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Alison and Livvie are at the Recovery Room, where they make plans to pay Lucy a visit to talk about Livvie's breakup with Jack. Alison is annoyed with Jamal, who seems to have been trying to pick a fight with her all day. She becomes even more annoyed when he calls and acts as if she's the one who's being unreasonable. Livvie decides to visit Lucy by herself so that Alison and Jamal can be alone and try to work out their problems.

Kevin is appalled at the sight of Jack and Lucy together. Jack jumps up, mortified at being caught by Livvie's dad. He had no idea that Kevin was Lucy's "Doc." He tries to explain, but Lucy maintains that they don't owe him an explanation. In fact, Kevin had no right to barge into her home. She reminds him that he told her to move on, and that's exactly what she's doing. Kevin thinks she's out of her mind. When Lucy accuses him of being jealous, he realizes that she has no idea that Jack is Livvie's boyfriend.

Eve looks for Ian at the hospital, but he's nowhere to be found. She tells Karen that she regained her memory and that she now knows the truth. She and Ian really did fall in love. She explains how she came to remember everything. Eve and Karen ask Colleen whether Arianna was released, and the nurse says that although she probably wasn't discharged, she's not surprised to hear that Arianna is gone. She explains that the INS had been looking for her, probably to deport her. Eve is convinced that Ian is hiding her. Eve tries Ian's place, but he doesn't answer. She feels awful about what she put him through, and she's determined to find him and let him know that she remembers everything. After Karen gets paged to the ER, Eve realizes that Ian must have gone to the cabin.

Alison tells Jamal that he's had major attitude all day. He assures her that she hasn't done anything to make him mad, and he's not in a bad mood. He explains it away by saying that he wants a real job so that he can take care of her properly. Alison doesn't buy it; she knows there's something else going on. After she reminds him of his promise not to shut her out, he admits that today is the anniversary of his mother's death. Alison had no idea. Jamal says that it doesn't get easier with time. He can't stop thinking about his mother. He talks about how she loved to cook but never once looked at a recipe in front of him; she had it all in her head. Even so, she left a lot of recipes for Jamal so that he would have them. Jamal tells Alison that his mom was amazing. She sometimes worked two or three jobs just to keep food on the table, and she did it all for her son. She really believed in him. Now Jamal is almost glad that she's not around to see how wrong she was about him. Alison assures Jamal that he takes care of her in more ways than he will ever know. She also believes in him. They decide to go home.

Lucy can't believe that Jack failed to tell her that his girlfriend's name was Livvie, but he reminds her that she never provided Doc's real name either. Jack wants to leave, but Kevin reminds him of his warning not to hurt his daughter. Now he forbids Jack to ever go near her again. Jack informs him that it's not a problem, since Livvie dumped him. Besides, he would never do anything to hurt her. Kevin points out that having sex with a woman Livvie considers to be a second mother is hurtful. Lucy protests that they didn't actually have sex, but Kevin thinks it's only because he walked in on them. Lucy tells Kevin that they were both very, very upset. "Livvie split up on me, all right? I went to the bar, I had a drink. I met a lady who happened to be dumped by some creep--well, which by the way happened to be you," Jack says, infuriating Kevin. When Jack's remarks hit too close to home, Kevin prepares to punch him, but Lucy intervenes. She wants this to be a secret between the three of them so that Livvie will never find out. Unfortunately, the doorbell rings, and Lucy checks to see who it is. It's Livvie. Lucy stops her at the door but eventually lets her come inside. Seeing Kevin, Livvie realizes that she's interrupting something. She should have known that Kevin would be with Lucy after what happened at the ceremony. Kevin hasn't had a chance to tell Lucy about it yet, but now his hand is forced. He tells Lucy that he and Eve decided not to renew their vows. Livvie prepares to leave but sees Jack's coat and wonders how it got there. Lucy lies about it, but Livvie can see by the rip in it that it really is Jack's. She demands to know what's going on. Jack comes out of hiding to give her an answer.

With the INS officials nearby, Ben questions Colleen about Arianna's whereabouts, and she reluctantly tells him to check with Eve. Ben approaches Eve and gives her a story about how they can help each other. He claims that Arianna needs to go "home" to face her problems. Eve admits that she may know where they are, and she's willing to show him.

Ian and Arianna arrive at the cabin, where Ian fully believes that no one would ever think to look for them. He assures her that they are safe there.

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