PC Update Friday 1/12/01

Port Charles Update Friday 1/12/01

By Beth
Proofread by John 

Kevin rushes home, calling out for Eve when he gets inside the lighthouse. He's immediately interrupted by a knock at the door. It's Lucy, insisting that they talk.

Eve turns around and leaves Ian's place. Just outside, she remembers what Gabby told her about Ian being in love. She assumes that she just saw him with the love of his life, and it's upsetting.

Arianna, the woman in Ian's apartment, apologizes for breaking down. She wishes that she could confide in Ian. A noise outside frightens her badly, and she begs Ian not to let "him" in. Ian goes to investigate. He finds Eve, putting her purse back together after having dropped it. Embarrassed, she claims to have stopped by on her way home from the hospital to thank him for everything. Ian offers to take her home, but she tells him that a cab is waiting outside. Ian goes back in and informs Arianna that it was just a good friend stopping by. He really wants to know why she's so scared and why she's running. What did she do? Arianna states that she didn't do anything. She's running for her life because her family wants her dead. Having spent a lot of time in different countries, Ian knows that there are some peculiar customs. Arianna tells him that she broke the rules, and that's why they want her dead. She had started to believe that she had gotten away, but the night of the accident, she saw her brother's face and had to go on the run again. The bail money had to have come from him; he will never stop until he finds her. Ian promises not to let that happen. When the subject of Eve comes up, Arianna says that she would give anything to have a man care about her the way he cares about Eve. She doesn't understand how he can feel that way about her and just walk away.

Karen is surprised when Eve stops by her place. She tells Eve that Kevin called a little while ago looking for her. Eve calls her husband to apologize and assure him that she's all right. She promises to be home soon. After hanging up, she tells Karen about what she saw at Ian's apartment. In her mind, she sounded stupid when she lied to him about why she was there. It's obvious to her that he and the woman are lovers. Eve sees herself as a complete idiot. After all, she loves Kevin, and she could never dream of having a better partner in life. She doesn't know why she keeps fantasizing about Ian, but she knows that they are only fantasies. She can't believe she's sitting there like a lovesick teenager while Ian is with the woman he loves. Eve doesn't know what to do. She can remember her wedding day, which is the last time she knows for sure how she left about anything. She wants these fantasies to go away, and maybe spending time with Kevin will eliminate them. If she can stay away from Ian, everything will be fine. She decides to go home to her husband right now. It's where she belongs.

Ian brings Arianna a sandwich, chips, and a bottle of spring water. She apologizes for saying too much about Eve. She hasn't felt this safe--or had anyone to talk to--in a very long time. Ian tells her to get some sleep and stop worrying, because he'll help her with her troubles. He jots down his cell phone number in case she needs it while he steps out for a little while. Arianna shows him a picture of her brother, Ben, saying that they used to be close. Ian pulls the blanket over her and tells her to get some sleep and eat her sandwich. After he leaves, Arianna stares at the photo.

Arianna's brother approaches Karen at the Recovery Room, having heard her say that she works at the hospital. He shows her a picture of his sister and asks whether she's seen her. Karen says that she hasn't, and she advises him to contact the police if he's really worried. Ben states that it's a family problem that needn't involve anyone else. "Where I come from, all that matters is the family. What the family says is law," he states. Karen doesn't seem impressed.

Lucy tells Kevin that she just couldn't leave things the way they were. She would like to apologize to him. Unlike Kevin, she had no right to be angry. She shouldn't have changed the DNA results. The worst part is that she promised never to lie to him again, and she really meant it at the time. She doesn't know what comes over her sometimes. "I'll just never, ever learn," she laments. Kevin tells her that the admission is actually a small measure of progress. He doesn't want her to be so hard on herself. Lucy says that she has to be, because she needs to make progress and change some things. She's going to start right now, with her tarot cards. Other people use them correctly and read what the cards tell them, but she doesn't do that. She likes to read into them whatever she wants and bend them to her will. She has to stop. To make her point, she tears them up. It's a symbol of what she's trying to do. She wants to be the kind of person that Kevin can respect, because she has to be in his life. She begs him not to shut her out. She can't get her life in order if Kevin hates her. Kevin assures her that he's mad, but he certainly doesn't hate her. She's just very impulsive. Lucy likes that assessment. She wants to know what to do in order to make things better with him. Kevin tells her not to change. She's impulsive, and sometimes that leads to disaster, but more often than that, it turns out right. She's turned his life around more than once, and he doesn't want to lose her. Lucy tells her Doc that she loves him. He tells her to stop. They have to stop opening themselves up to each other. Lucy realizes that he feels guilty about making love. Kevin reminds her that if he had opened the door, Eve wouldn't have been hit by that car. Lucy understands that, but it doesn't mean that they could ever cut themselves off from each other. That's exactly what Kevin thinks should happen. Eve is his wife, and he can't love Lucy the way she deserves. Suddenly, he grabs her and kisses her.

As Eve approaches the lighthouse, Ian catches up with her and says that he had to see her.

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