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Port Charles Update Thursday 12/21/00

By Beth
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First thing in the morning, Eve joins Ian in the lab, where he's looking through the microscope again. He's not saying much, and she knows why. She assures him that she didn't sleep with Harris. Ian knows that, but he's worried about what could have happened. He tells her that while she was sleeping, he found a cure, if his calculations are correct. Eve wants to see, but he won't let her. He wants her to start packing while he talks to Harris. Eve protests, but Ian insists that this time, he's making the deals.

Kevin is packing up his office. As he looks at a wedding photo, Victor comes in. Kevin refuses to be talked out of leaving town, but that isn't why Victor stopped by. He gives Kevin a photo album he put together so that he could look at it whenever he misses his family and friends. Kevin thanks him for the photos and for understanding why he has to leave. Victor isn't happy about it, but he does understand. Kevin explains that Eve isn't the only reason for his departure. He's tired of hurting people with his dark, destructive tendencies. Victor doesn't know what he's talking about; his son is a kind, caring, loving person. In his opinion, leaving town won't solve anything, because this negativity will follow him wherever he goes. The way Kevin sees it, he doesn't have a choice. He has to go before he ruins everything he's ever loved. Victor tries in vain to reason with him. Kevin blames himself for Eve's death, Livvie's emotional state, and the fact that Lucy almost died in a fire. Victor argues, but Kevin warns his father to just drop it. Remembering his vow not to argue, Victor asks Kevin where he's going. Kevin thinks it will be Denver; he'll let him know when he gets there. He promises to see his dad later. As soon as Victor leaves, Kevin stops packing books long enough to place his new photo album on a bookcase, intending to leave it behind.

Livvie meets Lucy at the Recovery Room, aware that she wasn't exactly invited for breakfast. Lucy admits that but offers to buy her a Christmas buffet. Livvie tells her that if this is about Kevin's plan to leave, there's nothing she can do to stop him. Lucy tells her about an intervention she's planning, and she believes that Livvie's presence would make a huge difference. Livvie reminds her that Kevin doesn't want any help. "Look, I'm sorry, but whatever you were planning, you'll just have to do it without me," Livvie says, putting on her hat and leaving.

Gabriela and Joe are happy about what happened between them last night. Joe doesn't know what to think about meeting her huge family for the first time. Gabby assures Joe that they'll love him, but he's unconvinced. Lucy stops by to speak to Gabby and is surprised to see Joe. She has a favor to ask both of them. She inquires whether they'll be free a little later, and she's disappointed to hear that they already have other plans.

Jamal speaks to his new boss on the phone, hoping he can stay home with Alison tonight, but it's no use. In the bedroom, Alison is also on the phone, promising to do whatever it takes, as long as she's paid in cash. She knows what she has to wear, and she can do that. She's just never done anything like this before. "Yeah, I'm sure it will be fun for them," she says, promising to be there. After hanging up, she joins Jamal in the living room. He ends his own call and tells Alison that he can't get out of working tonight. Alison understands. Besides, they have all day tomorrow to celebrate Christmas. Jamal wishes that he would give her a great Christmas like she's used to, but Alison explains that it was always just her and her grandmother, who always bailed right after dinner and went to see the Quartermaines. Alison could have gone along but chose to stay home with the cook and watch "It's a Wonderful Life." Jamal tells her about his own Christmas traditions. When his mother was alive, she would bake for days. They always had turkey, stuffing, pies, and cookies. Jamal himself was a master cookie decorator. He really misses his mom. Alison promises to make this a happy time for him again. She tries to get him to tell her about his mysterious job, but he refuses. He hates leaving her alone on Christmas Eve, but he suddenly realizes that she's letting him off easy. He wants to know what's up. Alison claims to have plans to watch TV and have some eggnog. She wants to watch "It's a Wonderful Life," "A Christmas Story," "A Christmas Carol," and "The Love of Christmas." Alison urges Jamal to leave before he's late for work. As soon as he leaves, she takes off her bathrobe and slippers. She's wearing an elf costume.

Lucy goes to the hospital to talk to Mary about the intervention, but she can't be there. Gail and Lee also have plans. She finds Victor outside the Recovery Room, and Frank and Neil are inside. Everyone already has plans and can't be there. Lucy is very disappointed.

Ian goes to Harris and informs him that he has a cure. Holding up a piece of paper, he states that the formula is on it. He then tosses it into the fire. Harris threatens to kill him, but Ian points out that he's the only one with the cure, and he won't hand it over until he gets what he wants. When Harris lets Eve go, she will call to say that she's safe and sound with her husband. Then Ian will give Harris the right amount of the poison to kill the parasite. Finally, he will give him the serum. This is not negotiable. Harris points out that at that point, Ian will have nothing left to bargain with for his freedom. Ian understands that. Harris is surprised that Eve would go along with this, but Ian informs him that she doesn't know and must not find out. Harris agrees to the terms.

Victor gets to the lighthouse just as Kevin arrives. They step inside, and Lucy is there, crying her eyes out. She explains that she had this great idea for the most perfect Christmas gift for Kevin, but it didn't work out. Victor answers a knock at the door. It's Joe and Gabriela. Kevin and Lucy are both surprised to see them. Another knock signals the arrival of Lee and Gail. Lucy is thrilled! They cancelled their plans to see "The Nutcracker," which Lee didn't want to see anyway. Mary, Frank, Neil, and Serena are the next to arrive. Kevin still doesn't know what's going on. Lucy tells him that this is his party.

Ian returns to Eve with the news that it's all settled. They're getting out, and Eve is released from her obligation. Overjoyed, Eve kisses Ian passionately.

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