PC Update Tuesday 12/26/00

Port Charles Update Tuesday 12/26/00

By Beth
Proofread by John 

Lucy sits in the Recovery Room with her Tarot cards. She needs another major clue about how to proceed. So far, things are working pretty well, since Kevin will be staying in town. Now she's ready for the next step. She turns over the first card. It's the Deception card. Lucy admits that she did pull a little deception, but it was necessary. She had to change the DNA results to protect Kevin from the truth about his "trampy, disgusting, so-called wife." Turning over the next card, she finds "Destiny." She's happy about that one.

Livvie delivers another Christmas present to Kevin to replace the broken one. It's a mug, with the words "World's Greatest Dad." Kevin hugs her and says that he really needed this. Victor lets himself in, apologizing for interrupting when he sees Livvie. Livvie tells him that she's going to put on a pot of coffee. Kevin gives her his new mug for his coffee. Kevin can see that something is wrong, and Victor tells him that he knows who killed Eve. He believes that a man named Jordan Harris is responsible for the bombing. He's actually one of the suspects that he and Mac traced to Ian earlier. Kevin urges him to find Harris and assures him that telling him was the right thing to do. As they talk about Lucy, Livvie returns with a tray of coffee, but Victor can't stay. He promises to talk to Kevin later. Livvie tells Kevin that they didn't have to stop talking about Lucy. She knows that there's a special connection between them; it practically lights up a room. In her opinion, there's a bond that can't be denied. Kevin tells her that although she just made coffee, he remembered something he has to do. He asks her to go with him, and she likes that idea.

Eve dreams about the dance she shared with Ian the previous night. "Eve? Eve, you sleeping?" Ian suddenly wakes her up, although he claims he didn't mean to wake her. Eve joins him in the lab and asks why it's so clean. Ian informs her that he memorized the formula and destroyed the paperwork. Eve demands to know why he did that before showing her the notes. Harris enters and announces that they have a busy day ahead. Ian steps outside with him and states that it isn't time yet. Eavesdropping from the other side of the door, Eve hears them talk about getting her out of there without Ian. She confronts them about it. Ian informs her that she's going home today, only he won't be going with her. Eve refuses to leave without him; they're a package deal. That's fine with Harris, but certainly not with Ian. There's only one deal on the table, and he won't treat Harris until Eve is safe in Port Charles. He asks Harris to give them a moment to talk. Eve calls him an arrogant, self-centered jerk and asks what gives him the right to barter with his life. Ian likens it to the way she bartered with her body. He promises to find a way to escape when she's safe. Besides, she can call the police after she gets away. Eve doesn't like it, but Ian asks her to do it for him. He's not giving up; he has never given up on anything in his life. The fact is that he can't do anything while Harris has Eve in his grasp. Since he doesn't trust the man to return her home safely, he wants to come up with a code word so that he knows she's okay--something that only he would understand. Eve suggests just telling him that he's stupid, but Ian points out that it won't work, because everyone does that. He decides that the word will be "kamikaze," which is what she was drinking the night she fell off the bar. Eve hates this, but Ian promises to work it all out. As Eve prepares to leave captivity, Ian tries to hurry her along. She doesn't think she can walk out that door knowing that she may never see him again. Ian tells her not to give Harris the satisfaction of watching her crumble. "You walk out of here with that same arrogant Lambert attitude that drove me nuts in Port Charles, all right?" he urges. Harris returns and asks her decision. Eve informs him that she has to go. Ian takes her hand. Eve finally leaves.

Frank and Emilio bring a very agitated patient into the emergency room. His name is Ted Harmon, and he's having a near-syncopal episode. Frank briefs Joe on the man's history. He's a Desert Storm vet who suffers from Gulf War Syndrome, and he's been in before. The guy's not crazy about hospitals. When they try to take him back for an examination, his behavior becomes even worse. He demands to see Kevin.

Alison brings Lucy her chamomile tea. She regrets not making it to the lighthouse for Kevin's party, especially after the way he helped her with the Cedric stuff.  Lucy assures him that he understood. Seeing Kevin and Livvie through the window, she rushes out to them. She questions why Kevin is there, of all places. Kevin states that he's staring down his darkest night; he's facing the place that almost destroyed him, with the two people who helped him the most. It's hard for him to make sense of this; Eve is dead, and life goes on. This is the first night he's been back since the explosion. Inside, people are laughing and carrying on as if nothing happened, but the world just isn't the same. Lucy tells him that it can't be the same. He loved Eve, connected with her, and made her happy, even if it was just for a very short time. Livvie adds that he and Lucy both changed her life. She still can't believe that Lucy took her in without knowing anything about her. Lucy says that she knew she needed help, and that was enough for her. Livvie tells her that she's an incredible woman, and her dad is lucky to have her in his life. After hugging each of them, she leaves. They are amazed by how terrific she is. Kevin agrees and adds that he's lucky to have Lucy in his life. He doesn't know what he would do without her. Lucy thinks that they're both very lucky to have each other. She invites him to dinner, and she tells him to have himself officially reinstated at the hospital. He kisses her cheek and thanks her for being who she is. He heads over to the hospital when his pager beeps.

Alison complains to Jamal about the way Livvie is already playing matchmaker to Kevin. After all, Eve is barely in her grave. Jamal defends Livvie, but Alison refuses to pretend that Eve didn't exist. She doesn't like Jamal's attitude. It makes her wonder what he would do if something were to happen to her. Jamal swears that she's the only one for him.

Gabby looks at the patient's chart and sees that he stopped seeing Kevin six months ago. Ted refuses to allow anyone to touch him. When Gabby pulls back his shirt to start an I.V., she finds a grenade. She gasps and jumps back. Joe assures him that no one wants to hurt him, but Ted doesn't buy it. If anyone touches him again, he will blow everyone sky high. Ted forces everyone to back up while he threatens to set off the grenade. While everyone tries to get  him to calm down, Colleen comes in and sees what's happening. "Oh, my God!" she exclaims, dropping her tray. "That's it! It's all over!" Ted announces in fear and anger. "Soldier! You're out of line! Now stand down! That's an order!" Kevin barks out orders to his patient. He tries to reason with the paranoid man, but Lucy arrives at exactly the wrong moment. She comes up behind Ted just as Kevin promises to watch his back. Ted grabs her and accuses Kevin of sending her. Brandishing the grenade, he threatens to take everyone down with him.

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