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Port Charles Update Thursday 1/4/01

By Beth
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Jamal wakes up when Alison grabs the covers for herself. He asks her what's wrong, and she tells him that it's freezing in the apartment. She's sorry about hogging the covers, but she's cold. Jamal pulls her to him to try to warm her up, but it doesn't work. The way he sees it, there's only one thing left to do. "Fire up the space heater?" she asks hopefully. Jamal has something else in mind, but Alison has some news for him. If he thinks for one second that she's going to take off her flannel jammies and two pairs of long johns, he's crazy. Giving in, Jamal gets up and gets the space heater from the kitchen. He plugs it in and goes back to bed. Claiming she's starting to thaw, Alison changes her mind about the possibility of romance. Suddenly, the space heater shorts out, sending sparks flying. Then all the power goes out. Looking at the bright side, Alison thinks they may be able to use this to their advantage.

Eve tries to talk. She asks where she is, and Kevin tells her that she's in the hospital because of an accident. He asks whether she's in pain. Eve states that her head hurts. Ian checks her vital signs and reports that they're okay. Wanting to reach Karen, he hits the call button. From the doorway, Lucy tearfully watches and listens to Kevin with his wife. She walks away just before Karen returns. Karen is pleased to see that Eve is awake. Kevin states that he and Ian will wait outside while she checks her patient. Outside, Kevin assures Ian that he appreciates the concern, but he shouldn't hang around any longer. In his opinion, seeing Ian is the last thing Eve needs right now. Karen joins them, and Kevin heads back inside, stopping Ian from following him.

Alison sits in the candlelit living room while Jamal checks on the situation. He comes back inside and reports that Frank will have to call an electrician in the morning, because everything for the whole apartment is blown. Alison refuses to go all night without electricity. She needs her hair dryer, sonic toothbrush, and cappuccino maker. Jamal can't believe it, but Alison informs him that she's just not a camper. There's only one answer. They need to get a hotel. Alison promises to make it really romantic. Jamal wants to know what they can do in a hotel that they can't do right there. Alison says that she wouldn't be too cold to take off her twelve layers of clothes. Besides, she finds a change of scenery very inspiring. Jamal thinks about it but rejects the idea, saying that they can't afford it. Alison assures him that they can. She has enough money for a cheap place. She continues to try to persuade him, and he gives in.

On the phone, Victor talks about digging as deep as possible while the woman who hit Eve is still in custody. He promises to be in touch. Lucy joins him, and he tells her that they're looking into the possibility that the woman is connected to Harris. Lucy gives him the news that Eve is awake, but Victor knows that the recent turn of events put her in a very awkward position. Lucy likens her life to a movie in which two soul mates find each other just before the man's wife comes back from the dead. She tries to keep reminding herself that Kevin is just playing the part of the loyal husband. Victor tells her that he isn't pretending; he loves Eve, and he's a very loyal man. Lucy isn't sure that Eve is the loyal type. Victor knows what she's getting at, and it would give everyone a happy ending, but things don't work that way in real life.

Jamal laughs when Alison comes outside with a big suitcase. He reminds her that they're just staying in a motel for one night. He still isn't convinced that they can afford this, but she assures him that they have more than enough. Jamal asks for the money, and Alison pulls out a wad of bills. A man comes along and assumes that Jamal is Alison's pimp. Alison is appalled. Jamal loses his temper with the man, who can't believe Alison could possibly be Jamal's girlfriend. Jamal shoves him against the wall and orders him to apologize. The man apologizes and leaves, stating that he won't forget. Alison doesn't understand what just happened, but Jamal certainly does. "Welcome to the real world," he mutters. Back inside, Alison wishes Jamal hadn't let that guy ruin their plans. She still doesn't understand why he thought she was a hooker. Jamal knows. It was because she was with him, and people don't think that kind of thing can happen. She'd better get used to it, because that's the way it is. Alison thinks it's lame, and she will never get used to it. They hear a noise out in the alley. Running outside, they find the man beating Jamal's motorcycle with a crowbar. Caught, the man insults Jamal and leaves. Jamal wants to go after him, but Alison stops him. He storms back inside.

Victor joins Kevin in Eve's room. They both whisper, since Eve's painkillers knocked her out. Kevin confides that he's really worried about Eve's mental state. He fully blames himself for what happened. He shouldn't have let her leave the Recovery Room the night of the explosion, and he should have stopped her from getting into Ian's car. He also should have known that she wasn't really dead. At the very least, he should have answered the door instead of leaving her out on the front porch. It's all his fault! Victor puts his arms around his son, trying to comfort him.

Ian runs into Lucy at the coffee shop. "Sweet Lucy, hi," he says, hugging her. They mention the kidnapping and how Ian managed to get Eve back to her husband. Lucy tries to ask whether anything happened between them. Ian tells her to leave it alone. Until Eve feels better, they need to put this little discussion on hold. He gets his coffee and leaves. "I so hope you did what I did on your Christmas vacation," Lucy says quietly.

Ian gets Karen's permission to go to Eve, who is still sleeping. He urges her to get back to her feisty, stubborn self as soon as possible. He promises to always be there for her.

Kevin finds Lucy and apologizes for not being there for her. Lucy tells him that she understands. She wants to give him some space until he gets everything straightened out and tell Eve about them. Kevin gently informs her that he can't do that. Even though last night was incredible, Eve is his wife. As wonderful as last night was, it can never be.

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