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Port Charles Update Friday 12/15/00

By Beth
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Frank hangs Christmas decorations at the Recovery Room so that Joe can be with Gabriela. If their mother asks, he knows what to say. Joe thanks his brother and heads out. Mary comes in and sees Frank's handiwork, remarking that it looks even better than last year. Frank is clearly pleased. Mary asks why Frank is there instead of Joe, but Frank passes it off as his Christmas spirit. He encourages her to take the night off and go out to dinner with Victor. He can cover for her, since Neil is with Courtney. Mary asks point blank where Joe is. Frank tries to get around the question, but she won't let him. Knowing that he's hiding something, she suddenly gets the idea that Joe has tested HIV-positive. Frank assures her that there's nothing to worry about. Joe is a grown man, and what he does is his business. Mary realizes that he's with Gabriela. "Did I mention he's an adult?" Frank asks. Mary worries about the possible consequences, but Frank doesn't want her to worry. "Now don't you dare, Francis Xavier Scanlon, try to tell me not to worry about one of my sons, when you know darn well that's what I do best," she warns him. Frank wouldn't dream of it.

Lucy reads the DNA report stating that Eve and Ian were highly unlikely to have been in the car when it exploded. She realizes that they're alive. This means that they must have faked their deaths in order to run away together. Worried about what this news would do to Kevin, she decides to get rid of the report by unplugging the computer.

To Eve's horror, Ian drinks the poison intended for Harris. Unconvinced, Harris refuses to take his dose until after Ian recovers from his. He releases Eve and comments that he has the perfect team to save his life. He touches Eve's face, and she slaps his hand away from her. Ian orders him to get out so that they can work. After Harris leaves, Eve yells at Ian for risking his life this way. Ian feels justified, since he may have prevented Harris from using that knife on her. He eventually admits that he doesn't really know whether he drank enough of the poison for it to be fatal.

When the oven timer goes off, Gabriela runs into the kitchen to check on her meal. She can't believe it's already been an hour. There are pots and pans on the stove, and smoke is pouring out of the oven. She opens the oven door and pulls out a completely burned black blob that should have been a roast. A knock at the door signals Joe's arrival. He has champagne and a dozen red roses. Gabby can't believe this is happening. She's not ready yet. Joe hears a crash and calls to her from outside. She tells him to go away and come back in an hour or two. In fact, he should have dinner while he's gone. She'll call his cell phone later.

Lucy goes to the hospital chapel and finds Kevin already inside. He has a bag containing what was in Eve's locker. Now he's waiting for the DNA results to make it all official. He tells Lucy that he's been thinking about what she said, and she was right. He had a lot of good times with Eve. Even if Ian wanted her, she loved her husband. Lucy has something to tell him about Eve. Kevin states that there's nothing to tell. He already knows everything he needs to know about her. He knows that she wouldn't have betrayed him. Remembering her love is what gets him through. The next step is seeing the DNA report. He wants to see whether it's come in yet. Lucy tries to stop him, but when it doesn't work, she fakes a cough and sends him for some water. While he's gone, she talks to the universe or possibly the cross hanging on the chapel wall. She apologizes for lying to Kevin and for breaking her promise not to get involved, but she feels justified. She asks for help figuring out a way to keep anyone from seeing the DNA results.

Ian's heart rate and respiration increase. He wants Eve to stop hovering, because he's very sick. He wishes that she would just go work on something and leave him alone. He doubles over in pain and lies down. Eve pounds on the door, and when the guard shows up, she demands milk and charcoal. The thug informs her that his orders are to give them nothing but water. Eve slams the door and goes back to Ian, who is getting chills. Telling him to scoot over, Eve lies down next to him for warmth.

Joe and Gabriela sit in the floor on opposite sides of the door. He asks her to open the door, but she won't. She's too embarrassed to let him see her this way; she wanted everything to be perfect for him. Joe assures her that she is the perfect partner. As he talks, the door opens behind him, and he falls backward. Gabby hugs him.

No longer cold, Ian is now burning with a fever. Eve tries to talk him through it, but he feverishly talks about the crying children whose lives he vowed to save. Harris returns to check on the situation, and Eve orders him to get out. He steps outside, and Eve pours some water on a cloth and dabs it on Ian's forehead, assuring him that it will be all right. Harris tells the thug his belief that Ian will survive. Afterward, he will get rid of his old enemy. As for Eve, there's no need to rush things.

Seeing his mother furiously rubbing a glass behind the bar, Frank tells her to just let it out. Mary doesn't understand why Joe and Gabriela couldn't wait a little while longer. Frank points out that they understand the risk and are willing to take it. They love each other and want to express that love. Mary respects the fact that it's an important time for them. Hearing this, Frank says that she's taking a step forward. Mary wishes that Frank would do the same, but he doesn't want to talk about his life.

Joe looks at the burned roast in disbelief as Gabby puts the roses in a vase. She suggests ordering dinner, but Joe has a better idea. They kiss.

Lucy finds Colleen still fussing with the computer. Colleen says that somebody pulled the plug, but she can retrieve what was there, since all the hospital computers are networked. She's just frustrated about how long it takes the computer to boot up again. Lucy offers to keep an eye on it so that Colleen can check on her patients. The nurse gratefully takes her up on that. Before Lucy can do anything, Kevin finds her and gives her the water she requested. He tells her that he just spoke to Mac, who said that the DNA results should be in any minute.

While Eve is in the adjoining lab, Ian feverishly professes his love for her, but she doesn't hear him. She returns and uses the damp cloth on his back. Harris comes back just as Ian loses consciousness. He tells her that there's nothing she can do for Ian now--but there's certainly something she can do for him.


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