PC Update Friday 1/26/01

Port Charles Update Friday 1/26/01

By Beth
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Alison stops by to see Livvie before the ceremony. Jamal is working at the Recovery Room and won't be able to attend. Livvie offers her friend a ride, but Alison wants to warn her about Jack. She plays the incriminating tape she got from the private detective.

Kevin is surprised to see Lucy. She helps him with his tie and says that she couldn't stay away.

Outside the lighthouse, Eve's beauty takes Victor's breath away. He is thrilled to have her back. He's going to go inside to help Mary greet the early arrivals. Eve doesn't understand why she's so jittery before a wedding that isn't even real. Victor tells her that the vows are very real as long as she means them.

Jack arrives and knows that something is wrong. Alison is angry, but Livvie is ready to handle this on her own. She promises to call Alison if she needs her. Alison, in turn, promises to make Jack's life miserable if he's not nice to her friend. After she stalks out, Jack asks what her problem is. He cringes when Livvie plays back the tape. When she asks for an explanation, he doesn't have one, because it's all true.

Arianna tells Ben that Ian will stop him from taking her. Ben says to ask him whether their friendship is worth dying for. Gabriela comes in and demands to know what's going on. There is supposed to be a security guard outside the door. Ben informs her that it's no longer necessary because he will be taking care of his sister and arranging for her release. The nurse tells him to leave unless he wants her to call security. Ben agrees to leave but states that he will be moving forward with his plans. After he leaves, Gabriela offers to get another guard. Arianna says that it wouldn't help because he brought immigration into this. Her voice filled with despair, she says that there's no one who can help her now.

Kevin tells Lucy that she shouldn't be there. She knows that but can't stop thinking about him. She informs him that she bought a whole new wardrobe, a new car, and a new house, besides going out with a man she barely knew, just to try to stop thinking about him. The problem is that it doesn't work, because she still "sees" him everywhere. Every fiber of her being is screaming that they belong together. She knows that he won't go through with the ceremony because they belong together. Kevin tells her that he belongs with Eve. Lucy says that she knows why the charges against her were dropped. She knows it was his doing, and it was because he loves her. She dares him to deny that he wants her as much as she wants him. Instead of saying the words, he tells her to leave. He wants her to leave him alone.

Eve and Ian exchange uneasy pleasantries. She asks about his girlfriend. He's confused but then realizes she's referring to Arianna. He explains that she's a friend who needed his help. Eve is surprised to hear this, since she saw them at his apartment and he was holding her. Ian now seems to understand why she's been cool to him. Mary comes to get her for the ceremony. Eve's strand of pearls breaks, scattering pearls everywhere. Eve promises to be in soon. Ian helps pick up the pearls. "That's what friends are for. And not just for tonight. For always," he says in an attempt to bring back her memory. Disconcerted, Eve goes back inside.

Jack admits that he came to town to get even with Chris but that Livvie changed all that. She doesn't believe that he really cares about her. He thinks that Chris set up Alison to get hold of the tape. Livvie is hurt by his admission that he was using her to get back at his brother. She's through with him.

Lucy drowns her sorrows at the Port Charles Hotel's bar. She tells the bartender that she bought a house. She's glad to hear that he'll miss her. Jack comes in and orders a beer. Lucy has it put on her tab. Jack doesn't want to talk about his troubles, so they decide to drink to forgetting.

Despite having advised Ian to give Eve another chance to remember, Joe is surprised to see his friend at the lighthouse. Ian tells him that she still doesn't remember. He's only there to make sure that she really wants to go through with the ceremony.

Livvie arrives alone and fills Alison in on what happened with Jack. Frank, Neil, and Serena arrive, and Frank warns the kids to stay away from the cake; he doesn't want them to mess up the icing. Karen apologizes to him for breaking their date the other night and assures him that they can comes up with something else to do together. Mac gets everyone's attention and asks them to gather together near where Kevin and Eve will be. Ian stays back. The minister begins. Eve recalls what Ian said to her earlier, and it distracts her. Ian leaves. Outside, he runs into Gabriela, who is just arriving, She tells him about Ben's plans to deport Arianna. Telling her that there's nothing there for him, he leaves.

Jack and Lucy drink and flirt. Lucy goes on and on about her Doc. Jack steps up the flirtation, and she reciprocates. They decide to go to her new house.

As the minister talks, he says the words "not just tonight but for always." This triggers Eve's memory. She finally remembers what happened with Ian at the cabin.

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