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Port Charles Update Monday 1/29/01

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Ian is alarmed to learn that Ben has brought in the INS to have Arianna deported. Ben informs Ian that he can't help her anymore. The two men threaten each other, causing Arianna to fear for Ian's well-being. Ben maintains that there's more to Arianna's story than she's telling. Ian demands to know what would justify a man killing his own sister.

Jack and Lucy go back to her new house. She shows him her fully stocked bar, which he decides to take advantage of by offering to pour her a drink. Lucy would prefer the whole bottle as a means to help her forget about Kevin, and she advises Jack to do the same to forget the girl who broke his heart. She turns on some music and then realizes she shouldn't be listening to it, since it's Kevin's favorite. Jack reminds her that they're supposed to put their lost loves out of their minds. Lucy comments that the two losers who dumped them must be related. She shows Jack some of the products she's developed, and he acts duly impressed. Flirting shamelessly, Jack makes his move.

Eve brings the ceremony to a halt when she can't say the vows. She runs off, and Kevin follows. Alison and Livvie speculate on what's happening with Kevin and Eve, who don't look happy. Livvie also looks unhappy, and it's because of Jack.

Karen considers checking on Eve, but Joe says to give the couple some time alone. Frank wonders what could be going on. Mary thinks that Eve may not be up to all the excitement, but Mac thinks there's more to it than nerves.

Concerned, Kevin tries to help Eve, but she tells him that she can't go through with the ceremony. They both know that it hasn't felt right from the  beginning and that they forced the idea on each other. Kevin acknowledges that things are different between them. Eve simply can't stay and face everyone; she needs to be alone right now. Kevin promises to think of something to say to their friends. He returns to the others and announces that they need to postpone the ceremony.

Livvie feels vindicated, since she never thought that Eve was right for her dad. Alison, on the other hand, doesn't want to blame Eve until they know the whole story. They decide to go get something to eat.

Gabriela tells Joe that Ian went to the hospital to check on Arianna. Karen is ready to go look for Eve. Frank wants to go with her, asking Joe and Gabby to take the kids back to the house with them, but Karen objects. She thinks she knows where Eve went, and the last thing she needs is an audience.

Ben and Ian argue about what honor really means, and Ian is a proponent of forgiveness. Ben laughs at the idea of Ian judging his culture, considering all the problems with underage sex and divorce in the States. Ian acknowledges that there are problems but points out that they don't kill people to make themselves feel better. He doesn't understand how Ben can go along with the honor killing. Ben vows to do what must be done, no matter what.

Kevin recalls recent events, from finding Eve in the road to Lucy's adamant declaration that they belong together. Mac and Victor check on Kevin, who apologizes and says that the timing just didn't feel right. Victor offers to take care of the caterers, and Kevin tells him to have as many capons as he'd like. Alone with Mac, he says that it was a mutual decision but that he didn't realize he felt that way until Eve stopped the ceremony. Now he feels guilty for the way he treated Lucy earlier. He needs to apologize.

Arianna warns Ian that her family is too strong and powerful to be fought, and he can't save her now. Ian disagrees; he's confident that he can save her.

Alison and Livvie talk about weddings and feelings. Alison doesn't think Livvie should waste her time on Jack, but Livvie wishes she'd given him more of a chance to explain. Alison thinks she should talk to someone more objective, such as Lucy.

Kevin goes to Lucy's door, which happens to be ajar. Seeing her in a compromising position on the couch, he calls out her name in astonishment. Lucy jumps up, as does Jack--who now knows that Kevin is Doc.

Eve goes to the hospital to look for Ian. Colleen says that she saw him earlier with a patient, pointing to Arianna's room. She bursts into the room, telling Ian that she remembered falling in love with him, but he isn't there. The room is vacant.

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