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After Gabriela checks on Eve, Karen comes in to see her as well. She chides her patient for not taking her sedative, but Eve is tired of everything being so fuzzy. Karen points out that she's recovering much better than she would have imagined, and she has her life, her friends, and her husband. She asks whether anything happened to change any of that. Eve doesn't know what to say. Eve says that she keeps seeing images of herself with Ian. Although they're not making love, they are kissing passionately. Karen thinks they must be just fantasies, but Eve confides that an affair isn't exactly out of the question, since she and Ian had some chemistry before the kidnapping. However, it's possible that the images are just fantasies. She loves Kevin, and nothing has changed--except the fact that she can't stop thinking about Ian. Karen suggests that she ask Ian about what happened, but Eve doesn't see how she can do that. She figures that Ian would have told her, but Karen thinks that he could be waiting for her to remember. Eve just can't handle this right now. She needs some real rest. Karen has no problem with that. She insists that Eve take her sedative this time. Afterward, she promises to come back after getting something to eat.

When Ian gets up, he is annoyed to find the woman who hit Eve sitting on his couch. She admits to having come in through the window while he was sleeping. Ian asks why she chose to come to his place, and she replies that he's the only person who's been nice to her since she arrived in town. She didn't want to leave jail until he told her that there might be better places to hide, but the problem is that she didn't have anywhere to go where she would feel safe. A knock at the door causes her to jump. Ian tells her to hide in the other room while he sees to it. It's Kevin, looking for answers about his wife. He wants to know what really happened while they were gone. Eve is obviously blocking something, and he would like to know what it is. Sighing, Ian tells him about the way they tried to manipulate Harris and then finally managed to escape. They did what they had to do to survive. Kevin believes that there's more to it than that. He asks whether something happened between Eve and Ian while they were locked away together. He can't ask Eve, because she's in no condition to be pushed. Her memory loss is adding to her anxiety, and he wants to find out why. Ian informs him that they didn't have an affair, if that's what he's asking. "Then why write her a love letter?" Kevin demands, showing Ian the note he found.

One of the waitresses rushes into the Recovery Room, apologizing to Frank for being late. She asks how they did last night. "Great, except you need to help Alison with her addition. She always forgets to carry the one," he says, somewhat amused. Karen sits down at the bar and orders coffee. They talk about Eve's condition. Frank wishes he could forget a few chunks of his own past, mostly involving Courtney. He tells Karen that Courtney is in Paris to look into a job with Donatella Stewart's European office. Fortunately, Neil would never agree to moving overseas with her. The waitress comes back and flirts with Frank, who is oblivious to the flirtation. Karen notices, though, and tells him to ask her out. Frank warns her to be careful when trying to set people up. He's made some bad choices, and now he gets the feeling that Courtney is going to haunt him for the rest of his life.

Drugged by the sedative, Eve has a film-noir type dream about her complicated love life. In the dream,  Kevin is the P.I. who demands to know what really happened while she was away. Ian appears and says that they might as well tell her husband the truth. Eve protests that she doesn't know what's real and what's a dream. Kevin and Ian both insist that she does know. They badger her about it until she wakes up, scared.

When Gabriela returns, Eve asks her for the latest gossip. Gabby tells her about Courtney's move to Europe, and they agree that it's good that she's far away. Gabby mentions the wake, and Eve wants to hear all about it. She's appalled that it was held at a bar, but Gabby assures her that it was a very nice wake. She talks about how everyone felt about both her and Ian. She also says that while it was obvious that Eve had found love, no one thought the same about Ian. That's why she was so happy to find out that he is in love. She doesn't know who the woman is, but Joe swears that he's found the love of his life. Checking her watch, Gabby realizes that she can't stay any longer. After she leaves, Eve has a flashback. Deciding to do something about it, she gets out of bed.

Now seated at a table, Karen asks Frank why he's afraid to date. Frank turns the question around on her. Karen claims to have other priorities, such as focusing on her recovery and keeping what's left of her career on track. Frank doesn't buy it. In his opinion, she's using her career as an excuse not to get on with the rest of her life. Back at the bar, Karen informs Frank that she's getting on very nicely with her life. Frank sees it differently. When Karen tells him that he doesn't know anything about why she does the things she does, he tells her that she's right. Picking up a bottle of mustard, Frank squeezes it until it shoots mustard all over Karen. He is both amused and sorry. Karen picks up another bottle and shoots it all over him. Each wielding a bottle of mustard and a bottle of ketchup, they have a condiments war. They rough-house until Frank grabs hold of her. Their faces are close, the sexual tension high. They laugh when they see the mess they've made on each other. Frank goes to get Karen a towel.

Kevin states that he found the letter while looking for clues about anyone who might want Ian dead. After he found it, he was tempted to add his own name to the list. Ian doesn't think anything he could say would satisfy the other man. Kevin tells him to try the truth. Ian states that it's not a love letter. When they were working together--when Rachel was doing her experiments--Ian crossed a line he shouldn't have crossed. The kiss was one-sided, and it was a mistake. Kevin understands that things happen. He just wants to help Eve remember. Ian offers to help out in any way he can, but Kevin wants to be clear about this. He appreciates the fact that Ian got Eve home in one piece, but that's where his job ends. Ian understands Kevin's position. He's glad to hear that Eve is going home today. As Kevin leaves, he returns the letter to Ian. Once he's gone, Ian hits the punching bag in frustration. The woman emerges from the other room and stares at Ian, who turns and sees her standing there. She comments that it was awkward. She couldn't help hearing through the thin walls. Ian thinks it's time for her to leave, but she avoids the issue, instead asking whether the visitor was married to the woman she hit. She asks why Ian lied to the man about having an affair. Ian informs her that this is none of her business. There's no reason for her to be there anymore. The woman argues that she has nowhere else to go, and she's really scared. As Ian puts a comforting arm around her, Eve lets herself in and sees him with the other woman.

Kevin goes to see Eve and finds that she's not in her room.

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