PC Update Friday 1/5/01

Port Charles Update Friday 1/5/01

By Beth
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Detective Garcia has the woman who hit Eve in an interrogation room. The woman's arraignment is today, and she still has time to call her own attorney instead of using the court-appointed one. The woman maintains that she doesn't need an attorney. She has no idea who Jordan Harris is, and she swears that hitting Eve was an accident. Garcia wants to know why she left the scene. It's obvious that she's hiding something, and she needs help. He understands that her court-appointed attorney is on the way. As soon as he says this, Scott enters the room and greets Garcia. Looking at the woman, he states that she must be his new client. Garcia doesn't like this. He sees it as a conflict of interest. Scott doesn't know what he's talking about, but he hasn't read the report yet. He explains that he got the call during lunch and came right over. He introduces himself, but the woman refuses to give her name. She doesn't want his help. Scott asks for a few minutes alone with his client, but Garcia insists that he read the report first. Scott takes a look. He reads about the charges but doesn't know what the big deal is. Garcia tells him to keep reading. Seeing what he's talking about, Scott is confused. "Eve Lambert?" he asks, incredulous. He reminds Garcia that Eve is dead, but Garcia has some news for him. He had thought that Scott already knew about Eve. He fills him in on the facts as he knows them. When he mentions the possibility that the woman was working for Harris, Scott demands to know whether it's true. She swears that she's never even heard of the man. At Scott's request, Garcia steps out to give him a few minutes alone with his client.

Ian stays by Eve's side. When she begins to stir, he talks to her, with promises of love and a life together. He takes her hand in his. Joe comes in with a change of clothes for Ian, and he doesn't like what he sees. He warns his friend to be careful; the next time, someone else could walk in--possibly Kevin, and he's already a mess. Ian is aware of how upset Kevin is, and he admits that he has every right to be. It's his fault that Eve was in danger, but he tried to get her home. Joe reminds him that she's back with her husband now, but Ian informs him that things change. Joe realizes that Eve fell in love with Ian.

Kevin really doesn't want to hurt Lucy, but now that Eve is back, what they had is over. Lucy doesn't agree with that at all. It can't be over! Kevin reminds her that things have changed. Lucy won't listen. They are soul mates. She loves him, and she knows that he loves her. Otherwise, he couldn't have made love to her. She knows how he feels about her, and she knows that he's felt that way for a long time. Kevin tells her that he can't walk away from Eve. "Then tell me you can walk away from me," she challenges. Kevin tells her that this isn't the time or place for that. Lucy argues that he's wrong. She wants him to look into her eyes and tell her that he can walk away and never look back. Kevin doesn't say anything. She knew it! Lucy knew that he couldn't just walk away and turn off his feelings for her. Kevin tells her that he can't turn his back on Eve. Lucy understands, and she can wait as long as necessary now that she knows she has something to wait for. Kevin doesn't want her to get the wrong idea. He does have feelings for her, but he also has feelings for Eve. He can't guarantee how this will play out. Someone will get hurt. Lucy has faith. She trusts in what they mean to each other. Victor comes in, having been all over the place in search of Kevin. He reports that they should know very soon who changed the DNA results.

Scott asks his client where she was going, and she claims to have just been passing through. Scott doesn't buy it; that road isn't exactly a highway. She claims that she was lost. When he asks where she was headed, she replies that she was going to New York City. Scott points out that she was going north, whereas the city is south. He asks where she's from, and she claims to be from Albany. Scott doesn't believe that either. He asks her real name, but she won't tell him. Scott begins yelling at her and badgering her. Garcia hears this and interrupts. He wants Scott to get out of there now. Scott argues, but Garcia doesn't want the case to be thrown out of court because of this. Scott knows that she's hiding something, and Garcia agrees, but he wants the attorney to leave the investigation to the police. He tells Scott to go see Eve. He will inform the judge that there was a conflict of interest, and another attorney will be assigned to her. Scott states that if he finds out that she had anything to do with trying to kill Eve, he will make sure that she spends the rest of her life in Sing Sing.

Dr. Kahn comes in to check on Eve, forcing Ian and Joe to step outside. Joe tries to make sense of this. He remembers when Eve married Kevin, and they were crazy about each other. They were having problems, but they were trying to work them out. Joe asks whether Ian is sure about this. He is. He defends his feelings and the way things turned out. He states that it happened despite his attempts to stay away from her. He's never felt anything like this in his life, and he won't let it go. Joe asks whether Eve plans to tell Kevin when she wakes up. He worries about how this will affect Kevin. Garcia tracks down Ian and asks to speak with him privately. Joe goes to check on Eve while they talk. Garcia states that the hit-and-run was ruled an accident. Also, there doesn't seem to be any connection to Harris. Ian isn't surprised. He remembers how the woman looked, and she was pretty shaken up. He wonders why she ran. Garcia doesn't know, but they're still holding her at the station. He needs Ian to come sign a statement. Ian promises to do it later. Garcia wants him to do it now, but Ian won't leave until he knows that Eve is all right.

Victor says that the DNA results had to have been switched from inside the hospital. Lucy tries to get them to drop it, but Kevin wants to hear what Victor knows. Victor says that the police found the compound, as well as blood and signs of a struggle, but so far they haven't found a body. It seems highly unlikely that Harris is alive, but that doesn't mean that Eve and Ian are out of danger. Harris has a substantial organization, and it's been suggested that the person who altered the DNA results was on his payroll. The lab tech who ran the tests still had the original results, but they were altered almost immediately after he entered them. It had to have been done on a hospital computer. Hospital personnel are being interviewed to find out whether anyone noticed anything suspicious that day. Luckily, they have a pretty good idea of when it was done, which should make it very easy to check the security tapes. They're going to find out who did this, and when they do, that person will be looking at up to four years in prison. Kevin also wants the person to know exactly what it feels like to be made to believe that his wife is dead. Hearing a page for him to report to the ICU, Kevin heads over there. Victor goes with him.

Lucy runs into Scott, who asks whether she knows about Ian and Eve. He doesn't know why she didn't tell him, but she explains that she didn't get a chance. Scott tells her about being appointed to represent the woman who hit her, clarifying that he isn't taking the case. He would like to see Eve. He still hasn't told Serena the good news. He thinks it's weird, considering the DNA test results. Lucy thinks it's funny and ironic that he should mention that. She could really use his help.

Ian wants to go back in and see Eve, but Joe urges him to wait. He wants his friend to think hard about this. "Eve and I love each other, and Kevin should know that," Ian states. "Is that why you paged me?" Kevin asks, having just come around the corner. He didn't actually hear the first part of what was said. He asks whether there's something wrong with Eve, and Joe assures him that there isn't. He tells Kevin that Eve is awake and lucid. Everything looks good, and there's no permanent damage. Joe states that Eve has asked to see both Kevin and Ian. They go in to see her. Eve says something to Ian, and he leaves. He watches as Kevin stays with the woman they both love. "She doesn't remember," Ian tells himself sadly.

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