PC Update Tuesday 12/19/00

Port Charles Update Tuesday 12/19/00

By Beth
Proofread by John 

Lucy consults her deck of Tarot cards to help her figure out what to do about Kevin. She just wants to know whether she's on the right track. To her surprise, the first card she turns over is the Love card. She tries to figure it out; her love life is on hold, and she refuses to believe that it could be referring to Eve and Ian, because what they have can't possibly be love. They were having an affair of certain body parts--not of the heart. The next card is Treachery. Lucy can believe that; it was a bit treacherous when she changed the DNA report. She had to do it, though. Moving on, she turns over the Queen of Hearts. That's her! Now she understands. By her interpretation, the cards are telling her that she and Kevin will get another chance at love.

Kevin looks at a picture of Eve with regret. He remembers the day she brought him out of a nightmare; he scared her half to death when he woke up. Then he thinks about recent events in Lucy's room, when Livvie walked in on them. Disgusted with himself, he realizes that he hurt them all. Livvie knocks on the lighthouse door and lets herself in, but Kevin doesn't want to see her. He tells her to go away before he hurts her again. Livvie has a Christmas present for him. She sets the wrapped box on the coffee table and sits down beside her dad, who is feeling sorry for himself. Livvie tells him a story about when she was little. "When I was in the fourth grade, we were given this special assignment we had to do for Father's Day. We had to make something, and I just made up the most spectacular dad that a girl could ever have. I mean, he was kind and strong and smart and understanding. And he didn't judge me, and he never let me down. He was you," she says, pushing the box toward him. Kevin is amazed that she kept it all this time. He lifts the lid off the box and removes the contents. It's a clay ashtray (or something) that says "World's Greatest Father." Livvie doesn't want to bother him, so she decides to leave now. She walks out, and Kevin calls after her. Thinking he hurt her again, he loses his temper. In a fit of rage, he hurls the table and gift across the room--just as Livvie returns for her purse. The gift breaks, and Livvie's face is cut by a flying shard of glass. Kevin tries to take a look at the wound, but she just wants him to leave her alone. She grabs her purse as he apologizes for unintentionally breaking her gift. He explains that the DNA results came in today, proving Eve's death in black and white. He's tired of people telling him to remember the good times, because he can't. All he remembers is the pain and fear she felt because of him. That's who he is, and now he can see the fear in his daughter's eyes. He's just not ready to see her. Lucy slips in the front door as he rants. Livvie reminds him that she just wanted to help, but Kevin states that no one can help him. Lucy speaks up, asking what's going on. "He is living in hell and trying to drag the rest of us down with him," Livvie says. She leaves. Lucy stares at Kevin with concern. Kevin tries to put the ashtray back together, but he hurts himself in the process. He tells Lucy that he can't do this anymore. He's tired of hurting the people he cares about the most. He already destroyed Eve, and now he's doing the same thing to Lucy and Livvie. Lucy denies that he's destroying her, but Kevin says that he will if given time. He wants her to leave before she gets dragged into something awful. Lucy refuses. Kevin tells her that he has to go away. Lucy likes that idea. He can go somewhere warm, beautiful, and relaxing, and then when he comes back, they can fight his demons together. Kevin clarifies that he's leaving Port Charles and not coming back.

Still dabbing a damp cloth on Ian's back, Eve whispers that she's not so good without him. She begs him to come back to her. Harris enters and announces that it's time to collect. Eve storms out, and he follows her. She informs him that their agreement doesn't go into effect until Ian is completely recovered. However, there's a catch. She won't go through with it if Ian finds out. Harris agrees to her terms. Eve goes back inside and begs Ian to come through this for her. She still can't believe he swallowed poison to make a point. He's the most maddening man she's ever met. Frustrated, she kicks the door. Then she returns to him and lies down with him. Crying, she talks about the time he caught her when she fell off the bar. He has never let her say the last word before, and she wants to know why he's doing it now. "Will you stop yelling at me, woman? Please," Ian says. Eve is overjoyed. As she takes Ian's pulse, Harris returns for his payment. Eve steps outside with him to ask for some rest and a bath before she has to go to him. Harris grants her request; he wants her to be at her most sensuous when she comes to him.

Livvie finds Jack at the river. She's clearly upset, and Jack becomes angry with Kevin for hurting her. Livvie tells him that she just feels sorry for her father. Jack thinks she has the kindest heart of anyone he has ever met. Livvie tells him that when they're together, everything feels right. Jack kisses her, and she tells him that she doesn't want to be alone tonight. Taking her hand, Jack leads her away.

As Eve bathes, she cringes as she remembers what Harris said to her. Suddenly, Ian takes the sponge from her, rubbing it up and down her body and kissing her neck. Coming back to reality, Eve realizes that she just fantasized about Ian. As she gets out of the tub, Ian can see her silhouette through the screen. Eve walks into the bedroom area with no clothes on, startled to see that Ian is awake and looking at her.


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