PC Update Wednesday 12/20/00

Port Charles Update Wednesday 12/20/00

By Beth
Proofread by John 

Chris calls Denny, his private investigator, from the Recovery Room. He's pleasantly surprised to hear Denny's news about Jack. "Poor Livvie. She's going to be so disappointed," he states smugly.

Lucy can't believe Kevin wants to leave town, especially now that he knows he's Livvie's father. Kevin says that all he's ever done is hurt her. He thinks that he should have left town long ago. He wants Lucy to leave so that he can take care of some business. Lucy nosily asks what kind of business. Kevin informs her that he wants to call an associate in Denver, who promised Kevin a job any time he wants it. Lucy stubbornly refuses to let him leave town. Knowing that she won't leave on her own, Kevin picks up her coat and purse and then picks her up. He carries her to the front door as she furiously orders him to put her down. Kevin sets her down outside. Lucy grabs his arm and vows to set the world record for holding another person's arm the longest. She begs him to let her help him. She's trying to stop him from making the biggest mistake of his life. As far as she's concerned, there's no reason for him to leave Port Charles. Kevin argues that there's a very good reason--the most important reason of all. "You," he says. Lucy doesn't think that makes any sense at all, and she won't leave until he explains this to her. Kevin tells her that she has a way of putting a good spin on everything he does, even when he's at his worst. Lucy thinks that he just deserves a little TLC right now. Kevin informs her that all he wants is to be able to lose himself in her, hold her as tightly as possible, and never let go. However, that would be wrong. It wouldn't be fair to either of them, especially her. Lucy thinks that she should get to decide that for herself, but Kevin doesn't agree. He keeps dragging her down, and it has to stop. The only way to do that is to leave Port Charles, and there's nothing she can say that will change that. Kevin intends to leave as soon as possible, but Lucy advises him to wait a few days because of the holidays. It will be hard to get a flight. Besides, it would mean a lot to her and Livvie if he would stay through Christmas. Kevin holds her and says that he's going to miss her. He agrees to stay through Christmas but fully intends to leave afterward. He manages to get rid of her so that he can do some packing. Outside, Lucy tells herself that she only has a couple days to get him to stay, but that will have to be enough.

Livvie takes Jack to the hotel, saying that Lucy won't be back until late. She uses the chain lock for privacy, so that Lucy will have to knock. Jack is pleased. He asks whether she wants to talk about what happened with Kevin, but she doesn't want to talk about anything. Telling her that she's beautiful, Jack begins to kiss her. They end up on the bed, kissing passionately. Moving his hand up her blouse, Jack assures her that he will stop if she wants. She pulls him back to her and resumes their kiss. A knock at the door interrupts them. It's Chris, and for some reason, Livvie decides to answer the door. She believes that she can get rid of him. She buttons her blouse, and Jack steps out of sight. When she opens the door, Chris looks at her blouse and asks whether she's all right. Having no idea that she buttoned her blouse incorrectly, she assures him that she is fine. Chris apologizes for stopping by so late, but he wants to talk. Livvie tells him that it's not a good time, but he insists. He claims to be worried about his brother. The shirtless Jack makes his presence known and tells Chris to say whatever it is to his face. Chris tells Livvie that Jack has been in trouble with the law for committing grand larceny. He's supposed to see his probation officer once a month, but he hasn't been there since summer. Now there's a warrant out for his arrest. Jack admits to having ripped off a couple cars to pay for his mother's doctor bills. He accuses Chris of being too busy running to Livvie to find out the circumstances behind what he did. Livvie asks why he didn't tell her. He quietly explains that when they first met, he was supposed to go back and see his probation officer, but he couldn't leave her. He knew that she would make him go if she knew about it. He promises to explain the situation to his probation officer, who's a decent guy and will probably cut him some slack. Livvie wants to go with him and help him fix it. The phone rings, and it's Lucy. She tells Livvie about Kevin's plan to leave and asks for her help. She wants Livvie to meet her in the lobby. After Livvie leaves, the Ramsey brothers argue about which one is putting on a show for Livvie. Chris refuses to let Jack use Livvie to get to him.

Ian watches Eve's silhouette as she takes a sponge bath behind the screen. Assuming that he is still asleep, she steps out into the open area with no clothes on. She's startled to see Ian looking at her. She explains that she forgot her towel, and he gives her one, assuring her that it's really no big deal. Harris lets himself in and sees that Ian is up and about. Eve wants her friend to go back to bed, but Ian wants to get back to work. While Eve dresses behind the screen, Harris informs Ian that she will be going with him. Ian becomes angry and demands an explanation. Harris claims that he needs her to talk him through what will happen when he takes the poison. Ian believes that he should do that, since he's the one who actually took the poison. Eve reminds him that he was completely out of it at the time. Ian agrees to let her talk to Harris, but he won't let her go anywhere with the man. Eve returns and tells Harris to let her handle this. He leaves. She tells Ian to let her deal with him. Ian is very suspicious. One of the guards comes in to get Eve, who promises Ian that she can take care of herself.

When Eve joins Harris, she's wearing a sexy red dress. Harris is all over her. Pulling away, Eve says that she just wants to get this over with. Harris is curious about why she would waste her time with Ian. Eve reminds him that she's married, but Harris says that Ian likes things that way. He claims that Ian keeps on the move so that he can get away from people when he no longer has any use for them. Eve defends Ian, arguing that he cares too much. Harris wonders how her husband would feel if he heard her passionate defense of another man. Eve reminds him that they didn't come there to talk.

With the thug standing guard, Ian looks through the microscope and says that he may have the answer. The guard tells him to keep at it until he's certain. Unable to stand it anymore, Ian storms out of the lab, saying that he's going to give Harris what he wants.

Harris tries to kiss Eve, but she turns her head. "Oh, I forgot. Whores don't kiss on the lips," he states. He kisses the side of her face and her neck. There's a knock at the door, and Eve jumps away from him. The guard interrupts, with Ian right behind him. He claims to need Eve to help him finish a cure, because he almost has it. Harris resists, but Ian convinces him that it will help him live another day. He tosses his enemy a baggie of vitamins to help boost his immune system, if he wants to take them. Harris lets Eve go, promising to continue this later. Ian and Eve go back to their quarters. Ian is fuming. He demands to know what she thought she was doing back there. As Eve sponges off again, she is stunned to learn that Ian doesn't really have a formula. Ian can't believe what she was about to do. Eve reminds him that it's no different from drinking poison; she was going to use her body, just as he used his. It's no big deal. Ian refuses to let it happen. Eve points out that when she made the deal, she thought she was going to lose him. She stops herself before she says too much. Ian doesn't want to fight. He thinks they should do to bed before they say something they'll regret. Eve agrees. They go to their separate beds. Eve tosses and turns, while Ian lies awake. A tear rolls down Eve's face.


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