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Port Charles Update Wednesday 12/13/00

By Beth
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Jamal comes into the Recovery Room to see Alison, who missed him terribly in the few hours he wasn't there. He has a shopping bag containing something he never expected to buy for a woman. Alison looks inside. "Truffle oil?" she asks. Jamal tells her that there are lots of other things in there. He's hoping she can make him a fancy dinner. Alison wonders how they can afford all this on top of their rent. Jamal is pleased to inform her that he has a job. Thrilled, Alison jumps into his arms. She wants all the details, but Jamal tells her that it's just a job. A customer tries in vain to get Alison's attention. Jamal tells her to stop asking questions; all she needs to know is that he's doing this so that they can have a better life. Alison promises to stop being so nosy. She wants to celebrate with that nice dinner he was talking about. Jamal has a better idea of how to celebrate. Running his hands down her body, he asks when her next break will be. Alison decides to take a break right now. She asks Victor to cover for her, claiming that it's an emergency. Back at their apartment, Alison and Jamal make love.

Also at the Recovery Room, Gabriela tells Joe that they need to get away. She's interested in getting a cabin at Lake Raines, but Joe tells her that he can't go away with her. He promises to make it up to her, but Gabriela thinks she has the perfect solution. They can have a romantic "getaway" at her apartment. Joe likes the sound of that. They make plans for tomorrow evening.

Eve and Ian are working in the lab, trying to come up with a cure for Harris. Ian talks about killing the man after they save his life. Eve is sad to think about how Kevin must be missing her.

Kevin pulls Lucy back on top of him, kissing her and crying. Lucy is caught up in the moment until Kevin says that she's the only one who can make him forget Eve. Lucy realizes what's happening, and it's wrong. She gets off him again, but Kevin won't hear of it. As Lucy protests, Livvie comes in and orders him to stay away from her. Lucy jumps up, surprised to see Livvie back so soon. She assures Livvie that she's all right. Livvie confronts Kevin about being drunk and points out that Lucy's blouse is undone. Lucy lies, blaming her state of undress on shoddy craftsmanship. Her attempt to get Kevin off the hook doesn't work. Livvie is disgusted with her father. Lucy defends him, but he tells her it's not necessary. He thinks it's time for Livvie to see who he really is. As he rants on, drunk and upset, Livvie storms out.

Eve thanks Ian for defending her to Harris. Taking a break, Eve asks Ian about the first thing he'll do when they get out of there. She wants to know his fantasy. Although Ian claims not to believe in them, he relents and tells her one. He would go to this little island he knows south of Borneo, where the water is twenty-five different shades of blue and the beaches go on forever. Although it's far from civilization, he wouldn't necessarily be alone; he would extend an invitation to the right person. As for Eve's dream, she just wants to go back home to the people she loves. They decide to get back to work so that she can get back to Kevin sooner. Ian sees something interesting through the microscope. He tells Eve to look, and she sees the same thing; the level of infection in the tissue sample has decreased. They plan to run more tests after taking a break. Eve agrees that a break will be good for her neck. Ian gives her shoulders a good massage and reiterates his promise to get her out of there. Eve tells him that he has great hands. "It was either be a doctor or be a masseur," he says. There are now two beds in the room instead of just one. Eve is interested in learning more about her colleague. Ian tells her that he likes single malt Irish whiskey, the smell of his father's field after a long rain, and anything written by O'Neill. He also likes children, who are "hope for the future." When Eve mentions getting back to work, Ian tells her that he wants her in bed. "What?" Eve asks, shocked. Seeming oblivious to how he sounded, Ian tells her that he'll get back to work while she gets some rest. He steps into the lab, standing on the other side of the door and shaking his head.

Alison takes a pint of ice cream back to bed. She assures Jamal that while it was sweet of him to get a job, he doesn't have to prove anything to her. In her opinion, they already have everything they need. The phone rings, and he reaches over her to answer it. While Alison goes to take a shower, Jamal tells the caller that he will start the job tomorrow but reminds the person to call his cell phone from now on, because he doesn't want his girlfriend to find out what he's doing.

After the confrontation with Kevin, Livvie goes to the Recovery Room, where Victor tells his granddaughter how lucky they are to have her in the family. "Yeah, well no offense, but I don't think I want to be any part of your family. One crazy family is enough for this lifetime," she tells him. Livvie isn't sure that she should mention this, but she says that Kevin really freaked her out just now. Victor isn't worried; he knows that Kevin wouldn't hurt Lucy. Livvie points out that he was out of control, and she's already had one parent go psycho on her. Victor understands but reminds her that Kevin is human and therefore not perfect. Livvie wishes that she could have one person is her life who really is perfect.

Fed up with Kevin's behavior, Lucy tells him to go ahead and wallow in self-pity if he wants, but he'll have to do it without her. In Kevin's opinion, he's entitled, considering the fact that his wife died in her lover's arms. Lucy argues that he can't know that for certain. She tells him to get a grip, but Kevin tells her that he's too angry to be able to mourn his wife. Lucy tells him to be angry, because he's right; Eve was nothing but a conceited, self-centered witch. This angers him, as intended. Kevin orders her not to talk about Eve that way; she was kind, giving, warm, and loving. Both crying, Lucy tells Kevin to fight for Eve and not let the memories be ruined by the note be found. She points out that it could have been some strange attempt on Ian's part to write a limerick or something. Kevin is amazed that she is defending his wife, since they never got along. Lucy just doesn't want him to doubt Eve.

Eve lies in bed, and when she wakes up, she calls out for Ian. He runs to her and tells her that she had a bad dream. Comforting her, he promises not to go anywhere. He tells her that she's the most beautiful woman he's ever seen, and he can't deny this any longer. They kiss passionately. He removes his shirt, and they fall into bed together. Eve wakes up from the dream, startled. She calls out Ian's name, and he comes running. Ian tells her that she had a bad dream, and he holds her to comfort her. Eve looks scared and confused.

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