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At the cabin, Arianna is relieved to have escaped Ben, her brother. Noticing the look on Ian's face, she asks whether he's having second thoughts. He tells her that he was just remembering the first time he was there. Arianna can tell that he was with Eve at the time.

Ben drives like a maniac on the way to the cabin. He swerves, prompting Eve to warn him that the country roads are very tricky. She asks why he's in such a hurry to get there. Ben claims that his sister is in a lot of trouble and that Ian is at risk as long as they're together. Eve can't believe that Arianna is dangerous. Ben informs her that it was Arianna who ran her down and left her there to die. Eve didn't expect to hear this, but she knows that it was an accident. Ben reminds her that his sister left the scene and is now trying to drag Ian into her mess. Eve is fully aware that no one makes Ian do anything he doesn't want to do. Ben claims that Arianna is a pathological liar who even believes some of her own stories. He further claims that he just wants to take his sister "home" and get her the help she needs before she becomes a danger to herself and others. Totally buying into his story, Eve agrees that they should find them as soon as possible. She tries Ian's cell phone again.

Livvie is stunned by the realization that Jack was in the other room all this time. If she didn't know him better, she'd say that he was hiding from her. Kevin and Lucy try to cover, but Jack wants to speak for himself. The three of them are talking at the same time, and Livvie has had enough. She wants to know exactly what happened, and they'd better not even think about lying to her. Kevin and Lucy assure her everyone cares about her and no one wants to hurt her. Jack states his intention to tell her the truth. Taking him at his word, Lucy tries to get rid of him, but Jack insists. He tells Livvie that he was looking for her. Surprised, Lucy backs him up, telling him to go now that he has finally seen her. Jack tells Livvie that she was right to dump him, because she's better off without him. Besides, he likes "flying solo." Kevin thinks that his daughter should listen to Jack. Now that he's said what he had to say, Jack is ready to leave. He grabs his coat and heads out. Kevin suggests that he and Livvie speak privately, but Livvie needs to think this through. She also wants to give her dad and Lucy a chance to talk. Lucy is relieved when she leaves. "Oh, boy, what have I done?" she asks rhetorically. "Robbed the cradle?" Kevin answers. He says that he came to see her because he thought she was hurt and needed a friend, but instead, he found her half-naked with Jack. Lucy maintains that nothing happened and that it was just a horrible mistake. Kevin doesn't want this kind of mistake to happen again. He tells her that they're going to deal with what's between them, once and for all.

Ian reaches for his ringing cell phone, but Arianna begs him not to answer it. She's afraid that Ben could somehow trace the call and track them down. Telling her not to worry, Ian turns it off. He assures her that Eve is the only one who knows about the cabin, and she doesn't even remember it. Arianna understands how hard it must be for him to be there, but he tells her that life goes on and that he just wants her to be safe. He promises that her brother won't find her.

Eve hangs up, unable to reach Ian. She still believes that he's at the cabin. Ben hopes she's right.

Lucy has no problem with talking about the situation with Kevin. In fact, she would like to know why Livvie had to force him to say that Eve left him at the altar. Kevin demands to know when he was supposed to share that information. While she was under the sheets with her jailhouse friend? "You're not allowed to judge me like that. I should be absolutely furious with you," Lucy informs Kevin. In fact, she is absolutely furious with him for running to her yet again after another little problem with Eve. She believes that he was jealous of Jack just now, and that's why he didn't tell her. Kevin denies any such correlation. Lucy thinks it may be about the fact that he keeps running to her when his heart needs mending, and she's sick and tired of being his second choice. Kevin doesn't know anything about a choice, because his circumstances don't give him that luxury. Lucy is sick and tired of his circumstances. She demands to know why he isn't at home with his wife. Kevin reminds her that he wanted to apologize for the way he treated her at the ceremony. Lucy is glad, because he certainly owes her a huge apology; he was so totally wrong. Kevin doesn't see it that way, and as he begins his explanation with the words "I'm sorry," Lucy takes them as an apology, which she accepts. Not having actually apologized, Kevin rescinds it. Lucy is outraged. Kevin informs her that any inclination he had to apologize went out the window when he saw her with Jack. That was also when all the reasons they haven't worked out in the past came flooding back to him with a vengeance. Lucy argues that he has made just as many mistakes as she has. Kevin understands that. He remembers catching her shacked up with Scott the last time he let her into his life. Lucy calls him a self-righteous jerk. In Kevin's opinion, they're even, because she's the most infuriating woman on the planet. Lucy informs him that she also happens to be the woman who has stood by him through all his ups and downs without ever complaining. "And boy, let me tell you something -- your downs have certainly been no picnic. But you have never heard me complain, not one time. And so what do you do? You walk into my home, and I'm a single, unattached, unmarried woman, and you see with some guy and you hit the roof? Who the hell do you think you are?" Lucy demands. In Kevin's opinion, he's someone who's well within his rights to be furious with her. He can't take her dramas anymore; he just can't. He tries to leave, but Lucy stops him. She demands that he stand there and listen while she tells him exactly how she feels about him.

