PC Update Tuesday 1/23/01

Port Charles Update Tuesday 1/23/01

By Beth
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Over breakfast at the Recovery Room, Lucy tells Livvie about her new house. She's very excited about it. Assuring Livvie that there's a room for her there, she points out that there's plenty of privacy for when they bring dates home. Livvie asks when she decided to date, and Lucy replies that she had a date last night. When Livvie asks about the guy, Lucy ignores the question and instead chatters away about her decorator. She has all new furnishings, and she'll be checking out of the hotel in the morning. Livvie realizes that this is about Eve and Kevin's plan to renew their marriage vows. Lucy claims that she's just trying to have fun. "I am not thinking about Kevin and how disgusting it is and wrong for him to be renewing his vows with Eve," she states. Livvie knows that this is killing her. Lucy points out that Kevin is just trying to do the right thing and live up to his wedding vows. Livvie doesn't think so. In her opinion, her dad is feeling guilty about getting so close to Lucy when he thought Eve was dead, and no one is going to live happily ever after this way. Livvie is certain that she'll scream if Lucy starts talking about breakfast nooks and closet space again. Lucy thinks that Livvie is insightful and that she has a very old soul. She asks how she got to be so wise. Livvie takes the opportunity to tell her that she's met someone. Lucy can tell by the look on her face that he's very special. When Livvie says that they've gotten really close, Lucy asks whether they're sleeping together.

Still in bed, Kevin asks Eve whether she's still upset about her visit to the compound. Eve assures him that she's put all that behind her and that she was just thinking about capons. The caterer will be serving them at the ceremony, and Eve wants everything to be perfect. After some rather awkward silence, Kevin asks Eve whether she's having second thoughts. "About the food? No. Are you?" she asks. Kevin assures her that capons sound great. Eve still has some things to take care of before the big day. Kevin wants to track down Mac and make sure he actually shows up this time. Kevin and Eve tell each other that they're looking forward to the event. Kevin leaves. Alone, Eve calls Karen at the hospital. She quietly states that she's on her way over there but wants to make sure that Ian isn't back on staff yet. She's glad to hear that he isn't.

As Ian snoozes at the hospital, he dreams that Eve comes to him with the news that she remembers everything. "So who's the new woman in your life?" Chris asks, startling him awake. He's referring to Arianna, who is now his patient. Ian grabs the chart and takes a look. Seeing what it says, he has to go see her. Chris reminds him that he's not on staff anymore. Ian tells him that he's the only person she trusts and that her own brother might have pushed her down the stairs. He stresses that her family cannot be allowed to see her. Chris relents. Ian steps past the guard posted at her door and goes inside. Arianna is frantic about keeping Ben away from her. Ian promises not to let anyone hurt her.

When Kevin gets to the police station, he runs into Jack, who gives his word that he's getting his life back in order for Livvie. Kevin warns that it won't be easy with a record, but Jack is confident that his probation officer can get him a job in Port Charles. Assuring Kevin that he has nothing to worry about, he leaves the station. "Friend of yours?" asks Mac, who was listening. He's amused to hear that Jack is Livvie's boyfriend. "Oh, great. So now when they're out late, you won't have to wait home alone for them because the probation officer will be there with you. Believe me, I can relate," he says. Kevin wants to give Jack the benefit of the doubt for Livvie's sake. He tells Mac that he came to the station to extend an invitation. He and Eve will be renewing their wedding vows tomorrow, and this time there's no excuse for Mac not to be there. Mac reminds Kevin that they haven't even been married a year yet. Kevin explains that it's important to Eve, and Mac agrees to be there. He talks a little about the event, saying that he wants to make Eve happy and that he's lucky to be her husband. However, he doesn't sound very enthusiastic. "Kevin, are you trying to convince me of this, or yourself?" Mac asks.

