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Port Charles Update Tuesday 1/16/01

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Jack calls Livvie from the police station to make sure that she believes that Chris set him up. He just wishes that there were a way to prove it. After hanging up, Livvie gets an idea.

Ben tries to talk his way out of this, but Ian knows exactly who he is and why he's there, and he isn't welcome in Ian's home. Ben argues that Arianna is wild and irrational. He can't believe that she's living with a man she hardly knows. Ian accuses him of bailing her out of jail so that he could kill her. Ben states that she's always attracting men's attention in the wrong way. Ian knows about the customs in their country, but they're in his country now, and women can do whatever they please. He adds that when someone is asked to leave another person's home, the custom is to do it. Ben gets in his face and yells about how powerful his family is. He orders Ian not to tell him what to do. Ian has had enough. He grabs the man by the collar and shoves him against the wall, while Arianna looks on, terrified. Ian informs Ben that there are two ways to leave his apartment. One is through the front door, unassisted, and the other is through the window, with his help. It's up to Ben to decide which way it will be.

Eve demands to know why Lucy altered the DNA test. Lucy states that she already explained it to Kevin and apologized for it. "You knew about this and you didn't say anything to me?" she asks her husband in disbelief. Kevin points out that he didn't really have a chance. He thinks that they should just sit down and talk this out. When Garcia says that Lucy can talk all she wants at the station, Kevin asks whether that's really necessary. Eve is appalled. Lucy claims that she really wasn't trying to cause trouble; she was just trying to protect Kevin. Eve accuses her of doing it so that she could have Kevin all to herself. Lucy protests, and Garcia tells her that he needs a formal statement. He wants her to go to the station now. Lucy tries to get out of it, but he won't be put off. Kevin asks whether she'll be all right, further angering his wife. When they're gone, Eve tries to make sense of this. She tells Kevin that Lucy has never wanted them together, so she must have been ecstatic at the news that she was dead. She can't believe she just thanked Lucy for taking care of him. Kevin says that she was only trying to comfort him, and Eve has no trouble believing that. Kevin tries to explain what led Lucy to do what she did. He tells her about what bad shape he was in, and how Lucy managed to stop his self-destructive behavior. Eve still doesn't understand how Lucy thought that changing the DNA test was supposed to help him. Kevin explains that she was trying to spare him the realization that his wife had run off with another man. Eve can't believe anyone would jump to a conclusion like that. Kevin continues to defend Lucy, who only wanted him to keep his happy memories of Eve. He admits that Eve seemed to be turning to Ian a lot before the explosion, and their marriage was a bit rocky. He knows that she and Ian are no more than colleagues, though, because Ian told him so. Eve is sorry that Kevin went to Ian about this instead of asking her. They decide to stop talking about Ian and Lucy and instead concentrate on moving forward.

Garcia takes Lucy to an interrogation room. "It would be like you to put me in here with a serial-killer-looking type guy," she says, but Garcia is gone. "You know what? I always carry mace in my purse or in my boot," she warns Jack, the stranger sitting across from her. Jack tells her to relax, because he's just in there for being stupid. Lucy can empathize with that. They trade stories, without ever mentioning any names. An officer drops off Jack's paperwork, and Jack can finally leave. After he's gone, Garcia returns and asks Lucy to call her lawyer. Lucy tells him that Scott is out of town and that he should just go ahead and ask his "silly, ridiculous, inane questions." Garcia refuses to talk to her without her attorney present. As far as he's concerned, what she allegedly did with that DNA test really scrapes the bottom of the barrel; she really messed up an important investigation. Poking him with her finger, Lucy really provokes him. "So what are you saying, Garcia? You saying, what, I'm a menace to society? No one's out there safe to walk the streets as long as Lucy Coe's out there? Is that it, huh, copper? Well, let me tell you, you're right! I did it--computer fraud, cold-blooded murder, traffic violations. Jaywalking! What else did I--oh, you know what I did? I rigged all those little voting boxy chad thingies down in Florida! You got me. Okay? Lock me up; throw away the key! Go ahead!" she rants. Garcia warns that she's about to add assaulting a police officer to the charges. She starts poking him again, informing him that her friend, Commissioner Scorpio, will be having a little talk with him about this. Garcia takes that as a reason to grant her "request" for a cell.

Chris is amazed to see that Livvie has arranged a romantic evening for the two of them. Coming on to him, she asks him to tie the back of her top, and he is happy to oblige. Livvie apologizes for doubting him and taking Jack's word over his. She's actually kind of glad it happened, because it showed her that Chris had been right about more than just that. She comes on strong, telling him how sexy she finds his actions. She's incredibly flattered by how far he would go to keep another man away from her. After all, he did bribe her doorman to keep Jack away, and he erased all the messages from Jack. He is her wonderful protector. Chris says that he only did what he had to. When Livvie says that he gave Jack money and then reported it stolen to keep him away from her, Chris realizes what she's up to. She's setting him up, and she needn't bother to deny it. Changing her tone, Livvie asks why she would deny it, since he's the expert on scams. She demands to know what kind of man he is. Angry, Chris asks whether she really wants to find out. Livvie warns him to back off if he doesn't want her to scream bloody murder. Someone knocks on the door. It's Jack, who doesn't like what he sees. Chris tells him not to worry, because all this was a ploy to get him to confess. He tells Livvie that someday she'll realize how wrong she's been about both Ramsey brothers. He lets himself out. To celebrate Jack's release, Livvie invites him out on the town--her treat. He accepts, and they kiss.

Ben orders Ian to let him go, but Ian doesn't let up until Arianna asks to speak to her brother. Ian stays nearby while they talk. Ben demands to know who Ian is to her, and she replies that he's simply a kind person who is helping her. Ben doesn't believe that nothing has happened between them, but Arianna says that he's in love with someone else. Ben tells her to go home with him. Arianna reminds him that they used to be close, and she asks him to protect her just one more time by claiming that he couldn't find her. Ben says that they would keep hunting her down. Arianna asks him to say that he found and killed her. She begs him to do this for her. Ben tells her that if he does, it has to be a secret, and they can never see each other again. Arianna gives him her word. Ben promises to tell the family something so that she will be safe. Arianna tearfully thanks him. After he leaves, she tells Ian that no one has ever spoken to her brother that way before. Ian says that he'll get over it. He wants to find her a safe place to stay, other than with him. She gets dizzy, prompting Ian to ask how long she's been feeling that way. When she says it's been a week or so, he asks whether she's sick to her stomach and tired. Arianna says that she is, but mostly just tired. Ian asks whether she could be pregnant. Outside, Ben calls his family to report that he found Arianna and is prepared to do whatever is necessary.

While Kevin is on the phone about a patient, Eve has another memory about Ian. She then tells Kevin that she wants him to make love to her.

In her cell, Lucy complains that she was just kidding about being locked up. She sits down on the cot, inadvertently sitting on something that hurts. It's obviously not going to be her lucky night.

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