PC Update Monday 1/22/01

Port Charles Update Monday 1/22/01

By Beth
Proofread by John 

Lucy and Darrell, her real estate agent, go to Mario's for their official date. When Lucy orders champagne to celebrate, Darrell assumes that it's about her new house, but there's more to it. Lucy is celebrating her very own independence day. She claims to finally realize that it's okay to focus on herself and not someone else. "Well, of course, except you, Kevin," she adds. Her date reminds her that his name is Darrell.

At the compound, Ian tells Eve that he loves her and that they belong together, but when he steps out of the shadows, Eve sees that it is Kevin, not Ian, standing there. Stunned, Eve admits that she wasn't expecting him. Kevin is surprised to hear that Karen is waiting for her outside. He asks his wife why she's there, and she replies that she's trying to remember. Eve doesn't know how Kevin knew to find her there. He explains that Victor's friends at the agency are still watching the place, and Victor called him when he found out that she was there. Kevin drapes his coat over her for warmth. Karen returns, and he tells her that it was a mistake to let Eve come. He goes to get a blanket from the car. Eve tells Karen that she's losing it. She tells her about seeing and hearing Ian when it was really Kevin. Karen assures her that she's just confused, but Eve doesn't understand why. She has a letter proving that she loves her husband. She also knows that Ian doesn't love her. All she can do now is forget about Ian for good. She's convinced that the letter is the proof she was seeking. For her part, Karen thinks it's weird that she hid it under the mattress. Eve thinks it was probably to keep Harris from finding it. This explanation seems to satisfy Karen. Kevin returns with the blanket and drapes it over his wife. Eve tells Karen that she can take off if she wants. Karen tries to apologize to Kevin, but he understands that she was only trying to help. After Karen leaves, Eve tells Kevin that she remembers thinking about him. Seeing him look at the bed, she explains that there was another cot there for Ian. Kevin tells her that he was just picturing her lying there night after night. At her request, he agrees not to talk about it anymore. She has finally concluded that it's probably best not to remember after all. Kevin still doesn't understand why she's at the compound. Eve tells him that she was looking for answers. She explains that his suspicions about her and Ian really shook her up, and she didn't want them to renew their vows with any suspicions or secrets hanging over their heads. She just wanted to be sure, for both of them. She doesn't know exactly what she was looking for, but she thinks that she found the answer. She hands him the letter. After reading it, Kevin promises to do everything he can to make this up to her. "Kevin, I love you, and only you," Eve tells her husband. They kiss and hold each other. Soon, they leave the compound together.

After leaving Arianna alone in his apartment, Ian goes to the hospital to find Gabriela. He asks Gabby for her help getting a friend into Chadwick House, a shelter for abused women where she sometimes works. He questions her about security and states that his friend is being threatened by some very powerful people. Gabby promises to set it up. She assumes it's a matter of domestic abuse, but Ian tells her that it's more. He can't say any more than that, because he has to protect the woman. Inquiring about medical care, he tells Gabby that his friend is pregnant.

Arianna is having a violent confrontation with her brother, who went back on his word about letting her live. "You allowed a man, not your husband, to put his hands on you, and now you carry his bastard child!" he accuses. Arianna protests that she was raped, but he doesn't care. In his mind, she wanted it to happen. He tells her that she has no family now, only her shame. Arianna promises not to go back to their country and says that Ian is helping her start over. Ben refuses to believe that any man would help her for nothing in return. He can't believe that nothing is going on between them. Arianna swears that she's telling the truth. Even if she wanted more from him, he is in love with someone else. Ben takes this to mean that Ian won't miss her so much when she's gone. He grabs her arm. Arianna pushes him away and tries to escape. Ben chases her up the stairs and grabs her. She resists. In the struggle, Arianna falls down the stairs. Ben stands there and stares at her. As Arianna lies at the bottom of the steps, the phone rings. It's Ian, who promised to check in with her. Not getting an answer, he becomes convinced that something is wrong. He rushes home to find out.

The waiter brings menus, and Darrell asks Lucy for her recommendation. She opens her menu and sees something very strange. Kevin's name is part of every dish. Abruptly closing her menu, she announces that she will just have a salad and whatever Darrell orders. He reminds her that he asked for a recommendation, and she tells him that the fettucine Kevin is good. Realizing what she said, she changes it to "fettucine alfredo." The waiter returns with a bottle of champagne. Looking at it, Lucy sees Kevin's smiling face on a bottle of Dom St. Kevin. She gasps and then tries to cover. At a nearby table, a man and woman use Kevin's name in every sentence. Lucy is really starting to freak. The waiter begins to tell them tonight's specials. "To start you off tonight, we have a delicious white bean and Kevin soup or a salad tossed with Kevin. Entrees include fresh grilled Kevin with a lovely Kevin sauce, served with a side of Kevin," he states. Around the room, Lucy hears Kevin's name everywhere. She can't take it anymore. "Stop! Everybody stop!" she yells, jumping up out of her seat. Everyone stares at her. Darrell asks whether she's okay, and she replies that she suddenly got a splitting headache. Despite her protests, Darrell decides to end their date. Lucy interrupts him and calls him "Kevin" again, but he thinks that she's talking about the other man. He promises to write up an offer on the house and give her a call. As he leaves, she calls him "Kevin" one more time, correcting herself when he turns to look at her.

Ian gets home and finds Arianna at the bottom of the stairs. Checking her respiration and pulse, he calls an ambulance. Soon, he is rushing into the hospital at Arianna's side, unaware that her brother isn't far behind.

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