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Port Charles Update Thursday 12/14/00

By Beth
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Livvie removes the yellow crime scene tape and enters Rachel's apartment. Sitting down, she remembers the awful scene she walked in on. She picks up a family photo and looks at it. A knock at the door forces her to wipe away her tears. Opening the door, she sees Jack, who thought she would probably be there. He needs to see her. Taking the picture out of her hands, he says that she also needs him. After he steps inside, Livvie tells him that she isn't sure whether she'll be moving into the place or not. She wants to get it cleaned up and go through some of Rachel's things. When Jack mentions Chris, Livvie cools her attitude toward him, and he asks why. "Did Chris tell you something?" he wants to know. Livvie tells him that Chris didn't, but Alison told her that he took money to pose as her boyfriend. Ordinarily, Livvie wouldn't think it was a big deal, but added to what Chris said, it makes her wonder. She's been wrong about everyone she's ever trusted, so now she has to wonder about whether Jack is playing her. Jack doesn't know how to convince her that he's sincere. Livvie really does want them to be friends. So does Jack. After telling her that he has to leave, he kisses her. When he lets go, she takes the lead and kisses him. Afterward, she tells him that he doesn't have to go, but he says that he does. Livvie is glad he came by, because talking to him always makes her feel better. With a promise to see her soon, Jack leaves, throwing her a kiss on his way out.

At the Recovery Room, Lucy can't forget the awful scene with Livvie. Scott comes in and sits down across from her. He's late because his barber is being sued for some bad haircuts. Lucy is amused. Although Scott is concerned that she should be resting, Lucy assures him that she's well enough to have lunch with him. She admits to being worried about Kevin and the way he's handling Eve's death. She wishes that she had been brave enough to tell him that Eve was in love with another man. Lucy tells him about the note that Ian wrote, but Scott is skeptical. He tells Lucy that she did the right thing by not telling Kevin her suspicions. When Lucy refers to Eve as a "two-timing hussy," Scott asks her whether she's listening to herself at all. He tells her that this isn't about Eve. In his opinion, Lucy is falling in love with Kevin again. He can tell by the look in her eyes. Lucy doesn't know what to say. She and Scott are both trying to move on, and it's sad. At least they'll always be pals. They'll also be connected because of Serena. "But you know what? It's more than that. We are so much alike, and we know each other better than anybody in the whole wide world, you know?" Lucy asks, tearing up. Scott advises her to just drop this thing with Ian and Eve, because it won't do her or Kevin any good. He speculates that the kiss never really happened, and that it was just something Ian fantasized about and then wrote down. Lucy promises to drop it, but he wants her to repeat "I am going to drop this" after him. "I don't have to do the repeat business. I will. I swear on your hair that I will drop it," Lucy says.

Chris opens the door to Denny, his private investigator. Denny comes in and sits down while Chris explains that he wants to get rid of Jack permanently. He writes out a check and tells Denny to dig up as much dirt as possible on Jack. When Denny finds out that this is about Livvie, he can't believe it. He asks whether Chris is in love with her, but Chris states that love has nothing to do with it; he wouldn't make that mistake twice. This is about the opportunity to mold her into the perfect woman, and Jack is in the way.

Eve wakes up and remembers her hot dream about Ian. Unsettled, she starts writing a letter to Kevin, just in case it could somehow reach him. Ian comes in with the news that he came up with a way to cure Harris and set them free. After he tells her what it is, she tells him that he's crazy; Harris will never go for that. Ian maintains that the man doesn't have a choice. Their captor comes in, and Ian examines him. An irregular heartbeat tells him that the disease has progressed. Eve says that they'll try putting him on Digoxin to regulate his heart, but Ian points out that they still have to find out the underlying problem. Otherwise, the man will have a fatal heart attack. Harris demands to know why they haven't found a cure yet. Ian admits that they might have had a breakthrough, but they need to run more tests. The treatment is very dangerous. Ian holds up a vial of poison and states that Harris has to take a dose of it. Harris becomes angry, feeling more justified in not trusting Ian. He tries to leave, but Eve stops him. She assures him that the poison won't kill him. It will actually kill the parasite that is in his system--the parasite that is blocking treatment that might fight the disease. Harris orders them to find something else, but Eve explains that there is no other way. When Harris insults Eve again, Ian loses his temper and tells the man to either take the poison or die. Harris grabs Eve and holds a knife near her throat. Ian assures Harris that this will work, but Harris doesn't believe him. In an attempt to prove that there's not enough poison to kill him, Ian drinks it.

Lucy stops by the nurses' station at the hospital to get her messages. Colleen is distracted by the computer, which isn't cooperating. She's trying to print a lab report. Lucy offers to take a look, since she's very familiar with computers. "I think I have set the world's record for shopping by e-mail, you know? I do it every day," she says, adding that she used to help Ian with his computer programs. Noticing the DNA report from the explosion on the screen, she makes an excuse to get Colleen out of the way. While the nurse runs to tell the board of directors that Lucy will be a little late, she reads the report. "There's a 99.9% probability that the victims in the car wreckage are not a match to Eve Lambert and Ian Thornhart."  Lucy is stunned. This means that they didn't die in the explosion.

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