PC Update Monday 1/15/01

Port Charles Update Monday 1/15/01

By Beth
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In a bad mood because of the fight with Jamal, Alison gets short with a customer who points out that she read his order back wrong. Karen hears her make a sarcastic remark about Jamal, who is still trying to fix his bike. When Alison approaches Karen at the bar, Arianna's brother steps away to make a phone call, reporting that he's getting close to finding his sister. Alison asks who he is, and Karen tells her that he's looking for his sister. Karen gets a weird vibe from the guy, but that's nothing new. Lately, she's been getting weird vibes from every guy she knows. She thinks it must be her unapproachable demeanor. Hearing this, Alison thinks that Karen might not be the right person to ask for advice. She walks over to Jamal and tells him to stop what he's doing. Pointing out that he hasn't said two words to her in the last few days, she grabs his wrist and drags him outside in the cold. Although Jamal claims that he's just been working on his bike, Alison accuses him of shutting her out. She believes that he's still mad at her, and she doesn't even know why. It could be about the guy who thought Jamal was her pimp, and about her refusal to make this a racial issue. It could also be about her not taking Jack's side when he got arrested. It could even be something else--something she knows nothing about because he won't talk to her. She wants the truth. "Are we over?" Jamal tells her that this is crazy. "No, this is about me being really hurt and you acting like a really big jerk," Alison replies. When Jamal doesn't say anything, Alison storms back inside.

When Arianna wakes up on Ian's couch, she finds Frank staring at her. Startled and frightened, she jumps up. She remembers that he's the one who turned her in to the police. Frank demands to know what she's doing in his house. Arianna says that Ian asked her to stay. Frank isn't buying whatever story she sold Ian. He doesn't want any trouble around his son. Arianna shows him that Ian gave her his number. She can't leave Port Charles, and she has nowhere else to stay. Frank agrees to let her stay there until he speaks with Ian, but he doesn't want any more trouble. After he leaves, Arianna worries that her brother will somehow find her.

Inside the lighthouse, Kevin and Lucy kiss. Outside, Ian catches up with Eve and says that there's something she needs to hear.

Lucy pulls away, saying that this isn't why she came to see Kevin. She really wants to try to respect his wishes and let him have the life he chooses. She knows that it's complicated; two women are in love with him.

Ian suggests going someplace to talk, but she just wants him to leave so that she can get back to her life. As she talks, she becomes faint. Ian catches her as she collapses.

Frank returns to the Recovery Room and tells Jamal that he's trying to find Ian. He tells him about finding the woman in his apartment. From a nearby table, Ben hears the news and heads out. Alison takes away Jamal's plate, even though he's still eating. Frank figures out that they're having their first official fight as a couple, and he wants to give Jamal some advice. "You cave in now, she'll take it as a sign she's right, and that's the way it'll always be, like it or not," he says. "Frank Scanlon, that is the worst advice I've ever heard," Karen announces from behind him. She tells Jamal that there is no right and wrong to a fight, and that the bottom line is that he has the power to fix it. She suggests getting Alison something special and then taking her someplace wonderful. If he spends all his time and energy trying to prove who's right and wrong, he will waste all this precious time. Jamal exchanges a look with Frank and claims that he'll think about it. He walks away. Frank tells Karen that she can't be serious. Karen would like to know something about the advice he gave Jamal. When was the last time it actually worked? "Well, doesn't mean it couldn't work," Frank says. Karen would like to enlighten him on a few things. Frank answers the phone, and it's for Karen. Scott has to go out of town on business and therefore won't be able to meet with her after all. Since he and Serena aren't coming, Karen decides to head out. Frank runs after her and apologizes. He tells her about an awards dinner for the paramedics later in the week and asks her to go with him. Pleased, Karen accepts the date.

Kevin helps Eve to the couch, explaining that he and Lucy found Ian holding her outside. Ian clarifies that she was about to hit the ground. Lucy comments that Eve is lucky that Ian was there with her. Ian counters that he wasn't with her; they ran into each other outside. Kevin wants to take her back to the hospital, but Eve protests. She wants to be home with him. Realizing that her arrival interrupted something, she asks Lucy what she's doing there. Lucy claims that she was talking about hospital business with Kevin, and she asks whether Ian had something to speak to Eve about. Is that why he's here? Ian says that he heard that she was released from the hospital and thought it was too early. Apparently, he was right. Eve argues that he wasn't. She's never felt better in her life. Kevin laughs, but Eve states that she's talking about her emotional health. Things are finally starting to come together for her. She hasn't remembered anything new, but she's started to realize that it's okay, because she doesn't need to get that time back. She just wants to move on with her life. She suddenly gets an idea. She thinks that they should renew their marriage vows. In Kevin's opinion, it's kind of unusual to do that so soon. Lucy thinks they should wait a lot longer, but Eve informs her that she didn't ask for her opinion. She wants the world to know that they can survive in the face of adversity. She wants to thank God for her life and remember why she fought so hard to get back to her husband. Lucy and Ian exchange a look. Kevin tells Eve that it's a wonderful idea. Eve would like Ian and Lucy to be there. They avoid making a commitment. Ian says that he has to leave. Lucy chases after him, saying that he forgot his gloves. She knows that he came over to tell Eve something very important, and she wants them both to walk back inside and get it out in the open. Ian tells her that this isn't the time or the place. Lucy disagrees, but Ian says that neither of them belongs there. Lucy hands him his gloves and goes back inside.

Jamal informs Alison that the fight is over. He's not mad at her, and he never was. The thing is that he's not used to having anyone care about him when he's going through something, and he has to learn how to handle it better. Alison keeps trying to talk, but Jamal keeps stopping her by putting his finger on her lips. He finally lets her speak, and she apologizes. Jamal takes her aside for a kiss, and they go back to their place for some romance.

Feeling sick, Arianna sits down. She hears someone come in and assumes it's Ian. It's Ben. Arianna is scared. She warns that Ian will call the police if he finds him there, but Ben isn't afraid. He has been charged with taking her back, and that's what he's going to do. He grabs her arm. "Let go of her," Ian orders.

Lucy reiterates that it's not a good idea to renew their wedding vows now. Eve has to something to say to her. Lucy tries to leave, but Eve assures her that this won't take long. Despite their past animosity, she's grateful for what Lucy did with Kevin while she was away. Lucy and Kevin are stunned. Eve explains that Lucy took very good care of Kevin, and she appreciates it. She's sorry for misjudging her, because she has a really big heart. Kevin answers the door and admits Detective Garcia, who is looking for Lucy. Realizing what he wants, Lucy tries to put him off, but it's no use. Eve asks Garcia what the problem is, and he decides to tell her, since she would find out eventually anyway. Garcia has reason to suspect that Lucy is the one who changed the DNA report. Eve is stunned. Lucy tries to explain that it's really not as bad as it sounds, but Eve demands to know why she did it. "What was in it for you?" she asks.

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