PC Update Friday 12/22/00

Port Charles Update Friday 12/22/00

By Beth
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Alison protests as her new boss drags her toward Santa's Village. Dressed in an elf costume, Alison pleads with him to put her in the makeup department, the way she was promised. He informs her that they don't have any elves in that department. Pointing to where the children are, he tells her to go there and play. She's supposed to talk to the other elf and find out what to do. Alison is less than thrilled. She approaches the other elf, whose back is to her. He turns around; it's Jamal. Alison is practically speechless. Jamal isn't happy to see her there. Alison can't believe it. This is his job??? Jamal doesn't want to hear any jokes. Alison tells him that she's been thinking all week that he was getting into some kind of trouble. "And please, you cannot even imagine the stuff that's been going through my head," she says. Jamal tells her that nobody could imagine the stuff going through her head. Alison can't stand it anymore. She has to mention the tights he's wearing. That does it; he quits. He turns to leave, but Alison stops him. She thinks he looks adorable. Jamal isn't amused. Alison tells him that if they're both working, they can be together on Christmas Eve, which is very romantic. Jamal doesn't think it's the least bit romantic. Alison reminds him that they're getting twelve dollars an hour for this. She shakes her head to jingle the bells in her hat. Jamal agrees to stay.

Kevin asks Lucy what's going on, but she is just as surprised as he is. Mac is the next to arrive. He mentions a party, and Kevin demands to know what everyone is doing there. Victor states the obvious; everyone is there for Kevin. Lucy points out that everyone claimed to have plans. "Well, we changed them," Alan says. Lee adds that whatever plans everyone had weren't as important as being at the lighthouse tonight. Kevin can't believe this. Gail tells him that what Lucy said about him leaving town really sank in. Neil pipes up that they had to try to talk him out of it. Mary says that it wouldn't be right around here without Kevin, and Lee agrees. Serena tells him that he can't leave. Lucy adds that it would devastate a whole town. Kevin assures them that this means a lot, but his mind is made up. Lucy thinks that's too bad, because their minds are also made up. Joe says that they'll just have to hold him there. Kevin says that he loves everyone for this, but he can't stay, and they're not changing his mind. Mac points out that since they all sacrificed Christmas Eve to be there with him, the least he can do is listen. Lucy agrees, and she wants to go first. She's finally going to tell Kevin exactly how she feels about him. "Now, just park it and suffer. You know as well as I do you do not fight with Lucy when she has the Christmas spirit, because you're not going to win," Alan says, bringing Kevin a chair. Kevin reluctantly sits down. Lucy thanks Alan for his support and approaches her Doc. She's very nervous about the fact that he will really leave if they can't change his mind. Reminding him about the time he told her that she has nine lives, she says that it's because of him. She says that he has always been there for her, and she's not the only person in the room who feels that way. She sits down with Serena. Frank says that Lucy is right. If it weren't for Kevin, he and Neil wouldn't be as close as they are. Neil agrees with that. He knows how Kevin feels, but Kevin is the one who made him see that he could get through it all. That makes him pretty cool, as far as Neil is concerned. Mac speaks up to say that everyone there thinks Kevin is pretty cool. He wants to know what Kevin is going to do about this. Mary asks whether he's going to just walk away after making them all sing his praises. Kevin appreciates this, and it feels good to know that he might have made a difference in someone's life. "Kevin, you made a difference in the life of every person in this room," Lee says. "Now, wait a second. Maybe I should be the judge of that," Scott announces, just arriving. Lucy shoots him a warning, but Scott insists on giving his opinion--if Kevin thinks he can handle it--because friends shouldn't be the only ones allowed to weigh in.

Ian suddenly pulls away from his passionate kiss with Eve. In his opinion, this isn't real. It's from being cooped up in there together. He knows that she's going home to her husband. Eve asks whether he really believes they're going home, and he says that he does. He believes that she'll be glad to have nothing to apologize for. "Merry Christmas from the boss," one of the thugs says, delivering a romantic dinner on a cart. Ian pours the champagne and asks Eve what she thinks. Eve thinks that it doesn't really look much like Christmas in their quarters. Ian doesn't agree; they have candles, champagne, and steak.

Lucy is clearly apprehensive about what Scott could say. Scott tells Kevin that they haven't always seen eye to eye, but that could be because they're much more alike than they realize. Livvie slips in unnoticed as Scott talks. He doesn't like to tell people what to do with their lives, but if Kevin doesn't know how important he is and how much he matters, then he's working at not knowing that. Even through all the times that Kevin has helped him personally, he never really thanked him. In fact, he pretty much just yelled at him. Now, he doesn't want Kevin to go away believing that he doesn't matter. Alan talks about how Kevin helped Robin and Stone. Gail adds that he helps people every day in his practice. Serena tells him that he can't go, because they all need him. Mac and Gail agree with that. Overcome with emotion, Kevin excuses himself and steps outside.

Ian and Eve have what Ian calls their "festive holiday dinner," and Eve says that they could use a little atmosphere. Ian thinks she's right. There's no tinsel, "inkety-blinky" lights, popcorn strings, mistletoe, or stockings on the fireplace. Eve would like to know what fireplace he's talking about. Handing her a pair of his socks, he assures her that there will be a fireplace. He tells her to put their names on the stockings and hang them from the mantle. "And don't tell me there isn't one. Draw one if you have to," he orders. Eve asks why she doesn't just draw the stockings as well. "Because you can't put sugar plums in two-dimensional stockings. Use your head, woman," he says. While she does that, he will be trimming the tree. He goes over to the lab and asks her to start singing some carols. Knowing how she sounds, Eve thinks that's a bad idea. She hangs one stocking on each side of the mirror. Ian returns with his makeshift "tree" and proclaims her stocking hanging to be perfect. Eve says that she's just getting started, and by the time she finishes decorating, the only thing missing will be presents. Ian promises to provide presents.

Jamal delivers some bad news to Alison. They are officially locked in. They're both upset, because they had all these plans for each other. Jamal is mad about not getting her any presents, but Alison tells her that the best one is right in front of her. Pretending to be under the mistletoe, Jamal kisses her sweetly. He decides that this could be the best Christmas he's ever had.

Lucy joins Kevin outside, knowing that he's feeling very emotional right now. She fully intends to fight him if he still wants to leave town. She'll do whatever it takes. The others step outside, unwilling to give up on him. Kevin thanks everyone, but before he can disappoint them, Livvie steps forward. Kevin is surprised to see her. All her life, she wanted to know her father, and now that he's here, she hopes they can be close someday. She asks him to stay. Hearing his daughter beg him not to leave, Kevin makes a decision. He's staying. Everyone cheers. Kevin says that this is the best Christmas present he's ever had. Serena calls everyone's attention to the snow that just started falling. Livvie, Lucy, and Kevin share a big hug.

Ian gives Eve the bracelet he made in remembrance of the children he couldn't save. She doesn't want to take it, but he insists. Eve regrets not having anything for him. He asks for a dance. Although Eve claims there's no music, he tells her that she's not listening hard enough. He begins to hum "I'll Be Home for Christmas" as they dance. Eve silently wills Ian to realize that she's fallen in love with him. Ian's thoughts turn to the deal he made with Harris. That's why he couldn't make love to her, and one day she'll understand that he loved her enough to give his life for hers. Eve asks what he's thinking, and he says that he has something to tell her. "Merry Christmas," he says. Eve returns the sentiment.

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