Arianna apologizes to Ian for causing so much trouble and asks about her brother. Ian tells her that he's nowhere to be found. Arianna tells him that she fell down the stairs during the struggle but that Ben didn't push her deliberately. Ian isn't impressed with the man, who left her lying there. He tells Arianna that he will take her to the shelter as soon as she's back on her feet. Arianna worries that they won't accept her now that she knows she's pregnant. When Ian hesitates, Arianna asks whether something is wrong with her baby. Ian assures her that someday she will have many children with a man who loves her, but this one wasn't to be. Arianna states that it would have been hard to raise a baby on her own, but she would have loved the baby. Ian can see that, but someday she'll have that with the man she loves. Arianna admits that she's never been in love and doesn't know what it feels like. "When you're in love with the right person, there's nothing like it in the world," Ian assures her.

Eve asks Colleen where Chris is, and Colleen points to Arianna's room. Chris finds her just as she starts to go inside. He chastises her for not coming to see him sooner. Eve asks to be put back on rotation next week. Chris thinks she's ready for that now, but Eve tells him that she and Kevin are renewing their vows. Chris sees that as something that geriatrics do on their fiftieth anniversary right after picking out adjacent burial plots. He agrees to put her on the schedule for next week.

Lucy thinks it's time for a woman-to-woman talk, but Livvie doesn't think so. "Oh, come on, if this is a sex talk, I'd rather go back to discussing floor tiles," Livvie says, adding that Kevin's attempt at a similar talk freaked her out. Lucy promises not to lecture Livvie but wants to be there if she needs to talk. Livvie agrees to that and says that she's going to be smart about this. She plans to take the right steps and precautions. Lucy is talking about more than birth and disease control. She doesn't want Livvie to be hurt, and that's what will happen if her feelings for Jack aren't mutual. Livvie says that she's not going to plan anything. She's just going to follow her heart and see where it leads her, but she does think that she's ready. "Okay, well, there really isn't anything quite as incredible as being in love with someone who's free to love you back. You know, I had that with Doc once, but I sort of got a little careless and I lost him," Lucy admits. Livvie promises to watch her step; Lucy won't have to worry about her. Lucy does worry, though. Livvie reminds her that she's not the one who just got out of jail. It's Livvie who should be worried about her. Lucy admits that she has a point. Her little legal problem was just a misunderstanding, which she's going to take care of now. She has a strange hunch that if she goes to the police station right now, things will somehow work out.

Kevin states that he and his wife are renewing their vows, and it's that simple. He's just happy to have her back home. Mac promises to be there and even bring the champagne. He asks whether there's anything else he can do. There is. Kevin asks him to get the charges against Lucy dropped. Mac thinks it's a strange request, but he'll see what he can do. He can't make the charges disappear, but he can probably swing it so that Lucy doesn't have to do any jail time. Kevin is grateful and asks Mac not to let Lucy know that he was pleading her case. Mac agrees but points out that it's a bit strange for him to worry so much about Lucy the day before renewing his vows with Eve.

Livvie goes to the hospital and nervously picks up a prescription from Colleen. Chris overhears and asks Colleen what the prescription was for, but the nurse reminds him that she can't give out that kind of information. Suspicious, he looks it up in the computer and finds that Livvie just picked up a pack of birth control pills. He then makes a phone call to give someone an assignment.

Lucy sees Jack at the police station. His troubles are under control, but Lucy advises him not to even ask about hers. Kevin sees her and decides to sneak out, telling Mac not to give him away. Lucy approaches Mac and says that she needs to apologize to Garcia. Mac tells her that it won't be necessary, since things are looking pretty good for her. She might be facing a fine and community service, but no jail time. Lucy senses Kevin's presence and just knows that he's behind her good fortune, and although Mac denies Kevin's involvement, she is confident that she's right.

Ian tells Arianna to rest, assuring her that the biggest, scariest guard he could find is posted outside her door. Arianna is grateful to have found Ian. She's looking forward to going to the shelter he found for her so that she can feel safe again. Ian promises not to let her brother hurt her again. He assures her that she'll be fine; he just wishes he could say the same about himself. Leaving the room, he runs into Eve.

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