Jamal has never done any work, he tells him that this won't work out. Jamal asks for a chance, stating that he's perfect for the job. He promises to do whatever it takes, because he really needs this job. Mark agrees to hire him, but not for stunts. He's going to be the gofer.

Ian speaks to his friend on the phone, apologizing for the change in plans. He states that they couldn't wait because of Arianna's brother. Some papers are being prepared for them now. Arianna can't understand how Ben managed to find them, but Ian tells her not to worry about it, because she's as good as free. A man joins them and asks whether they're ready. They are.

Eve tries to get away, but the car won't start.

Frank finds Karen just as she's leaving a phone message for Eve. She's pleased to see him and says that she's been looking forward to their date. Frank would like to know why she hasn't answered his calls, saying that he left her four messages. Karen claims that she never got them. "What do you call those?" Frank asks, pointing to a stack of pink messages she's holding. Karen counts seven messages ahead of his, proving that she really didn't know about them. Satisfied, Frank asks her to go to an auction with him, and she accepts.

Alison watches out the window for Jamal and then runs over to a barstool, where she pretends to read a tabloid. On the front page, the headline reads: MY WIFE IS A VAMPIRE. When Jamal comes in, she pretends to be surprised to see him. She says that she was busy trying to picture him in one of the magazines. Jamal tells her not to waste her time, because he didn't get the job. Embarrassed, he admits to being hired as a gofer instead. Alison is disgusted by how clueless the movie people are, but Jamal blames himself for ever believing that it was possible. The thing is that he could have done the job if given the chance. Alison knows, and she's sorry this happened to him. When Jamal asks for a burger, she tells him that they're out of burgers--at least for him. She has something much better in mind. She leads him to a table where she has some food set up, covered by cloth napkins. Jamal is very pleased to see chicken and dumplings, red beans and rice, and Callie's Killer Cornbread. Alison hands him a letter she wrote to his mother, and he reads it aloud. "Dear Mrs. Woods, thank you so much for your recipes. You couldn't have given me a more special gift, except, of course, Jamal. When you brought him into the world, I know you had so many hopes and dreams for him. And let me tell you, they've all come true. He's the most loving, kind person I've ever met, and he's so loved. You've raised an incredible man, and you can take comfort in knowing he will always make you proud." Deeply moved, Jamal tells Alison that he loves her very much.

Arianna signs her name to complete the process. Ian tells her that she has nothing more to worry about. He thanks the man, who leaves them alone again. When Ian's phone rings, Arianna begs him not to answer it. She's terrified that it's her brother.

As Eve urges Ian to pick up the phone, Ben catches up with her and jerks her out of the car.

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