PC Update Wednesday 12/27/00

Port Charles Update Wednesday 12/27/00

By Beth
Proofread by John 

Kevin tries to reason with Ted, who is holding Lucy hostage and threatening to blow everyone up with a hand grenade. Joe and Frank try to sneak up behind him, but he finds out and orders them to back off. He accuses Kevin of being in charge and giving everyone orders. "And I'm ordering you, soldier. Put that grenade down and you let her go! I'm not letting you kill anyone!" he barks out. While Kevin has his attention, Karen manages to trip the silent alarm at the nurses' station. Kevin knows that Ted wants respect, but these people don't respect him. They fear him. He believes that Ted is also afraid. Ted takes this as being called a coward, and he doesn't like it, but Kevin assures him that he was a good, brave soldier who made sacrifices in the Gulf War. Ted is convinced that he was lied to about the chemicals by people who didn't care whether he lived or died. Kevin points out that these people here aren't the ones who lied to him. He's scaring a roomful of people who never did anything to him; they all just want it to be over. Ted says that he can make it all over; he has nothing left anyway. Kevin doesn't believe that. He tells Ted that he has a life to live. Ted doesn't like his life; he was fired last week because of being sick all the time, and his wife left him last night. Kevin tells him about losing his own wife, as well as his indifference to life. He talks about how so many people would have been hurt if he had given up. He explains that Lucy, most of all, helped him. Now Kevin wants to help Ted. He asks him to let Lucy go and hand him the grenade.

Ian reminds Harris that there will be no medical treatment until Eve phones from Port Charles. He thinks about their conversation, when it was so hard to persuade her to leave without him. Harris is amused by the knowledge that Ian is in love with a woman who will never know. He wants to know which treatment to take, but Ian again states that there will be nothing until he hears from Eve. Harris taunts him about giving up everything for a woman who left him there. The phone rings, and Harris answers. He hands it to Ian. Eve tells him that she's home and hoping that he'll get out of there. She's drinking a kamikaze in his honor. Hearing the codeword, Ian becomes convinced that she's all right. Harris grabs the phone's receiver and hangs it up. He's ready for Ian to keep his end of the bargain. Ian muses that Harris really thinks he's a miracle worker. The fact is that there's no cure. Harris accuses him of lying. "Your disease had progressed too far. There's a one-in-a-million chance that I could save you. But let me tell you a little secret--even if I could, I wouldn't. You let thirteen innocent little children die just to watch me suffer. Now it's your turn. You're going to die, murdering son of a bitch," he states. Harris states that if he dies, so will Ian. "So be it," Ian says, resolved.

The helicopter pilot tells Eve that although Port Charles isn't far, they have some weather to contend with. As he waits for clearance for takeoff, Eve thinks about how close she and Ian became while being held captive.

Just as Ted hands over the grenade and releases Lucy, Frank and Joe grab him. The police storm in. Ted accuses Kevin of lying, but Kevin swears that he didn't know the police were coming. He tells Garcia that he wants him taken to the psych ward. Garcia refuses, but Kevin reminds him that he can't legally keep him from treatment. Garcia gives in but orders a round-the-clock guard to be posted outside his room. He takes the grenade from Kevin and turns it over to one of the officers on the scene. Garcia needs to ask everyone some questions. He takes the tearful Colleen for questioning first. Joe comforts Gabby, who is pretty shaken up. Frank can't figure out how the police knew, but Karen admits to having tripped the silent alarm when no one was looking. Frank thinks she's the big hero here, but Karen thinks that Kevin deserves that honor. Frank is still impressed with the way she handled the situation. Lucy considers making a New Year's resolution to improve her timing, because it was very bad this time.

Ian tears the phone from the wall and clocks Harris with it. To his chagrin, Eve returns. She asks whether he gave Harris the treatments, and she can't believe it when he tells her that he lied about having a cure. He tries to get both of them out of there, but Harris comes to and tells them that his men will kill them if they run. "There's no way out for any of us," he announces. Eve disagrees. She reminds him of their original deal, but when Ian protests, Harris slugs him. Harris then takes two swords and tosses one to Ian, who doesn't know how to fence. He tries to fend off his opponent, who knocks him down more than once. Finally, Ian gains the upper hand and drives the sword into his enemy's body. Harris looks at him in disbelief right before taking his final breath. That problem solved, Ian and Eve go on the run. Ian has to punch out one of the thugs as they make their way to the helicopter. Finding his boss dead, the man gets word out and orders that Ian and Eve be stopped.

Outside the lighthouse, Lucy looks at the night sky in wonderment. She's never seen the stars look more beautiful. She is very grateful for Kevin. He wants to go inside, but he warns her that he doesn't think he has any food. Inside, they are surprised to find a romantic meal waiting for them, with soft jazz playing on the stereo.

When Ian asks how Eve got rid of the pilot, she admits to clocking him in the head with a wrench so that she could go back for Ian. She just hopes that Ian knows how to fly the chopper, because she certainly doesn't. He assures her that he got around the African bush in one. As he gets it in the air, the guards begin firing on the chopper. Ian realizes that they hit the fuel line. He has to land somewhere.


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