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Port Charles Update Wednesday 1/3/01

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Frank stops by to see Karen before the end of his shift. He offers to give her another one of his great massages, but Karen declines, saying that the last one was a little too relaxing. When he asks about Eve, Karen reports that they still don't know anything. Frank thinks it's crazy that they didn't even have a chance to get used to her being alive, and now she could die. Karen would like to find the hit-and-run driver and ask what the big hurry was.

The woman who hit Eve gets off the hospital elevator and asks an orderly about Eve, but he tells her to check with the front desk.

Ian anxiously awaits news about Eve. In his opinion, everything is taking far too long. Karen assures him that it only seems that way and that Eve is getting the best possible help. If she lives, it's because of him. Ian argues that it will be his fault if she dies. If not for him, she wouldn't have been kidnapped, and she wouldn't be fighting for her life right now.

While Kevin speaks to his unconscious wife, he is unaware that Lucy is watching. Kevin urges Eve to get better, and he vows to make this up to her. Hearing a noise outside the room, he turns to look. It was Lucy, turning to leave. Kevin goes out to talk to her. He apologizes for leaving her at the lighthouse but explains that Eve was hit by a car right outside. In fact, it was Eve knocking at the door while they were making love. If he had just gotten up and gone to the door, this wouldn't have happened. Lucy tells him that it's not his fault; he had no way of knowing that she was alive. Kevin admits that she's right about that. He talks about how wrong the DNA test results were, unknowingly making Lucy very antsy. She asks about Ian, and when Kevin says that she's fine, Lucy tries to leave. Kevin really wants her to stay. He gets a nurse to stay with Eve so that he can talk to Lucy without leaving Eve all alone. Seeing Kevin leave, Ian takes the opportunity to position himself by Eve's side.

Kevin explains what really happened to Eve and Ian. Lucy gets tongue-tied while trying to clarify exactly where they were and what they were doing. Kevin states that they were being held prisoner by a man named Jordan Harris. Lucy says that the thought never occurred to her, but Kevin doesn't know why it should have. For all they knew, Eve and Ian were dead. Kevin just wishes he had known they were wrong, because maybe he could have found Eve sooner and she wouldn't be in the hospital now.

Karen tells Frank that she's about to meet with Dr. Kahn about Eve's test results. Frank offers to go with her, but she doesn't need the company. He tells her to page him if she changes her mind. The hit-and-run driver approaches the desk to ask about Eve, but when Detective Garcia and some officers show up, she hides. Garcia is looking for Frank with regard to the hit-and-run.

As Ian talks to Eve, he becomes aware that Kevin is watching him. Kevin confronts him and orders him to leave, mentioning the possibility of getting a restraining order. Ian refuses to take that from him. He demands to know why Kevin didn't answer the door when she got to the lighthouse. Kevin orders him to get out, but he refuses.

While the woman lurks out of sight, Frank tells the detective that he briefly saw her, but he can't provide much of a description. He does his best, and Garcia takes it all down. The detective states that it was a rental car, and the woman used a foreign license and probably a phony name. The FBI is running her prints in case she was working for Harris. When Frank asks whether he's thought about putting security on Eve, Garcia says that he wants to talk to Kevin about it.

Victor and Mary find Lucy at the hospital. They can't believe the good news about Eve and Ian being alive. Lucy explains that they weren't in the car when the bomb went off. Victor asks whether it was Harris, and Lucy confirms that it was. Victor kicks himself for not figuring it out sooner, but the DNA fooled everybody. When Lucy refers to the DNA test as silly and unreliable, he tells her that DNA typing isn't unreliable at all. Mary points out that Harris probably altered the test results. Victor agrees that it's possible, but he still wants to look into it. He asks about Kevin, and Mary talks about how she worried about her son-in-law in the wake of Eve's "death." She hopes that Eve gets through this and has a long life with Kevin. Victor can see that this is making Lucy very uncomfortable. He asks his wife to find out whether Eve can have visitors. She goes to do that, and Victor assures Lucy that he kept her confidence; no one knows how she feels about Kevin. He knows how Lucy must feel now.

Although Ian insists on hanging around, Karen addresses Kevin, Eve's husband, about her condition. She states that there is a hairline fracture but no bleeding. She won't need surgery, and although her condition is serious, it isn't life-threatening. Now they have to wait for her to wake up and then check her responses. It's the only way to rule out additional damage. In Karen's opinion, they are very lucky, because they have every reason to believe that Eve will be back to normal and ready to pick up her life exactly where she left off. Ian obviously likes hearing that.

The woman watches as Eve is moved out of the ER. Frank approaches her from behind and asks whether she's looking for someone. She tries to get away, but he grabs her. Garcia appears and arrests her for felony hit-and-run and attempted murder.

Karen goes to find Dr. Kahn so that he can check Eve over and answer Kevin's questions. Kevin tells Ian that he can leave now, reminding him that hospital policy clearly allows only family members in the ICU. Ian has no intention of leaving until he knows that Eve is out of trouble. In his opinion, Kevin should just drop it.

Victor stops Mary as she rushes toward the ICU. He thinks that Lucy should go on ahead of them. Mary doesn't understand, but when Victor makes an excuse, she goes to get some coffee. Lucy looks through the window and sees Kevin with his wife.

Eve begins to stir. As Kevin talks to her, she opens her eyes and stares at him. Ian begins talking to her. She turns her head and looks at him.

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