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Port Charles Update Monday 1/8/01

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Jack bursts into the on-call room to confront his brother, who pretends not to know what's going on. Jack demands to know why Livvie suddenly isn't receiving any of his messages. Chris feigns innocence, but Jack isn't buying it. He's onto his brother's games, and they won't work. Nothing will break up his relationship with Livvie, so Chris had better just deal with it. Jack knows Livvie; she would have called if she had gotten any of his messages. Chris muses that she could be having second thoughts about getting mixed up with a felon. He suggests that Jack go back to Westford, get a lawyer, and get the probation trouble straightened out. That's what he'll do if he really cares about her. Jack tells him that he has no money for a lawyer, because the last cent he had went to some hot shot doctor to save their mother. Chris admits to owing Jack for taking care of her. He offers to pay for a lawyer. When Jack asks how much his vanishing act is worth to him, he replies that it's worth more money than Jack has ever seen. Chris refuses to accept any blame for not being there for their mother, since he couldn't have known where she was. Jack thinks he could have found her if he had wanted to. Chris accuses Jack of using Livvie to get to him, but Jack swears that he would never hurt her. Chris tells him to prove it by leaving town now. Jack asks how much breaking up with a girlfriend is worth these days. Chris opens up his briefcase and pulls out two stacks of bills. "Ten grand," he states, urging Jack to take the money. He does. Chris wants him to admit that he only came to town to get his money. Jack admits that it's true. Ten thousand dollars is a pretty good score. Now he plans to do some shopping. As soon as he leaves, Chris reaches inside his coat and removes a tape recorder. He rewinds the tape and plays the end of their conversation. "Gotcha," he says, satisfied.

Kevin talks to Eve, who remembers bits and pieces. The last thing she remembers is wanting to get home to Kevin but not being able to do that. She's upset to hear that it's January 8. That means that it's been two weeks. Kevin assures her that she hasn't been unconscious the whole time. In his opinion, it may be better for her not to remember everything, because the memory sometimes blocks out the things that are best left forgotten. Eve has the feeling that an important memory is just out of reach. Kevin tells her not to force it. Eve is sorry that Kevin went through so much with no one to comfort him. Kevin admits that he could barely face the house without her. He tried to have hope, but the DNA test results ended that. Eve believes that Harris must have tampered with the results. Kevin doesn't understand what kind of person would do that.

Placing a hundred-dollar bill on the table in front of Scott, Lucy informs him that she wants to hire him. Scott agrees to help her but wants to see Eve first. Lucy stops him, saying that her problem has to do with Eve. "Just please take this first so we have that, you know, client confidentiality thingy," she urges. Scott thinks that something is fishy, and he's right. Lucy confides that she committed a crime, and she really can't go to jail. She admits to being the one who changed the DNA test results on Eve and Ian. Now she thinks she's in really big trouble. Scott is stunned. He can't represent her! Lucy pleads with him to take her case and put a big spin on it. After all, she was only trying to protect Kevin from finding out that his wife ran off with her lover. Scott points out that Eve and Ian were kidnapped. Lucy knows that now, but she didn't at the time. Scott asks where her psychic abilities were. Lucy says that she was just picking up on what they were feeling for each other, and she naturally assumed that they were together. Scott tells her to think about this. "So Eve and Ian, they go and they dig up a couple of stiffs, they put them in his car, they get a lot of dynamite--enough to blow up everybody in the Recovery Room--just so they could run off and have an affair. Don't you think there's a lot easier ways to have an affair?" he reasons. Lucy admits that she didn't exactly think it through, but that happens. The point is that she was doing it for Kevin, who was in such a bad state that he almost killed himself. Was she supposed to follow him around with a fire extinguisher the rest of his life? Scott tells her that she was supposed to keep her nose out of Eve and Kevin's business. Lucy accuses him of looking at this the wrong way, but he has another thought. Maybe she did it thinking that Kevin would turn to her if he believed that Eve was dead.

Kevin finds Livvie waiting for him at the hospital. She's glad to hear that Eve is going to be all right. Kevin hugs his daughter, who is worried about how he and Lucy are handling this turn of events. Although he assures her that he wants to be with Eve, Livvie isn't convinced that he isn't just feeling a sense of obligation. Kevin assures her that he's where he wants to be.

"You aren't even trying to understand what I'm saying here. You're a terrible lawyer, and you are not my friend anymore," Lucy says. Scott tells her that he will help her, like always. Lucy changes her tune and tells him that he's a wonderful lawyer and a terrific, brilliant person. Scott knows how her mind works, and he understands that she really thought she was doing the right thing. The problem with that is that she broke the law. Lucy tells him that she can't go to prison. She doesn't look good in prison blue; she never looks good in blue. Scott really thinks that she should confess before they track her down. Lucy tells him that Bora Bora is very nice at this time of year, and there's no extradition. Scott points out she would be without Serena and Kevin. Lucy concedes that he's right. She can't let Kevin find out the truth from a government agency. She has to tell him herself. She just has to find the perfect time to do it. Scott urges her to do it now, while he checks on Eve. He keeps her money; he has a feeling he's going to earn it. Lucy finds Kevin as he wraps up a phone call with Gail, whom he asks to look in on Eve. She struggles with how to tell him what she did.

Livvie comes home and finds the place filled with fresh flowers. When Jack makes his presence known, she hugs him and says that this is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for her. She's afraid that they cost him a fortune, but Jack tells her not to worry about that. Livvie is very glad to see him. She admits to thinking that she'd lost him. Jack promises not to go anywhere.

Chris phones Detective Garcia and reports that someone stole ten thousand dollars from him.

While visiting Eve, Scott marvels at the way she came back to life. "It's very dramatic," he assures her. Eve reminds him that she couldn't die. "Besides, if I did, who would you have to eat candy corns and pizza with, huh?" she reasons. Although Scott could use a slice of pizza right now, Eve needs to sleep. She nods off while he's there.

Joe asks Ian what happened with Eve. Ian informs him sadly that Eve doesn't remember anything about how close they had become. Joe reminds him that post-concussive amnesia is almost expected, but it will pass. Ian tells him to save it; he knows full well that she may never regain her memory. Joe thinks there could be a positive side to this, considering how traumatic the experience was. It also might be too hard for her to deal with her feelings now that she's home with Kevin. It's possible that she doesn't want to remember. Ian doesn't accept that. Joe urges him to think this through before rushing into Eve's room and stirring things up. Ian maintains that he's the best person to jog her memory. Joe reminds him of the danger of pushing her too soon, but Ian arrogantly believes that he can take care of her better than anyone. She's in this predicament because of him, and he will do everything in his power to help her find her way back. He asks Joe to leave it alone. Joe relents and lets him pass. Ian goes to Eve's side and takes her hand in his. While he's there, Eve dreams about their time together, including their first passionate kiss while being held at the compound. She opens her eyes, sees him, and asks whether she's dreaming. Ian smiles and assures her that he's really there.

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