PC Update Thursday 1/18/01

Port Charles Update Thursday 1/18/01

By Beth
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Somewhat befuddled, Lucy points out that this isn't the first time Kevin has heard her talking to herself. She tells him that she was just venting a little, saying the things she'd like to say to Eve. She claims that she wouldn't say them, because she would never put him in that position. She also admits to being so annoyed with Eve for the way she waltzed in and bailed her out that she almost told her that they had made love. Kevin is surprised to hear that Eve posted bail for her. He apologizes for not being there when Lucy called. Lucy is tired of saying that she's sorry all the time. An officer appears and tells her that she's free to go, warning her to watch her step from now on. Kevin asks whether Eve is still around, but the officer replies that she took off the minute she finished signing the papers. Lucy figures that he'll go look for Eve now, but he refuses to leave until he finds out how she wound up in jail. Scott shows up and says that she's been charged with obnoxiousness in the first degree. He asks Lucy how she always manages to get into such big messes when he goes out of town. When he mentions assaulting a police officer, Kevin stares at Lucy, waiting for an explanation that never comes. Lucy doesn't want to listen to Scott; she just wants to get out of there and get into a tub. She leaves. Kevin tells Scott not to blame her, since he shares the blame. In Scott's opinion, it's entirely Kevin's fault, and he thinks that Kevin should help her get out of this mess.

Frank stops by the nurses' station to pick up his wallet, which he had left in the glove compartment again and figured that Emilio would have turned in for him.

Joe gets off the elevator and approaches Ian, who offers him coffee and a donut. Joe declines the offer and states that he saw Arianna on her way into Dr. Neumann's office. He asks what's going on. Ian assures him that the living arrangements are temporary. Joe is curious about whether Eve knows about this, and Ian tells him to mind his own business. Ian then apologizes and says that Eve doesn't want to know what happened between them. He just wants her to be happy. As for Arianna, she's having some family problems, including a loose cannon of a brother. Ian promises that the man won't stop by the house when Neil is there. He's trying to get Arianna out of town and set up someplace safe. When things have quieted down, he won't be bored; there's a whole lot of world out there that he hasn't seen yet. He believes that Eve deserves a happy ending and that Kevin will do right by her. As for himself, he'll do right by staying away from her. Now he has Arianna to help. In Joe's opinion, Ian is a modern-day Lancelot. He hopes that Arianna knows how lucky she is to have him on her side. Ian invites him to the Recovery Room for some drinks. Although Joe assumes he wants Irish whiskey, Ian is in the mood for a kamikaze.

Eve knocks on Karen's door. Assuming that Frank is early for their date, Karen answers the door and is surprised to see her friend. Since Karen is obviously trying to get ready to go out, Eve apologizes and asks whom she's going out with. Karen brushes off the question and asks why Eve is upset. Showing her Ian's bracelet, Eve fills her in on what happened at the police station. She really needs to know what happened while she and Ian were gone. Karen tries to calm her down, but Eve is desperate to know the truth. She tells Karen that she's going back to the compound. When Karen can't talk her out of it, she invites herself to go along with her. Eve reminds her that she has plans, but Karen refuses to abandon Eve when she needs her. Besides, her date will understand. As if on cue, Frank arrives at her door, hiding some gardenias behind his back. Not wanting to be seen, Eve hides in the bathroom and tells Karen to hide her purse. Karen opens the door. Frank is surprised to see that she's not ready. He offers to come back, but Karen tells him that something came up and she has to cancel. Frank politely lets her out of the date and accepts her offer of a rain check. Back outside, he tosses her flowers into the trash.

Scott believes that Lucy is very close to losing it; she's hanging onto something that will never happen. He doesn't think that Kevin has tried hard enough to make her understand that. Scott knows that it's not deliberate, and he is just as guilty as Kevin is, but the trouble with Lucy is that she keeps coming back and taking it from both of them. From the doorway, Lucy angrily asks whether he's calling her a helpless little victim. Kevin admits to sending her mixed signals, but she doesn't accept that. She knows that he wants her, just as she wants him. As for Scott, she wants him to just butt out. Lucy doesn't want either of them to feel sorry for her. She doesn't need that. She deserves happiness, and she's going to get it--without either of them. She makes a dramatic exit.

Sneaking around the compound with flashlights, Karen is aghast. She can't believe that Eve spent almost a month locked up there. She worries that Harris might not be dead after all--and that he could still be around. Eve doesn't think so, although she can't be completely certain. Suddenly, a door opens, creaking frighteningly.

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