PC Update Tuesday 1/2/01

Port Charles Update Tuesday 1/2/01

By Beth
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As Ian waits by the taxi, Eve goes to the lighthouse and looks around for a key. Not finding one, she knocks on the door.

Inside, Kevin and Lucy lie in each other's arms after making love. Since Kevin isn't expecting company, he decides not to answer the door. As far as he's concerned, nothing is more important than being with Lucy.

Eve realizes that Kevin could be on duty. As she heads back across the street to Ian, a car speeds around the corner and runs her down.

Inside, Kevin and Lucy hear the sound of brakes screeching. Kevin wants to go outside and make sure everything's okay. Lucy decides to hop in the shower, hoping he'll join her when he gets back.

Ian checks the unconscious Eve for injuries and signs of life. He asks the cab driver to get a blanket.

Chris apologizes for being over-protective but claims it's only because he cares. Livvie understands but doesn't want to have to defend her actions to him. Saying that she's very tired, she sees Chris to the door and then anxiously runs over to check the answering machine. There are no new messages. Outside Livvie's room, Chris pays the desk clerk to prevent Jack's calls from getting through to her.

Jamal makes a sundae and asks Jack whether he's heard from Livvie yet. He hasn't, and Jamal gives him the okay to use the Recovery Room phone to try calling her again. Jack calls the Port Charles Hotel and asks for Livvie Locke. Hearing Jack's name, the desk clerk claims that she still isn't answering. Jack doesn't want to leave another message. Jamal tells him that she's probably a little wigged about his record, but Jack doesn't think so. Livvie's been through her own stuff, and she doesn't judge people. Jack can't stop thinking about her, which wasn't his plan from the beginning. Jamal asks what his original plan was. Jack won't say, but the ending has changed. Now that he's found Livvie, he's not letting her go.

As Ian takes care of Eve, the driver runs back to see whether she's all right. The woman didn't mean to hit her. Ian yells at her to call an ambulance.

Frank stops by to see Karen, who is preoccupied with the sight of Joe and Gabriela together. Frank thinks she looks a little tense, but she claims to have a cramp in her shoulder. Frank informs her that she's in luck; he happens to be very practiced in the art of healing massage. He begins to rub her shoulders, a gesture that Karen definitely appreciates. A call comes in, and Frank has to go.

In the shower, Lucy rehashes her incredible evening with Kevin. She just can't believe this is happening!

Realizing that there was an accident, Kevin tells himself that it was bound to happen sometime. He runs into the driver, who swears that she couldn't stop her car. She didn't mean to hit that woman! Kevin rushes to the accident site. He sees a man and introduces himself as a doctor. When the man turns around, Kevin is stunned to see Ian's face. He is shocked by the realization that the woman lying on the ground is Eve. He springs into action, helping Ian with the emergency. Frank and Emilio arrive on the scene. Frank is surprised to see Ian and Eve. Assessing the situation, the paramedics prepare to load Eve into the ambulance. Frank asks about the accident, and Kevin points to the woman who was driving.

When Lucy comes downstairs, Kevin is gone. Seeing the flashing red light through the window, she realizes that something must have happened. She goes outside to see whether they need her help. Speaking to the woman who hit Eve, she learns that Kevin went in the ambulance. Her questions about the accident spook the woman, who wants to leave, but Lucy tells her to wait and give a statement to the police. Detective Garcia shows up, but when Lucy tries to direct him to the woman, she's gone.

Eve's arrival sets the ER abuzz. Ian promises to explain everything later. Ian and Kevin want to be with Eve, but Karen and Joe order them to stay out. While they see to Eve, Kevin informs Ian that he's ready for the explanation. Ian tells him about Harris, which Kevin says confirms Victor's suspicions about who set the car bomb. Ian explains that they escaped and went straight to the lighthouse. Kevin realizes with horror that it was Eve at the door earlier. Blaming Ian for getting Eve caught up in his problems again, he grabs the other man by the collar and shoves him against the wall. Joe breaks it up and tells them both to calm down. He reports that they should know something soon. That's not good enough for Kevin. He calls radiology to tell them to hurry up. Joe catches up on what happened and assures Ian that Eve will be fine. Ian orders him not to whitewash this. If Eve dies, Ian is the one who killed her.

Kevin catches Karen in the hall and learns that Eve has suffered a pretty significant head trauma but no other internal injuries. Karen gives Kevin permission to see his wife. Remembering his time with Eve, Ian watches from the other side of the door while Kevin keeps watch over the woman they both love.

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