PC Update Friday 12/8/00

Port Charles Update Friday 12/8/00

By Beth
Proofread by John 

Joe finds Kevin ransacking Ian's apartment. Kevin tells him that he's looking for a reason for Eve's death, and Joe can either help him or get out of his way. They sit down on the couch, and Joe reminds Kevin that the police already searched the place. Kevin points out that they didn't really know what to look for. Neither does he, but he's going to get the answers he needs. When he does, he's going to tear Eve's murderers apart one limb at a time. Since Mac says that the explosion was a professional job, Ian must have been the target. All Kevin has to do is find his enemies. He gets up and resumes the search. This time, he finds a note in Ian's handwriting. "Dear Eve, from the moment we kissed," it says, with no continuation. Kevin is stunned. Joe tries to explain it away and ease Kevin's mind, but Kevin won't listen. He speculates about whether his wife was having an affair. Joe is stunned to learn that Kevin and Eve were having problems. "Isn't it funny how people can fool you, Joe?" Kevin asks rhetorically before storming out.

Ian and Eve have been taken to their small quarters. Ian reminds her that they can leave once they find a cure for Harris, but Eve finds it hard to be positive under the circumstances. She is convinced that they will never get out of there. Even if they manage to save Harris, he'll still kill them. Ian promises not to let her get hurt. Eve believes him. She decides to clean up a bit. They find some clean clothes, courtesy of their captor. While Eve goes behind a screen to change, Ian suggests that they check out the lab situation tomorrow. Ian is uncomfortable, watching Eve's silhouette change clothes behind the screen. Eve jokes about treating him with rat poison. When she returns, they decide to try to get some rest, but there's a problem. There's one double bed in the room. Deciding to take the floor, Ian grabs one of the pillows and a blanket from the bed. Eve suggests that they both use the bed so that they'll be well rested enough to work on the cure. She'll sleep under the covers, and Ian can sleep on top of them. He agrees that it's a decent solution. They lie down back to back, but Eve has something on her mind. Reminding Ian that he was about to tell her something important in the car, she asks what he was going to say.

Lucy and Serena are going through their Christmas decorations. Serena wants to find the ornament that Christina chewed on, so Lucy tells her to look in a box in the back closet. Hearing a knock at the door, Lucy looks through the peephole and is less than thrilled to see Chris. She opens the door anyway. Trying to be pleasant, Chris asks where Livvie could be. Lucy doesn't want to tell him, but when Chris says that he'll call her cell phone, she tells him to leave her alone and let her enjoy the pizza she's having with a friend. Chris leaves, knowing she must be at the Pizza Shack. Lucy tries to call Kevin, but she gets his answering machine. She's tired of getting the machine instead of him. Serena returns and asks whether something is wrong with Kevin. Lucy tries to reassure her, but Serena knows that something is wrong. Lucy assures her that Kevin is just very sad about Eve. She suggests that they remind him that no matter how awful life gets, it does go on. They have to go on living their lives. Serena wants to make their memory ornaments, which Lucy thinks is a great idea. Lucy wants her first ornament to be about the day Serena's adoption became official. Serena likes that idea. She wants to make one about having been a bridesmaid for Kevin and Eve. She knows that Lucy is just trying to make her feel better, but she doesn't feel like laughing right now. Lucy promises to never try to force her to feel a certain way. It's okay to let her feelings show. Serena shows her the ornament she found, with Christina's little teeth marks on it. She can't wait to show it to Kevin. Joe stops by Lucy's place to pick up Serena; he's also going to pick up Neil. He asks whether she's heard from Kevin, because he's not in good shape. In his opinion, Kevin shouldn't be alone.

As Livvie shares a pizza with Jack, she tells him that she was in warm, sunny Arizona a year ago. She just doesn't recognize her life anymore. She talks about how different her family is than what she had always been told. She wishes that she could offer some comfort to her father. When Jack tries to comfort her, Chris grabs him and throws him to the ground, with a warning to keep his hands off her. Livvie doesn't know what's going on. Chris tells her that Jack is working an angle. Jack tells him to shut up. They get into a fight, and Livvie orders them to break it up. Jack drops a photo, which Chris picks up. Seeing the familiar faces, Chris demands to know where he got the photo. Jack refuses to tell him anything. Chris tells Livvie that she isn't the one being scammed after all; her friend is obviously dogging him. Jack grabs for the photo, and they fight over it. Livvie yells at them both to stop. She tells Chris to give Jack his picture. Chris insists that it's his own picture, not Jack's. It's a picture of him and his little brother. "It's me," Jack announces. It's a picture of Jack and his older brother.

Back at the lighthouse, Kevin lights a candle for Eve as he opens a bottle of red wine they were saving for a special occasion. Taking a big swig, he proclaims it to be a little thin. He takes this as proof that they shouldn't have waited. He believes that Eve already knew not to put off things that gave her pleasure. Kevin opens the closet, removes Eve's wedding gown, and buries his face in it. He takes out her other clothes and tosses them down. Looking in the mirror, he calls himself a fool and accuses himself of being the reason he lost her. Suddenly, he passes out from drinking too much. As he falls, the candle falls onto the clothes and starts a fire.

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