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Port Charles Update Wednesday 1/24/01

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Alison isn't thrilled to hear that Livvie is still seeing Jack, but Livvie confides that things are better than ever, and they may even be moving to the next step soon. Alison thinks they're moving a bit fast, but Livvie doesn't care anymore. She's tired of things the way they are, and she's ready to move on. She can't imagine that it wouldn't be the right thing to do.

Chris plays the tape of Jack's confession to Denny's partner. Since Livvie would now recognize Denny, the private detective, Chris wants his partner to handle this assignment. He is supposed to set up Livvie to hear the incriminating tape. The detective believes that the best approach is to get a friend of Livvie's to do the dirty work. Chris likes that idea.

Lucy shows Serena her new house as all her things are being delivered. Serena is very glad that Lucy and Scott still care about each other. Some of her friends aren't as lucky. Serena is looking forward to the next day, when Kevin and Eve are to renew their vows. She thinks it's great that they're back together.

Eve is surprised to see Ian coming out of a patient's room, since he hasn't been reinstated, but he tells her that he's there to see a friend who had an accident. Colleen comes to get Arianna ready for her ultrasound, and she asks Ian to go along to help his friend. He agrees. He tells Eve that she's a long way from home and has some problems with her family, so he's keeping an eye on her. Eve tells him that he's good at that. "If it's someone I care about," he states, asking if there's anything else. Eve tells him about her unsettling visit to the compound. He's stunned but assures her that their time there wasn't all bad. Eve finds that hard to believe, considering the circumstances. Ian wishes that he had gone back with her. He asks whether she remembered anything, and she admits that she remembered how much she loves Kevin. Ian doesn't understand how that happened. Eve shows him the letter she wrote and then found under the mattress when she went back there. She doesn't remember writing it, but she showed it to Kevin, and now they're renewing their vows tomorrow. She invites Ian, who declines, saying that his friend needs him. Eve shows him the bracelet, which Ian says that he gave to her. She can't believe he would have parted with it, but now she wants him to have it back. He wants her to keep it.

Outside the Recovery Room, Jack runs into Jamal, whose bike doesn't sound good. He offers to take a look at it for a minute before meeting Livvie. Showing Jack that Alison has her cornered inside, Jamal says that they have more than a minute. Jack suggests that Jamal get some turbo chargers. Jamal thinks his bike is too old, but Jack offers to modify it for him. Jamal thinks he should get hook up with a garage, but Jack reminds him that he has a record, and bosses don't like that kind of thing.

Livvie tells Alison that her dad walked in on her in bed with Jack. Alison is appalled, but Livvie says that he was really cool about it. Alison says to wait until Kevin finds out about Jack's record. Livvie knows that her friend doesn't like Jack. Alison says that she just doesn't want him to hurt her. Livvie reminds her that everyone expected Jamal to hurt her, but he didn't. Alison sees her point and hopes that she's right about Jack. Livvie admits that she may be falling in love with him.

Lucy tries to change the subject, but Serena is intent on talking about the wedding. She asks Lucy to take her there since Scott might not be there in time, but Lucy tells her that she's not planning to attend. She promises to try. When one of the men brings in an animal carrier, Serena assumes that Lucy is getting a dog, but she isn't. It's for Sigmund. Serena isn't sure that he'll like it, since he's rather attached to the pond at the lighthouse. Besides, Kevin and Eve might not want to give him up. "He is my duck," Lucy reminds her. Serena thinks they might be able to work out a custody arrangement. Lucy doesn't want to worry about that at the moment. She needs Serena to help her with something important. She gets out some smudge sticks, which Serena knows about from school. They use them to rid of the house of old energy. Lucy's smudge stick doesn't stay lit. Serena seems to have some trouble with hers as well. Lucy thinks they're just a little damp, but Serena says that's some stuff from Lucy's past that she's not supposed to get rid of. While Serena takes another look at her room in the new house, Lucy daydreams that Kevin leaves Eve for her. This fantasy convinces her that Kevin won't be able to go through with the vow renewal. She tells Serena that she'll be at the ceremony after all.

Alison approaches a customer, not realizing that Chris hired the man. He complains about how a bigwig doctor hired him to get the goods on his kid bother and then stiffed him. Alison is definitely interested in what he has to say. The man asks Alison to throw away the file for him, and she agrees.

After Jack tells Livvie about running into Kevin, she asks him to attend the ceremony with her. Jack is touched that she would ask him to a family event. Livvie would like them to go somewhere alone afterward, but only if he promises not to keep any more secrets from her. He promises.

Alison watches Jack and Livvie suspiciously. Jamal comes in to take her to the lighthouse to show him how to skate on the pond. She is willing but has to do something first. After he leaves, she gets the file out of the trash and starts reading it.

The detective calls Chris to say that Alison took the bait. Chris is pleased.

Eve doesn't feel right keeping the bracelet. She gives it back to Ian, who is saddened by this. When Deneice stops by to chat with Eve, Ian recalls when he gave it to her just before they danced. After talking to Deneice, Eve tells Ian that she has to go.

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