PC Update Wednesday 1/17/01

Port Charles Update Wednesday 1/17/01

By Beth
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As Eve sits on the couch, her mind goes to a slow dance she shared with Ian when they were being held captive. Kevin leaves for work, but as soon as he steps outside, he tries to call Lucy. Getting her machine, he leaves a message. The lighthouse phone rings, and Eve answers it. It's Lucy. She asks for Kevin, but Eve tells her that he can't come to the phone right now. Lucy asks whether that's true or whether she is simply refusing to put him on the phone, and Eve admits that it's both. She starts to hang up, but Lucy begs her not to. This is her only phone call from jail, and Kevin is her only hope for making bail. Eve informs her that she's out of luck. Lucy understands that she's angry with her, but it's very dirty and scary in jail. She begs Eve to give Kevin the message before she's out there working on the chain gang. After taking a minute to savor the image, Eve tells Lucy that someone will bail her out. She hangs up, and a guard returns Lucy to her cell.

Livvie and Jack go back to the hotel after a big night on the town. Livvie had a great time, and she even talks about doing it again tomorrow. They play around for a few minutes until they hear a knock at the door. Livvie runs to answer it, assuming it is room service. "Come back here, you sexy thing," Jack says. "Been a while since anyone called me that," Kevin states as Livvie lets him in. Jack jumps up from the bed in embarrassment. Livvie introduces the men to each other and assures her dad that nothing happened. "See, Jack and I were out clubbing all night, celebrating his getting sprung from jail," she explains, causing Jack to wince. Livvie adds that Jack was set up, and he backs her up. He tells Kevin that they just got back a few minutes ago and were just relaxing. "Horizontally?" Kevin asks. Although he was originally looking for Lucy, he asks to speak to Jack privately for a moment. Livvie goes to change clothes while they talk. Kevin promises to try to make this brief. He cares about Livvie very much. Jack assures him that he also cares about her. He's never met anyone like her; she's kind, loyal, and beautiful, both inside and out. Having finished changing, Livvie hears what Jack says about her. Kevin just wants to be clear about one thing. If Jack hurts his daughter, he'll come down on him like a tall building. Jack understands. After he leaves, Livvie tells Kevin that she had been meaning to introduce them. He asks how he did in his role as the dad, and she assures him that he was perfect. Kevin wants her to promise not to get carried away and let Jack push her into anything. Livvie recognizes this as their first father-daughter sex talk. Kevin just wishes he weren't so late for that. Livvie has some advice for him about relationships. She's glad that Eve is back now, but she knows that there's some unfinished business between her dad and Lucy. She firmly believes that they are soul mates. Kevin doesn't want to talk about that, although he admits that he was looking for Lucy. Livvie doesn't think she came home last night, because her bed hasn't been slept in.

Back in her cell, Lucy bangs a cup across the bars for attention, yelling that she needs some help and that she is lodging a formal complaint. One of the officers appears and tells her that someone has bailed her out, and he's not sorry to see her go. He opens the door, and she rushes out to find Kevin and thank him for posting bail. "Doc didn't bail you out, Lucy. Mrs. Doc did," Eve informs her stunned rival. In Lucy's opinion, this isn't even remotely funny. She would rather stay in jail than take Eve's money for bail. Eve informs her that she did this for a reason. She's tired of Lucy going to Kevin all the time like a helpless little victim and expecting him to rescue her. Lucy states that she never has to encourage him much. Eve informs her that it's over; Lucy can play all the little tricks she wants, but Eve is married to Kevin. Lucy doesn't appreciate her attitude, especially since Eve couldn't even stay faithful to Kevin for one year. Eve asks what she's babbling about. Lucy claims that everyone could see what was going on between Eve and Ian before the kidnapping, and she can imagine what happened while they were being held captive together. Eve doesn't want to listen to her accusations. Lucy wants her to stop stringing Kevin along. When Eve protests that nothing happened, Lucy talks about her own connection with Kevin. In Eve's opinion, this isn't about Kevin anymore; it's about winning and losing, and Lucy can't stand the fact that she lost Kevin to her. Eve intends to make him a very happy man! Lucy warns that Eve will be the one to lose out. She wants to give Eve the chance to come clean. The way she sees it, she's probably the only person in the whole world Eve could tell her true feelings to, because they're actually in the same boat. They are not with the people they're supposed to be with. Lucy charges that Eve doesn't really want to be with Kevin anymore, and if she really loved him, she would let him go so that he could be happy. She believes that everyone would win, because Eve would find happiness with Ian. Eve warns her not to twist this around, because she loves her husband. Lucy tells her to believe that if she wants, but it won't keep her warm at night. Eve will go on believing that; she has a wonderful marriage and a wonderful life with Kevin, and she won't let that go.

Soon after Ian hands Arianna a home pregnancy test, she returns with the bad news that it's positive. Pointing out that women are usually happier about this, Ian asks her to tell him all about her "supportive" family. He's already met her brother, and now he'd like to know about her father. Arianna can't talk about him. When she says that there are things they don't talk about in her country, Ian reminds her that she's not there now; she's somewhere completely different. He asks about the father of her child. "Now, is he someone that your family hates, or is he married, or is it someone that your family likes and you don't like? Which is it?" he asks, warning her that he's just as stubborn as she is and therefore can ask questions all day. Arianna tells him that he doesn't understand. Struggling to actually say the word, she confides that she was raped. This is the first time she's said that word to anyone, including herself. Ian assures her that it isn't her fault, but she maintains that it doesn't matter. The shame of it is with her every minute of every day. Now, because of the baby, it's with her for a lifetime. She's brought dishonor to her family. Ian is disgusted with this idea, but Arianna says that it wouldn't have happened if she had stayed home that night instead of being so headstrong and willful. Ian asks whether she really believes that it was her fault. Arianna admits that she doesn't, adding that this is another thing she's saying for the first time. She doesn't understand how her family can love her and then turn away from her with she needs them the most. Ian tells her that they shouldn't do that. Arianna says that in her country, it's always the woman's fault. She brought shame to her family, and now she will erase that shame with her life. It's called honor killing, and he wouldn't understand. "No, I know exactly what it means. And there's nothing honorable about it," Ian states. Arianna is amazed to know a man who doesn't judge her. Ian admits that he's in no position to judge anyone, but Arianna says that in her country, her life would be over now. She wonders whether she should have stayed and faced her fate. Ian assures her that running was the right thing to do. He asks how she got out of the country, and she replies that her sister helped her. If her brother actually keeps his promise, she'll have to spend the rest of her life in hiding. She doesn't know how she can protect herself and her child. Ian promises to protect her.

Alone, Lucy talks to the universe about her problems. As she rambles on, she notices that Kevin is standing in the doorway.

Since Eve is at the police station, one of the officers returns her effects, which they've had since the accident. Going through them, Eve finds Ian's bracelet and states that it isn't hers. The officer assures her that she was wearing it the night she was run down. Puzzled, Eve tries to figure out why she would have been wearing Ian's bracelet. A memory comes to her--the memory of when Ian gave her the beaded bracelet. Stunned, she drops it, not knowing whether it was real or her imagination. "What's happening to me?" she asks herself, scared.

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