Livvie finds Jack at the river. She tells him that she's been thinking and that something just doesn't add up. She wants to know how he got to Lucy's house. She also wants to know why everyone was so jumpy when she got there. Finally, she wants to know why he was hiding from her. Jack tells her to drop it, but she refuses. She needs to understand; she knows that they had a connection, and he can't just walk away. Proving her wrong, Jack turns to leave. Livvie stops him and asks why he's acting as if this means nothing to him. Jack informs her that he doesn't care about her at all. Livvie doesn't believe him. Jack tells her that it was all a con. He's not saying they didn't have any fun. After all, he almost got her into bed. "I had a game plan and I played it," he claims, adding that he also played her. Tears fill Livvie's eyes as she listens to his hurtful words. She shoves him, tells him that she hates him, and walks away. "Not as much as I hate myself," Jack tells himself after she's gone.

Kevin asks Lucy to let him leave before they both say things they'll regret, but she really wants him to listen. She will never be able to forgive him for turning his back on her after she stood by him in his grief. Kevin reminds her that he thought he was free to be with her--and that she knows that. Lucy counters that what she knows is how he made her feel with his declarations of love. She was over the moon, and she knew that everything was right in the universe and that they were finally going to be together. Instead, he hurt her by getting rid of her as soon as Eve returned. Kevin again states that he thought Eve was dead. He also reminds her that she pushed her way into his life despite all his warnings. Lucy maintains that he wanted her in his life. Kevin admits to having feelings for her but states that his place is with his wife. Lucy is tired of excuses. She knows the signals he gave her, and they said that he still wanted her. "So I went home and I picked my guts off the floor and I walked to that ceremony and I wanted to fight for us. And do you know what you did? You took my heart and you tore it up into tiny pieces and you just shoved it right back at me," she accuses. Kevin reminds her that he was recommitting to his marriage, and that particular signal was loud and clear. "But you stared at me like I was a stranger. Like I was some sort of party-crasher that wasn't supposed to be there. Oh, I got your message, Doc. I heard what you said. You said you wanted me out of your life once and for all. Well, guess what--I get it. You want me out of your life once and for all? Then you get that. And I want you to return the favor, okay? I want you to get out. Get out of my life once and for all. Just go," she orders, crying. Kevin has no problem with that. He storms out, slamming the door behind him. Lucy hurls a vase at the closed door. Kevin pounds on it in frustration from outside.

Finding the cabin, Eve eagerly anticipates telling Ian that she remembers everything. Ben tells her to go talk to Ian and Arianna alone at first so that the sight of him doesn't set his sister off.

Arianna asks what happened with Eve, but Ian states simply that it didn't work out. Arianna knows that he wishes things were different. "I wish a lot of things. I wish my timing had been better. And I wish I had found Eve before her husband did. And I wish the Beatles had recorded just one more album before they split up. But that's the past. And now all I wish for is world peace and cold beer," he states. Arianna thinks it would help to talk about it, but he refuses. He's trying to accept the idea that Eve is out of his life now.

While Ian and Arianna talk, Eve knocks on the cabin door.

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