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Port Charles Update Tuesday 12/12/00

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Harris is quite chipper. Eve advises him to do something about the facilities if he wants their best work. When she tells him that they could use another bed, he coughs to choke back a laugh. He tells Ian that she's a riot. It's the first time he's ever heard a whore ask for separate beds. At this, Ian attacks him, shoving him against the door by the neck. Harris tells him not to kid himself. Realizing that Ian doesn't know Eve's colorful history, he tells her that it's time to confess. Eve admits that she used to be a prostitute. Stunned, Ian turns his head to look at her and then lets go of Harris. Ian doesn't care what she did in the past, because Harris will not talk to her that way. When Harris warns that he's pushing it, Ian turns it around on him. He suggests that Harris back off, because he needs both of them. "You insult Eve, and you die," Ian threatens. Telling them to get to work, Harris leaves. Eve is worried, because she knows from the look on her captor's face that he expects her to sleep with him.

Kevin drowns his sorrows at a bar. Seeing Eve beside him, he reaches out to touch her, but he can't; she fades away. She reappears behind him. Microphone in hand, she sings along to "Stand By Me." Lucy finds Kevin and chastises him for getting drunk again. When she mentions moving forward and putting one foot in front of the other, he gets the idea to dance. He leads her onto the dance floor, and Lucy gives in, but she tells him that he's pushing himself too hard. She really doesn't want to do this; it's his song with Eve, and she can't pretend that this is all right. She just can't handle it. "Are you going to try and change me again?" Kevin asks. Lucy says that she's going to take him home and put him to bed so that he can get some sleep.

Having taken Chris up on his invitation, Jack is at his brother's place. He says that he never expected their reunion to be anything like this. In his opinion, Chris doesn't care one bit about him. If he did, he would have recognized him. Instead, Chris still doesn't know him. "You're a small-town punk hustler who's just working an angle," Chris accuses. Jack admits that he used to be like that, until he and their mom found each other. He reminds Chris that her dying wish was for him to find his brother and be a family again. "Well, here I am, Chris. Now it's your move," he states. As Jack looks around, Chris says that he will count the silverware after he leaves. Jack asks why he's so paranoid, and Chris tells him that it's in their genes. Jack argues that their mother was never that cynical and that she would have hated this. In his opinion, maybe it's better that she died before they all found each other. Chris thinks that's a pretty lousy thing to say. Jack admits that their mother always thought Chris was the smart one. Chris doesn't understand why she didn't try to find him through an online service or a private investigator. Jack scoffs, saying that they really didn't have the money for anything like that. At this, Chris takes out his wallet and asks how much it will cost him to get Jack to leave town. Jack doesn't want his money. He's going to leave the penthouse now, but he's not leaving town until he's ready.

At the Recovery Room, Alison is on duty, but she's sitting at a table with Livvie. Alison can't believe what she just heard. "Your Jack--who's actually our Jack, who's my Chandler--is Chris Ramsey's brother?" she asks. Livvie just wishes that the brothers could get along, because she like them both very much. Alison admits that they're both pretty hot. She asks how Livvie and Jack hooked up. Livvie blushes at the memory. She tells Alison about the day she was at the river and saw Jack completely naked. "What? Oh, my God! Are you serious?" Alison asks, wanting more information. Livvie admits that she didn't really see anything, since she closed her eyes and turned away. She adds that she wanted to run, but he was very sweet. They have an amazing connection. Alison knows exactly what she means, because she and Jamal have the same thing. Livvie says that Chris doesn't trust Jack at all. As an only child, she always thought having a sibling meant having someone to count on forever. Alison advises her to trust her instincts, but when Livvie says she doesn't know what they're telling her, Alison suggests giving herself a break from both Ramsey men long enough to listen to her heart. Livvie thinks she's right. Alison stands up and suggests getting together again sometime. She sees Jack and warns Livvie of his arrival. "Think and breathe. Think and breathe. And now I've got to try and picture him not sopping wet and naked," she states. Livvie tells her to stop it. Jack comes over and sits with her, and Alison waits on a table nearby, keeping an eye on her friends. Jack reports that things went pretty much the way he expected. He asks her to take a walk with him so that they can talk, but Livvie makes an excuse to put him off. Telling him to call her later, she rushes out.

Chris makes a call about an old problem that's caught up with him. He asks the other person to meet him at his place as soon as possible, because he wants to make this go away now

Eve looks over their notes and suggests trying a less acidic medium, since the last culture didn't take. "What?" she asks, noticing that Ian is staring at her. He wants to know what she was talking about before, and she says that it was just human nature. Harris was looking at her a certain way, and she's seen that look on a man's face before. It means that he thinks that he can own her.

Harris looks at Eve's picture.

Eve says that there are few exceptions, and she married one of them. Ian vows to kill Harris if he touches her. Everyone has a past, and no one has the right to judge her. "Whatever you did has made you who you are today. And who you are is a brave, strong, wonderful woman. Don't let them take away one second of your life, okay? You're an incredible doctor; you're an incredible woman. And whatever it took to get you there, that's your badge of honor. Don't let them take it away, please," he tells her. Stunned, Eve tells him not to stop there, because it's just getting interesting. Ian wants to get back to work so that they can get her out of this dump and back into her husband's arms.

Lucy takes Kevin back to her room and orders him to sit on the couch. He refuses, wanting instead to dance with her some more. He pulls her to him for a slow dance and then suggests having some champagne to celebrate the fact that it's Tuesday. Lucy is very uncomfortable. Kevin takes her hand again to dance but falls backward onto the bed, pulling her on top of him. She tries to get up, but he asks her not to. Lucy rolls over and lies down beside him. Kevin tells her that although he's drunk, he knows what he wants. He takes her hand. Lucy tells him that this is absolutely not right. Kevin reminds her that she wants to help me, and right now he needs her. Tenderly touching her mouth, he says that he needs to be with her. Then he kisses her.

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