PC Update Friday 12/29/00

Port Charles Update Friday 12/29/00

By Beth
Proofread by John 

In the hall outside Room 1017 of the Port Charles Hotel, Chris pays off a hotel clerk for letting him inside Lucy's room, where Livvie is also staying. He goes inside and checks the answering machine. There's a message for Livvie from Jack, who apologizes for disappearing and explains that he went to Westford to see his probation officer and straighten out the whole mess. He really wants to see her. He asks her to call or stop by the Recovery Room as soon as she gets his message, no matter how late it is. Chris deletes the message a split second before Livvie comes in and demands to know what he's doing in her room. Chris tries not to look guilty. He claims that the maid let him in so that he could leave her a note. Livvie wants him to tell her the big emergency now. Chris asks whether she's spoken to Jack. He wonders whether his brother skipped town, since no one has seen him lately. Livvie is convinced that he wouldn't do that without telling her. Chris warns her not to expect too much from Jack, but Livvie informs him that she believes in people. She thinks Chris didn't like finding her with Jack the other night. Chris admits that it threw him but claims he won't tell her how to live her life. He will, however, question whom she chooses to live it with. He thinks that Jack will use her to get to him and end up breaking her heart. Livvie is tired of being smothered by his protectiveness. She wants Chris to understand that her eyes are wide open to what's happening between her and Jack, and she promises not to blame Chris if she gets hurt.

Jack answers the Recovery Room phone, hoping it's Livvie. Jamal catches him and wants to know what's up. Jack fills him in and asks whether he happened to take a call from her. Jamal assures him that he hasn't. He's curious about why Jack is so anxious to hear from her. Jack explains that his past caught up with him and shook things up a little. However, it's all cool now, and he can even stay in Port Charles if he gets a steady job. Jamal asks whether Chris might help him out with that, but Jack laughs; all Chris wants is to use Jack's bad luck to turn Livvie against him.

Eve urges Ian to make love to her. He stops himself, pulling away. He's never wanted anyone more in his life, but they can't do this. He loves her, and once would never be enough. "I don't just want you for one night; I want you for always," he tells her. He wants them to have a life together. They will have that; it's fate. Eve understands exactly how he feels. Before she can be with him, she has to talk to Kevin. In spite of everything, a part of her still loves him. Ian understands that. Eve marvels at the way Ian puts her first. It's pretty scary feeling so connected to someone else; she's never known what it was like to sacrifice herself so completely for someone else and not even feel like it's a sacrifice at all. She knows that he would do the same for her. Ian assures her that he would. Eve can't let him go. As they kiss, someone knocks on the door. Eve worries that they were followed, but Ian doesn't think so. He walks quietly to the door and calls out a greeting. Outside, the local sheriff asks whether they're all right. Relieved, Ian opens the door and invites him inside, where he and Eve fill him in on the situation. While the sheriff waits for them in the car, Eve and Ian close up and prepare to leave. Eve realizes that she'll be telling Kevin her plans tonight.

Kissing Lucy, Kevin tells Lucy to stop him if it doesn't feel right. Lucy assures him that she doesn't have a problem with it, but she wants it to feel right for him. Kevin doesn't blame her for having second thoughts. He doesn't quite know what it is, but they keep coming back into each other's lives, and the connection never seems to be broken. They can't go back, but they can go forward, and Lucy makes him believe it's possible to have a future. Lucy assures him that there's always been a special place in her heart just for him. They kiss and begin to make love. Afterward, Kevin tells Lucy that she is his home.

Across the street from the lighthouse, Ian tells the taxi driver to keep the meter running while he waits for Eve. He offers to go with Eve, who is scared, but she has to do this alone. Ian promises not to leave without her. Eve walks up to the lighthouse. She looks around for a key, but there isn't one. She waves to Ian, and he waves back. She knocks on the door.

Kevin isn't expecting anyone, and he doesn't want to answer the door in his state of undress. Eve knocks again. Kevin intends to ignore his visitor; nothing is more important than being with Lucy.

Eve gives up, thinking that Kevin is probably on duty. She looks at Ian, who beckons to her. As she runs across the street toward him, a car comes along and runs her down.

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