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Port Charles Update Thursday 1/25/01

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Ian visits Arianna at the hospital. She's feeling numb about the miscarriage, and she reminds Ian that her brother still wants her dead. Ian says that Ben will have to go through him to get to her. Arianna is being released today, and she should stop running and start living her life. Arianna says that that there aren't many men generous enough to put another person's happiness before their own. She still can't believe he walked away from the woman he loves just because he believed it was the right thing to do.

Kevin notices that Eve seems about a million miles away. She assures him that she's just hoping that the ceremony will go smoothly. They agree that they're very lucky to have this second chance.

Victor brings Lucy a housewarming gift, complimenting the house and noting its very interesting feng shui. He is pleased that she's moving ahead with her life. When he compliments her appearance, she tells him to stop; there's no need for him to tiptoe around the fact that Kevin and Eve will be renewing their vows today. Victor wants to make sure she's okay with that, and she claims that she couldn't be better. In fact, she's trying to decide what to wear. Victor is stunned to hear that she plans to attend the ceremony. He watches sadly as she tries to decide between a green outfit and a white one. He can't believe she's serious about going to the ceremony. Lucy tells him that she belongs there since Kevin won't be able to go through with it. Victor argues, but Lucy maintains that it won't happen; Kevin belongs with her, not with Eve. Victor doesn't think she's thinking clearly at the moment. Lucy counters that her instincts are screaming that Kevin won't go through with it. Victor is worried about how Lucy will feel when she's proven wrong. Lucy argues that her relationship with Kevin has never been logical, so she understands why Victor thinks the way he does. However, she knows that this is the right thing because it's so obvious and the universe is screaming at her. Victor begs her to reconsider, but she's determined. Victor recalls the time she told him that if she behaves as if what she wants has already happened, the universe will go along with it. Unfortunately for her, she's wrong this time, because Kevin is going to proclaim his love for his wife. Victor can't imagine that Lucy really wants to be there to witness that. He urges her to unpack and start living a life without Kevin. Lucy can't do that. Victor thinks it's high time she started to try.

Eve tries to work out the logistics of the ceremony. She welcomes Kevin's input, but he doesn't really care about where the violinist should stand. He simply wants to recommit to her and to their marriage. Mac arrives, and Eve asks him to keep Kevin busy while she changes clothes. The caterer arrives next to set up for the event, which is still a few hours away. Mac doesn't think Kevin looks happy about any of this.

Ian explains that he walked away from Eve because it was the right thing to do. After all, she's married to another man. Arianna knows that giving her up must have hurt him a great deal. Ian would prefer to talk about Arianna's future. She is concerned that the shelter won't be safe, but Ian assures her that  they're used to dealing with women who don't want to be found. Arianna again tries to talk about Eve, but he cuts her off. Promising to check on her later, he heads out. He runs into Joe, who asks him about Arianna. Ian misinterprets one of his comments to be about Eve. He apologizes for snapping at his friend and then says that this may be the worst day of his life. He can't believe that Eve actually invited him to the ceremony. Joe assures him that Kevin is a decent guy, but that doesn't make Ian feel any better. Joe doesn't want to get in the middle of this since both men are his friends. Ian asks for any advice he can give. Joe suggests giving Eve one more chance to remember what happened between them. Ian can't believe that Joe is sending him over to Eve's on her wedding day after telling him before to back off. He doesn't want to hurt Eve, and if she wants to live her life without him, so be it. Joe tells him to be sure that this really is what Eve wants before walking away from her for good.

Karen visits Eve while she's getting ready. Eve isn't as into this as she'd hoped to be. Shouldn't this ceremony mean more? "Will you kill me if I mention the 'I' word?" Karen asks, referring to Ian. Eve understands what she means. She has such conflicting feelings about everything. Karen advises her not to go through with the ceremony if it doesn't feel right. After all, she and Kevin are already married and don't need to prove anything to anyone. Eve says that she wants to prove it to herself.

Kevin admits that Mac knows him too well. He won't admit that his doubts are about Lucy, because he's trying to focus on the wedding and make Eve happy. Unfortunately, he can't escape all these thoughts of Lucy. Mac doesn't understand why Kevin is renewing his vows if he's having these feelings. He reminds Kevin of his own problems when Felicia didn't admit to her feelings for someone else. Kevin can't bring himself to hurt Eve the way Felicia hurt Mac. He is going to recommit to his marriage. All he and Eve need is a chance to focus on each other and get back what they had. Mac sincerely hopes that he's right about that.

Victor wishes that Lucy would start living her own life and forget about Kevin. She has to let go of this fantasy that Kevin will drop Eve and come running back to her. Lucy points out that fantasies really do come true sometimes. Relenting, she tells Victor that he's right; she won't get her happy ending with Kevin. Victor is very sorry for her. Lucy promises to stay home from the ceremony.

Ben goes to Arianna's room, upsetting his sister. She orders him to leave, and he agrees to leave--with her. Arianna states that she's not going anywhere with him. Ben disagrees. He points out the two immigration officials outside her room who are ready to deport her.

Kevin shows Eve her wedding ring, which Mac had given him after the explosion. He had it restored, and there's a nick in it that couldn't be fixed, but that just means that it's flawed but strong, like them. They both know that things aren't perfect, but they're determined to get back to where they should be.

Mac is stunned when Lucy arrives and declares that she's following her instincts. He has to get back to the station for a meeting but will be back in time for the ceremony. He tells Lucy to behave herself. She assures him that she always does. Taking Joe's advice, Ian arrives to see how this plays out.

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