PC Update Tuesday 1/9/01

Port Charles Update Tuesday 1/9/01

By Beth
Proofread by John 

Finally breaking off their kiss, Livvie chastises Jack for not calling her. Jack fills her in on how Chris got the desk clerk to block his calls. The only reason Jack knows this is because he bribed the truth out of the doorman. Livvie adamantly states that Chris had no right, and Jack agrees, but he really doesn't want to talk about his brother. He would like to go out and celebrate the fact that he cleared up things with his probation officer. He can now officially stay in Port Charles. Livvie is really excited to hear this. When Jack tells her that he needs to get a job, she becomes wary and confused. She hopes he didn't do anything illegal to be able to afford all these flowers for her. Jack assures her that those days are over. In fact, somebody repaid a very large debt owed to him. He picks her up, causing her to squeal with delight. Jack plans to take her out in style.

Ian smiles at Eve and assures her that she's not dreaming; he's really there with her. Eve doesn't remember much. Ian wants to help her, despite Kevin's prior assurances to his wife that remembering wasn't important. Ian tells her that it's very important to the two of them. Eve remembers part of Christmas Eve, but it seems like a dream to her. Ian assures her that it was real. He needs her to remember. Promising to take it very slowly, he says that he wants to touch on some things that happened between them. He hopes that this will spark a connection for her. He talks about having gone to talk to Harris alone and then returning with the news that they would be released soon. Eve doesn't remember a thing about it. She is amazed to hear that he went so far out on a limb for her. Ian tells her that he would have done anything for her. The memories begin to return to her, including their passionate kiss on Christmas Eve. "What is it?" Ian asks. Looking scared and confused, Eve doesn't answer. As Ian urges her to remember, Gail steps unobserved into the room, unhappy with what she walked in on. Eve tells Ian that she's trying, but she's so confused. Ian pushes her some more, forcing Gail to interrupt. Taking Ian aside, she tells him that being reminded of her ordeal isn't what's best for Eve right now. Agreeing to back off, Ian goes outside while Gail speaks to Eve.

Jamal has his bike inside the apartment, where he's trying to fix the damage made by the drunk in the alley. In his opinion, he shouldn't be wasting his time on his motorcycle. Instead, he should be busting that guy in the head for what he said about Alison. Alison points out that hitting the guy in the head certainly wouldn't make him any smarter. She doesn't really care what he thought about them. Jamal certainly does. He welcomes her to his side of the tracks and informs her that the race issue is now officially their problem. Alison tries to reason with him, reminding him that it was late, they were outside a bar, and she--dressed in a skimpy outfit--handed her money over to a guy on a bike. This says as much about her as it does him. Actually, it says the most about the stupid drunk. Jamal realizes that the entire world isn't racist, but plenty of people are. As long as she's with him, it will keep happening. He takes out his anger and frustration on his bike. Alison stops him. Jamal just wants everything to be fixed. Alison answers a knock at the door. It's Jack, with Livvie riding piggyback. Jack states that they have good news. Getting down, Livvie announces that Jack wants to take everyone out to celebrate the end of his probation problems. Alison thanks them but says that they're not in the mood to celebrate. She states that Jamal is more bent out of shape than his bike. Feeling the tension, Livvie asks whether they're in a fight or something. "Yeah, or something," Alison replies angrily. Jack offers to take a look at the bike; he's pretty good with a wrench. Alison says that Jamal is also good when he's not in a funk. Wanting to get out of there, she takes Livvie over to the Recovery Room to get the guys something to eat.

Kevin orders a cup of herbal tea and asks Lucy what she could have done that was so terrible. Thinking about her crime, Lucy expresses the desire to go somewhere more private for this conversation. After moving to a more private spot, Kevin assures her that she can tell him anything. It's one of the things he's always loved about her. She's never been afraid to put her feelings on the line, and she has a way of slicing right through to the heart of the matter. Preparing herself, Lucy tells him that she would never hurt him, but what she did to him and Eve was really unfair. The way Kevin sees it, he acted unfairly by using her as a sounding board for his feelings for Eve, especially considering how close they've been. Lucy says that he doesn't have to skirt the issue. The fact is that they made love; they found each other again just before Eve came back to him. Kevin tells her that she has been his rock. He feels safe with her, which is why she was able to get through to him when no one else could. She always seems to know what to do when he needs it the most. Lucy tells him that it's easy because she knows him better than anyone. She would do anything for him, because she loves him. Kevin tells her that their timing really stinks. Eve is his wife, and she needs him. Lucy knows that. Kevin wishes that he could be there for Lucy the way she's always been there for him. Lucy understands that he can't do that now. She's very happy that he thinks she's so wonderful and noble. She decides to quit while she's ahead. She tries to leave, but Kevin stops her. He wants to know what she wanted to tell him that was so important. As Lucy thinks about her confession to Scott, Kevin can see the look on her face, and he knows that she's keeping something from him.

Jack tells Jamal that he used to have a bike just like his. He wishes that he still had it, but he had bills to pay back when his mom was sick. Jamal knows what that's like. When Jack asks how this one got banged up, Jamal tells him about the drunk. Jack says that there are morons everywhere, from the drunk to his own brother, but now he has a new perspective, thanks to Livvie. He just won't let the morons get to him anymore.

Gail assures Eve that things will come to her in time; she just has to have faith. Eve doesn't know how she can have faith when she doesn't trust what's in her own mind. She's scared to death of some of the things going on in her mind. She confides her dream about Ian and asks why she would be fantasizing about him. Gail points out that he is a very attractive man who happened to save her life. It's only natural for her to idealize him. What's really important is to focus on what's real, such as being a happily married woman with a devoted husband. Eve considers herself very lucky to have Kevin. Gail promises that he will take care of her if she'll let him. She doesn't want Eve to think about anything right now except getting well. She steps outside, and Ian flags her down. Gail informs him that no matter what happened while they were away, it is extremely important to give Eve some time and space to heal. If he truly cares about her, he'll back off. She walks away as Ian tries to respond to that. Relenting, he walks over to Eve's room and looks in through the window. Taking Gail's advice, he decides to go home.

As Alison fixes sandwiches for the guys, Livvie reminds her that they're going out to celebrate. Alison questions how Jack can afford this, which angers Livvie. She's sick of the way people think of Jack. Alison backs off, but Livvie is very protective of Jack. He's the most amazing guy she's ever met. The guys come in and hear what she said. Livvie goes to Jack, who is amazed by the way she stuck up for him. Livvie tells him to get used to it, because she thinks he's a wonderful person. They're all surprised when Detective Garcia shows up and places Jack under arrest.

Losing her nerve, Lucy tells Kevin that she was making a big deal out of something that really wasn't that important. She just wants him to go back to his wife now. Kevin still knows that she's hiding something, but he can't get it out of her. She rushes out, colliding with a man in the process. The man is quite annoyed with her. Lucy apologizes and starts babbling about how she always runs away. Determined to stop doing that, she decides to go back. She hugs the astonished man and returns to Kevin, telling him that even though she just did a very cowardly thing, she is not a coward. She just didn't want to tell him anything that might make him think badly of her. Kevin promises that he could never do that. Lucy is beginning to believe that. "I think I'm starting to believe that maybe you accept me for all my wacky ways, and that's going to give me the courage to tell you the truth, because you know as much as you love anchovies, everything I do comes out of me loving you," she tells him. "We're coming to the terrible thing you did, aren't we?" Kevin asks. Lucy admits that he's right. She explains that she kept something from him to protect him, and she's hoping that he can forgive her. This is going to set her karma back a few lifetimes. "I knew Eve and Ian were alive," she admits.

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