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Port Charles Update Thursday 12/28/00

By Beth
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Kevin can't believe it. There is a romantic dinner waiting for him and Lucy, and soft jazz is playing on the stereo. Lucy is just as surprised as he is, but she's a much better snoop. She finds a note and hands it to him. "Dear Dad, I hope you and Lucy enjoy this surprise. Livvie," he reads. They both think it was a very sweet thing to do. Lucy suggests going to a less romantic venue, but he's fine with this. He thinks that they should make the most of the evening just the way it is. He encourages Lucy to relax while he opens the wine. Lucy would like to know how he knew what to say to that man. Kevin admits that he rarely knows. This time, he just knew that he couldn't let Lucy get hurt, so he went on instinct. He decides to take a shower while she relaxes. While he's upstairs, Lucy accidentally sits on a VHS tape. She puts it in the VCR to find out what it is. It's Kevin and Eve's wedding video. Kevin returns to give her a corkscrew and sees what's playing. Tries to stop the VCR but can't. Kevin takes the remote and stops it himself. Lucy apologizes and explains that she sat on it and wanted to put it in the right box, but with no label, she didn't know what it was. Kevin knows that she would never do anything to deliberately hurt him, but they can't pretend that Eve never existed. Lucy understands that he still loves Eve. Kevin just wants to get on with his life, and he needs Lucy and his other friends to help him do that. He goes back up to take his shower, and Lucy plays the video again. She talks to Kevin's bride, berating her for running away with Ian. Lucy intends to do everything in her power to make Kevin forget that Eve ever existed.

Ian lands the helicopter and helps Eve with her seatbelt. He tells her that they'll have to take off walking and find out where they are. Walking through the forest, Eve is absolutely freezing. She demands to know why he made her walk down the middle of an ice cold stream. Her feet are frozen, and she can't feel a thing. Ian points out that it's a matter of survival; it's too easy to track footmarks through the snow. Eve thinks that he should make some kind of shelter for them, but he wants to keep moving by the light of the moon. Eve can't. Her feet are frozen. Ian offers to carry her, but she just can't take it anymore. Ian orders her not to give up now. They have to keep moving. She starts walking again, and they argue all the way.

Frank, Joe, Karen, and Gabriela go to Frank's place after the incident with Ted. Frank doesn't want to tell Mary about it until he absolutely has to. He asks whether anyone would like something to drink, and Karen would love some hot chocolate. The two of them head for the kitchen to make some. Gabby sits quietly on the couch while Joe tries to get her to open up. Although she claims it wasn't a big deal, he knows that it was. She finally admits that they could have all died. Joe puts his arms around her and says it's all right. Gabby hates feeling this way. Joe reminds her that they can lean on each other. Returning with the hot chocolate, Karen sees them and stops in her tracks.

Ian spots a cabin. They go to it. Ian calls out, but no one seems to be inside. He breaks the glass in the door, and they go inside. While he starts a fire, Eve looks for a clue as to where they are. She lights a lantern and finds a phone book. It's for Marlin, New York, which means that they're only about forty miles from home. Ian tries the phone, but it's dead. He tells her to take off her boots; they're going to thaw out for the night. He really doesn't expect anyone to follow them; he believes that they're safe now. Ian demands to know why she went back after he got her out of there. Eve wants to know why he didn't tell her that he was lying about the cure. Ian explains that he wanted her safe and out of the way. Eve says that she couldn't leave him, and she would do the same thing again if she had to. She can't get warm. Ian helps take off her coat to try to warm her up. He still doesn't know why she did it. "Because we've gotten so close," she states. No one is the world matters to her more than he does. Ian warns her to be watch what she says to a man who's fallen in love with her. "You don't think that I love you?" she asks. Ian kisses her passionately, hoping that this isn't a dream. Eve assures him that finally, it's not just a dream.

While Gabby and Joe cuddle, Frank notices that Karen is uncomfortable and asks her to join him outside for some fresh air. He offers to take her home, but she states that she's happy for her friends. Frank says that he would be angry if he were Karen, but she believes that there's a reason for everything and that sooner or later, everyone will find love. Frank puts his arm around her.

Ian and Eve are in a passionate embrace in front of the fire. Eve admits that she's wanted him for a very long time. Ian says that he's wanted her since the day they met. It's the reason he was leaving town; he wanted more and knew it would never happen. Eve believes that they were meant to be together. She rambles on, and Ian lovingly tells her to be quiet. They stop talking and resume kissing.

Kevin and Lucy share their romantic dinner, courtesy of Livvie. Kevin feels like celebrating. It's time for him to move on. He just wants to spend time with Lucy. Lucy asks whether he's sure he hasn't seen enough of her today. He hasn't. He kisses her.

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