PC Update Wednesday 1/10/01

Port Charles Update Wednesday 1/10/01

By Beth
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"Sir, I don't think I heard you right," Jack respectfully informs Detective Garcia, who repeats that he's under arrest. Livvie says that there's been a mistake. Jack explains that this has already been taken care of; he settled things with his probation officer. Surprised to hear about the probation, Garcia informs him that it will make things a lot harder for Jack. Jamal demands to know why his friend is being arrested. Garcia states that he stole $10,000. Now it all makes sense to Jack. He tells Garcia that there's been a big misunderstanding, but Jamal tells him not to bother, because nothing changes Garcia's mind once it's made up. Livvie sticks up for Jack, but Garcia knows what he knows. As he takes Jack away, Jack tells her not to worry, because he'll get it straightened out. Alison and Jamal take Livvie to the police station.

Kevin talks Lucy through this, asking how she could have known about Eve and Ian. Did she have a vision or a dream? Lucy admits that she changed the DNA results. Kevin is silent as she tries to explain what led her to such a desperate act. Lucy reminds him that he was in a great deal of pain after the explosion, and she wanted to find a way to help him, but she couldn't. After finding the note from Ian to Eve in Kevin's jacket, she just happened to be standing next to the computer when the results came in indicating that the two people who were killed in the car were not Eve and Ian. Kevin is stunned by the revelation. Lucy tells him that she tried to figure out how it was possible, and she wanted to tell him, but when she found him in the chapel, she realized that she couldn't tell him and cause him to lose his admiration for Eve. Then she remembered how Eve and Ian had been acting, and she put it all together to come up with the idea that they were off alone together. Kevin wants to know exactly what she did to the DNA report. Lucy admits that she just changed one itty-bitty little word on the computer; she deleted the word "not." "See, the DNA results proved it was not a match to Eve and Ian, and I just pushed 'Delete' and it said it was a match," she admits. Kevin wants to make sure he understands. He asks whether she did this to protect his feelings because she believed it was proof that Eve and Ian were having an affair. Lucy confirms that it made complete sense at the time. "Are you completely out of your mind?" he yells.

At the police station, Ian signs and initials his statement. When he's finished, an officer tells him that someone wants to see him. He directs Ian to the interrogation room where the hit-and-run driver is seated. She really wants to know whether Eve is all right. "I am so sorry for what I did to the woman you love, to your wife," she says sincerely. Ian informs her that Eve is a friend and colleague, and she's doing as well as can be expected. He understands that it was an accident, and he even told the police that Eve ran out in front of the car. He wishes there were someone to blame, but it really isn't the woman's fault. Even so, she still has a hit-and-run charge to deal with, and the police believe that she's hiding something. The woman admits only that she was frightened and that running is something she's become good at. An officer brings her some papers to sign and informs her that her bail has been posted. She assumes that she has Ian to thank, but he didn't do it. Becoming suspicious, she accuses him of working for the people who are after her, but Ian assures her that he had nothing to do with it. Getting an idea, she asks how long she would go to jail if she had hit Eve intentionally. When Ian tells her that it would be a long time, she confesses. "I saw her in the street, and I could have avoided her, but I didn't. I hit your friend on purpose. I'm guilty," she claims. Ian doesn't believe her. He wants to know why she's making a false confession and what she's running from. She informs him coldly that it's none of his business. "Just like it's none of my business what you are to the woman I hit," she adds. Ian knows what desperation looks like, and if she's running from someone, jail might not be the best place for her. Wishing her luck, he leaves. Alone, the woman signs the papers and slips out of the interrogation room. As she gets into a disguise, Chris passes her and gives her a funny look. As she leaves, she brushes against Garcia, just arriving at the station with Jack.

Jack isn't at all surprised to see his brother at the police station. Seeing Chris, Jamal comments that it must be bogus. Livvie is the only one who's glad to see Chris; she thinks that he can help Jack. Although Chris claims that Jack is lying, Jack maintains that he didn't steal the money--and that Chris knows it. He tries to get up, but Garcia stops him. Jack alleges that Chris gave him the money. Chris tries to make him sound like a liar. At Livvie's request, he doesn't press charges. Livvie confronts Chris about keeping Jack from being able to see her. Chris admits it but says that he did it because he was afraid something like this would happen. Livvie doesn't know what to believe. Jack says that he swore never to let Chris ruin his life again. Chris accuses him of coming to Port Charles to get even with him--and of using Livvie to do it. Jack slugs him. Jamal grabs Jack to hold him back, but Garcia takes over. As he takes Jack away, Jack rants about how Chris set him up. Jamal asks Alison whether she thinks he took the money. Alison does believe that it's possible. When Jamal asks why she thinks that, she asks why he's defending him. Jamal accuses her of defending Chris. Alison denies it and expresses the opinion that they are both hiding something, and Livvie is getting caught in the middle. She wants Jamal to admit that Jack is coming off as a total jerk, but Jamal doesn't see it that way. In his opinion, she's beginning to sound like her grandmother. Alison immediately takes offense. Jamal tells her that she's judging the guy just because he has a record and drives a bike. Alison resents Jamal for putting her in that category. She orders him to take it back. He doesn't say anything. She walks over to Livvie, whom Chris wants to drive home. Alison informs him that she will take her. She wants to get out of there and into a testosterone-free zone. Jamal glares at Chris.

Lucy understands that Kevin is angry. She tells him to go ahead and yell at her; she can take it. Kevin accuses her of making this all about her. He expected her to change after all she went through with Christina, but she hasn't changed at all. Eve and Ian weren't running away together; the only thing running away is Lucy's imagination. Lucy tries to defend her actions, talking about how she came to the conclusion that they were having an affair. "You actually believe that they planted two bodies, staged an explosion outside the Recovery Room where innocent people could be injured, all because they could run away without telling me?" he asks in disbelief. Lucy sees now that her theory was a little far-fetched, but she reminds Kevin about the note that Ian wrote. "All right, that's enough, Lucy!" Kevin yells. He reminds her that they were kidnapped by an enemy of Ian's. Eve doesn't deserve anything that's happened to her, and all the time that she was trying to get back to him, Lucy let him believe that she was dead. In his opinion, this is beyond selfish. It's downright cruel. Kevin tries to leave, but Lucy stops him, insisting that it was not cruel. She only did it to keep him from suffering. She loves him; they belong together, and deep down, he knows that. Kevin points out that she slept with him while knowing that Eve was alive. Lucy counters that she believed that Eve was with Ian. She wants Kevin to deny that he loves her. He tells her that until now, he's only been remembering the good times, but now he's remembering everything else, and he's had enough. Lucy truly believes that they belong together, and she knows that he feels the same way. Kevin informs her that he's going to be with his wife. Lucy stops him from leaving with the reminder that she told him the truth. Kevin points out that she confessed when it became obvious that she was going to get caught. Lucy admits that but maintains adamantly that Eve betrayed him with another man. "Betrayal is a terrible thing, Lucy. You should know. You're the expert," he says before storming off.

Ian goes home and goes straight to bed. A window in his apartment opens, and the woman who hit Eve lets herself inside. Quietly, she slips over to the door and sits down on the bedroom floor, pulling her coat up for warmth.

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