PC Update Thursday 12/7/00

Port Charles Update Thursday 12/7/00

By Beth
Proofread by John 

At the lighthouse, an unkempt and unshaven Kevin lies in bed, looking at Eve's picture. He turns over and touches her pillow, wishing that she were there beside him. He gets up and goes to the closet, taking out Eve's wedding gown and laying it on the bed. After placing his wedding suit next to it, he picks up her photo, looks at it, and lays it on the wedding gown. He then looks in the mirror and begins to remove his shirt.

Eve is alone when one of the thugs brings her a tray. She demands to know where Ian is. When the man doesn't answer, she knocks the tray out of his hands. He grabs her roughly and orders her to be quiet. Eve apologizes to the man, who is staring silently at her. When she complains about the cold, he tells her that the coffee might still be hot. He gets it for her, and she realizes that it's boiling hot. Seeing an opportunity, she tosses it in his face, hits him with the tray, and escapes out the door.

Not seeing Eve, Ian demands to know what Harris did with her. Harris insinuates that he was with her all night. Ian doesn't believe him. "Can't get a rise out of you, Thornhart? That's all right. I know that Dr. Lambert can. I've been watching you two very closely. I've seen that," Harris states. Ian wants to know why he and Eve are there. Harris informs him that he has a favor to ask. Ian can't believe his ears, but Harris shows him a medical file and asks his opinion. When Ian says that someone is apparently dying, Harris admits that he is the patient. "Is that right? There is a God. Thanks for confirming," Ian says, smiling. Harris has chromos, commonly referred to as the assassin's disease. It is a rare parasitic blood disease that will end in a slow, agonizing death. Harris informs Ian that he is to find a cure. If he doesn't, Eve will pay the price. To their surprise, Eve bursts into the room.

Gabriela, Joe, and some others are cleaning up the mess the explosion made of the Recovery Room when Alison and Jamal come in to help. Alison urges Victor and Mary to go be with Kevin, but Victor states that Kevin made it very clear that he wants to be alone. Karen arrives, ready to help out. She checks on Alison, who assures her that she's fine. Jamal is still very angry about their experience in the emergency room. He grabs the dishpan and goes to the kitchen, leaving Alison thinking that he's acting weird. Joe gets behind the bar and starts pouring drinks. In his opinion, they should be celebrating the lives of their two departed friends. After handing Alison a glass and a can of cola, he asks Victor to make the first toast, which he does.

Alison takes Jamal aside and asks what's going on with him. He sees himself as unable to properly take care of her, and it's really getting to him. He points out that she could have been seriously injured. As if that weren't enough to be upset about, her lack of health insurance could have caused a problem if it hadn't been for Gabby. Getting insurance isn't good enough now; Alison gave up everything to be with him, and he can't take care of her. Alison stops him, saying that she didn't give up anything that mattered. All she cares about is being with him.

The wake continues. Victor talks about how much he loved Eve, and how happy she made his son. Mary leads everyone in a verse of "Danny Boy."

Kevin goes to the spot where he and Eve were married. Choking up, he recalls their vows. Reminiscing about the day he proposed to Eve, he vows to find the people who killed her and make them pay for what they did.

As Eve unties Ian's hands, Harris congratulates her on getting past his security. Eve boasts that they have friends who are just as rich and powerful as he is--and they are out looking for them right now. Harris sets her straight; no one is looking for them, because everything believes that they are dead. Ian has to hold Eve back; she's ready to kill Harris for making Kevin believe that she's dead. Ian tells her that their captor has assassin's disease. Harris informs them that it's in their best interest to save his life. If they do, they will go free. "If I die, you die," he adds.

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