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Port Charles Update Monday 12/11/00

By Beth
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Livvie tells Chris to give Jack his picture back, but Chris insists that the picture is his, not Jack's. It's a picture of Chris and his kid brother, and he wants to know what Jack is doing with it. Jack informs him that it's a picture of him and his older brother. Chris is almost speechless. Neither brother is happy about the revelation. Jack claims he didn't have a clue, but Livvie doesn't understand why he was asking so many questions about Chris if he didn't know. Hearing this, Chris demands to know what kind of questions. He assumes that they were about his finances. It's no secret that he has a lot of money, and a lot of people would like to get their hands on it. "Peanut butter and banana sandwiches," Jack says, asking Chris whether he remembers making them every night when their dad was too blitzed and their mom couldn't get out of bed. He also asks whether Chris remembers watching Saturday morning cartoons every week until their old man took the TV away to pay off his bookie. Unconvinced, Chris claims that anyone could find that out. Jack pulls a yo-yo from his pocket, stating that Chris gave it to him on his fifth birthday after selling his favorite baseball card. The really special thing about the yo-yo is that Chris took a kitchen knife and carved Jack's name on it. "Nobody knew that," Chris says, stunned. "Only your brother," Jack replies.

Lucy tries again to call Kevin, but he still isn't answering the phone. She's convinced that something is wrong. After she manages to locate her keys, she heads for the lighthouse.

Eve wants to know what Ian wanted to tell her when they were in his car. Ian tries to put her off, but she wants an answer right now. In her opinion, it's the least he can do. Seeming to give in, Ian promises to tell her the truth.

At the lighthouse, a drunken Kevin has passed out in the floor, while a fire burns nearby. When Lucy gets there, she's shocked to find a lot of smoke. After calling to report the fire, she sees Kevin lying on the floor. She tries to pull him up, but she can't. Regaining consciousness, he drunkenly tells her to get out and leave him alone. She refuses to do any such thing. She grabs a vase and pours water on the fire, but it doesn't help much. Kevin again tells her to get out, but she won't leave without him. Defeated, Kevin removes his jacket and holds it over both their heads while they make their way out of the smoke.

Chris asks how Jack found him, but Jack claims he didn't have any idea that he and Chris were brothers. They make a wary attempt to catch up. Jack says that he did all right after getting out of the foster homes. "Hey, man, it's not your fault Dad dumped me there. Then Mom found me," he states. Chris is stunned to hear that their mother didn't die, contrary to what their father had told them. Jack says that he lived with her until recently. "See, when Mom found me, she was sick. She was dying. Except for real this time," he explains. Jack had heard about a treatment that would have helped her a lot, but they didn't have any money or insurance, which meant that they couldn't find a doctor to take care of her. By the time he got her into a free clinic, it was too late. Chris is saddened to hear that his mother is really dead. He wishes that Jack had found him sooner. Jack says that they looked, but their mom couldn't travel. He believes that she would be very happy to know that they finally found each other. Chris is still suspicious of Jack's claim to have just happened to end up in Port Charles. Livvie thinks it must be fate, but Chris doesn't believe that. He can't help but think it's a scam. He could almost buy it except for the fact that they both like the same girl. It's just too convenient. Livvie doesn't see it that way. She thinks it's possible that she found both of them because they're so much alike. Chris takes offense at the very idea that they're alike. In his opinion, Jack is nothing but a con artist, and he knew it the minute he saw him. The guy is after something; Chris just doesn't know what it is yet. Jack takes back what he said before about wishing their mother could see them. He thinks that this would have broken her heart, because all she wanted was for the three of them to be a family again. He stalks off to the counter to settle up. When Livvie starts to go after him, Chris stops her. She doesn't appreciate the way he's acting. She feels that family should mean something to him. Chris says that it means a lot to him, but he's not sure what it means to Jack. Livvie wants him to give Jack a chance. "You can either be the great guy that I thought you were before, or you can be a jerk. It's up to you," she tells him.

Karen tries to put an oxygen mask on Kevin, but he claims to be all right. He wishes that Lucy had left him at the lighthouse. Because of her friendship with Eve, Karen insists on putting the mask on him for his own good. Outside the treatment room, Lucy speaks with Frank, who assures her that Kevin's vital signs are good. Frank's pager goes off, and he has to leave. Lucy peeks in on Kevin and then notices his jacket in the hall. As she tries to brush off the soot, she finds Ian's note and realizes that it explains what happened with Kevin. Going in to see him, she finds him getting up. She tells him to lie back down, but he claims to be fine. She shows him the note. She swears that she wasn't snooping, but Kevin, who knows her very well, is skeptical. Lucy confronts him with the knowledge that this is why he didn't want to get away from the fire. Kevin thinks he's just an idiot for believing that Eve was merely working with Ian. He wonders whether they were having an affair and even plotting to go away together. He asks Lucy whether she had any idea that this was going on. She replies that although she knew about their marital problems, she also knows that Eve loved him and only him. Kevin blames himself for letting his wife down. Karen returns to get Lucy, who feels that she doesn't need to be checked out, but she gives in.

"Lying bastard," Jack mutters. Lou, the man behind the counter, takes his money and tells him to take care of himself. Chris approaches Jack to apologize and invite him over to his place to talk. Jack accepts the invitation.

Eve stares at Ian and waits for an answer. Ian finally tells her that he wanted her to have the computer disk containing Rachel's research, as well as the notes they took when trying to save Lucy. Eve reminds him that she made a copy of the disk. Ian pretends to have forgotten. Eve is furious. As far as she's concerned, all this happened to her for nothing. She can't believe that is all because of some stupid computer disk that he could have simply mailed. She wishes that he had just left without a goodbye, the way he said he would. Ian refuses to take the blame for this. It's true that he was looking for her, but when he saw her through the window, he didn't want to interrupt, so he started to leave. It isn't his fault that she came after him. He wants to know why she did it. "Don't you turn this around on me!" Eve orders. Ian repeats that he was trying to leave when she jumped into his car. He wants to know why she did that. Eve says that she didn't want him to leave without a goodbye. Ian really wishes that she hadn't jumped into his car. Eve wants out of there right now. She starts shouting and pounding on the door. Ian admits that this isn't her fault. He just wishes that she were back in Port Charles, where she would be safe. She's really scared. Ian tries to calm her down by putting him arms around her and holding her.

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