PC Update Monday 12/18/00

Port Charles Update Monday 12/18/00

By Beth
Proofread by John 

While Alison takes a customer's order, Jamal tells Frank that he has to leave. This is his first day at his new job, and Alison has been giving him the third degree about it, but he got her off track. Frank thinks it's a mistake not to tell her what he's really doing. Jamal just wants to earn some extra money and give her a good Christmas. He wants Frank to keep it a secret. Frank doesn't know why. "Alison's a born snoop. She's bound to figure you out," he warns. Jamal is confident that there's no way Alison is going to find out about this. "I'm not gonna find out what?" she asks mischievously, sneaking up on him. Jamal tells her that she's going to spoil it. Alison gives him a kiss before he leaves. Frank mentions that she should be getting back to work. "Yeah, eventually," she says. Alison asks whether he knows anything about Jamal's new job. Frank looks amused. Alison just wants to know that he's not doing anything he shouldn't. Frank assures her that there's nothing to worry about. Alison looks through the store ads and asks Frank's opinion about whether she should do all green or all glitter this year. She wants to give Jamal a Christmas he'll never forget. She suddenly notices that tinsel is very expensive. This means that she has to get a second job. Looking through the classifieds, she finds one. "This is perfect for me. It screams me. 'Alison, come find me,'" she announces. Frank is afraid to look. Alison assures him that it will be perfect. With the extra money, she can turn their apartment into the best winter wonderland ever. She asks him not to tell Jamal. "Fine. We never had this conversation, and I hope we never have it again," Frank states. Alison thinks that Jamal is in for a real shock. "He's not the only one," Frank says to himself as she walks away. Alison calls to find out about the job. The requirements are having a pleasing personality and wearing a costume. She promises to be there on Christmas Eve. Hanging up, she wonders what she's gotten herself into.

Joe and Gabriela are getting hot and heavy. Joe takes off his shirt, picks her up, carries her to the couch, and unzips her sweat jacket. Gabby doesn't want to wait any longer. She begs him to make love to her now. She opens a drawer and removes a condom. Suddenly, Joe changes his mind. He can't take the risk. Gabby reminds him that they're taking precautions, but he's still not willing to risk it. He loves her too much to risk her life. She is stunned by his words. Joe repeats that he loves her. Throwing her arms around his neck, she returns the sentiment. In front of the fire, Joe expresses the desire to make love to her, but not the way she thinks. Their embrace turns passionate.

Kevin expects the DNA report to be on the computer any minute. He asks Lucy to wait with him, as a friend, and she agrees. Remembering what she read in the report, she is determined to keep Kevin from seeing it. She tries to send him for coffee. Colleen returns and asks whether the computer is back up yet. She tells Kevin that someone accidentally unplugged it. Lucy again mentions the coffee, but Kevin isn't interested. He wants to get this over with as soon as possible. Lucy tells him her fear that this will hit him a lot harder than he thinks. Colleen announces that the system is back up. Lucy tries to stop Kevin, but he's determined to see the report. As she looks heavenward for help, Victor and several other carolers get off the elevator. Victor speaks with Kevin as the others go on their way, still singing "Deck the Halls." Lucy takes the opportunity to try to get to the computer again. Colleen complains that there's no time for Christmas with all the filing she has to do. One of her patients is also screaming for her release papers. Lucy volunteers to stay at the nurses' station while Colleen takes care of her patients. Lucy looks at the computer screen and highlights one word in the document, changing the entire meaning with the deletion. Kevin catches her and asks what she's doing. When he reads the report, it states that there is a 99.9% probability that the victims are a match. Now he knows that nothing can ever hurt Eve again. Lucy wants to drive him home, but he needs to do this on his own. Alone, he beats his fist against the inside of the elevator.

Harris pushes Eve out of the room as she shouts that she won't leave Ian. She tries to appeal to his survival instinct, but Harris can see right through her. He knows that she just wants to be with Ian. He broaches the possibility that they can reach an agreement. Eve agrees but states that she always used to establish her terms upfront. She wants to know what kind of deal he's offering. Harris informs her that he wants the same thing Ian wants and can't have; he wants her. Eve agrees to give him what he wants, but only after she gets Ian through this. She tries to go back to Ian, but Harris grabs her arm to make his point. Eve reiterates that they have a deal. She goes inside. Ian is still hallucinating from the poison. He acts out, and Eve has to slap him to bring him back to reality. Promising not to leave him, she holds him. Eve tells Ian that she needs him. She whispers to him that she's not so good without him, so he can't quit on her now. As she comforts him, Harris returns to collect.


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