PC Update Friday 1/19/01

Port Charles Update Friday 1/19/01

By Beth
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Alison is tickled by the news that Jamal finally fixed his bike. He has an even better surprise for her. He's going to take her for the ride of her life.

After making sure that Arianna understands everything Dr. Neumann told her, Ian gives her a bottle of prenatal vitamins and tells her to go ahead and take some. Seeing the look on her face, he asks whether she's having second thoughts about whether or not to have the baby. Arianna is adamant about going through with it. She just doesn't know how she can possibly take care of her baby without a home or money. Ian tells her not to worry, because he's going to help her. Arianna misunderstands and assumes that she and her baby will be able to live with him indefinitely. She promises to pay for her keep by cooking and cleaning, and she'll get a job if necessary. Ian tells her that she shouldn't stay. Arianna stands up, believing that she's not worthy to stay around. Realizing what she's thinking, Ian assures her that she did nothing wrong, no matter what her family says. He just doesn't think she'll be safe there. Arianna reminds him that her brother made her a promise, and she believes him. Ian doesn't want to take any chances, especially now that a baby is involved. Arianna has her own opinion about why he doesn't want her there. She thinks it's because of Eve. Ian tells her that it has nothing to do with Eve. He has an idea of a place where Arianna might be able to stay. Going to check into that, he tells her not to open the door while he's out.

Lucy returns to her hotel suite and makes a huge decision. She's moving out. She calls Don, her assistant, and tells him to have Chantal sent over from Wyndham's, along with everything Chantal picked up in Milan this year. Lucy wants Siegfried, a stylist with weird hair, sent over as well. Finally, she wants the best Realtor in town. After primping a bit in front of the mirror, she decides to remove her rings.

At the compound, Eve and Karen discover that a kitten made the noise that frightened them. Although Eve is relieved, she wants to make sure that there's nothing else around. She starts to second-guess her decision to return to the compound. She knows that Harris would never come back. She's only there to find out what happened between her and Ian. Looking around, she remembers what it was like to be there and to believe that neither of them would get out alive. She shows Karen where the lab was. Across the room, she used to use a wash basin every night to wash off the filth of the place. Karen asks where Ian was at the time, and Eve explains that he was there and that she was behind a screen. Karen then asks where they slept. Eve admits that they had to share a bed at first but that Harris eventually gave them an extra cot. Karen suggests that Eve and Ian may have done something after all. Eve admits to thinking the same thing. Karen pulls a sheet of paper out from under the mattress. She hands it to Eve, who is stunned. It's the letter she was wrote to Kevin. She sees it as proof that she wasn't having an affair with Ian. She asks to be alone so that she can try to remember, and Karen agrees to give her ten minutes. Alone, Eve reads the letter again and asks herself why she can't get Ian out of her head.

While Chantal and Armando help Lucy with her new wardrobe, Lucy speaks to Don again on the phone. This time, she wants a fast, sexy car, and she wants it to be bright red. She tells him to set up the test drive and put it on her calendar. Armando accidentally sticks her with a pin during the fitting, and when he mentions the man in her life, she informs him that there isn't one. She doesn't want or need a man in her life. There's a knock at the door, and she calls out the invitation to come in. A man steps inside, causing Lucy to take back what she just said about men. She learns that his name is Darrell Gordon and that he's the Realtor she was expecting. Excited, Lucy tells Chantal that she wants everything, and she tells Armando that they'll do the fitting later. She wants to speak to her Realtor alone. After they're gone, she invites Darrell out for some fun.

After the ride, Alison tells Jamal that he was right; she has never felt this way before. It was really exhilarating. She wants to find another hill, but Jamal has a better way to make her heart race. He kisses her. Alison is thrilled when it begins to snow. Not wanting to head back home yet, they slip inside an old barn.

Lucy takes Darrell to the Recovery Room for drinks. He orders a cosmopolitan, and she gets the same thing. She asks what kind of music he likes and is less than thrilled to learn that he's a jazz man. Explaining that jazz reminds her of someone she'd rather not think about, she suggests R&B instead. He agrees, and she heads over to the jukebox. When their drinks arrive, Darrell asks what type of house she's interested in. Lucy doesn't really care as long as it's not a firehouse or lighthouse. He shows her a photo of a new listing, and she decides to buy it. She doesn't need to see it or worry about the price. Darrell is amazed. Prompted by Lucy, he offers to show her a good time. She accepts, but she's surprised when he insists on dancing. After the dance, Darrell tells Lucy that this is by far the best business meeting he's ever had. He suggests making it a date, but Lucy's reaction causes him to second guess that idea. Lucy assures him that she's not seeing anyone. Kissing her hand, Darrell goes out to get his car. Lucy marvels that she's really having a lot of fun. Changing her tune, she wonders what she thinks she's doing. Changing her mind again, she resolves to do whatever she wants, because she is free.

Lying in the hay with Jamal, Alison says that she doesn't want the day to end. She really likes how much closer the ride brought them, just when she thought she knew everything about Jamal. He tells her that what's in his heart is the most important thing to know; he loves her.

When someone enters the apartment, Arianna assumes that Ian has returned. She's wrong; it's Ben. Arianna asks how he got in, since Ian locked all the doors. Ben grabs her and states that she brought this on herself; she can't run this time.

Eve tells herself that she loves Kevin; the letter proves that she loves him and belongs with him. Hearing footsteps, she looks toward the doorway. Ian tells her that he thought he might find her there. Eve says that she had to come back so that she would know for sure. "All you have to know is that I love you and that we belong together," Ian tells her. He takes a step forward, revealing his face. It's not Ian after all. Kevin is standing there, looking at his wife.

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