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Port Charles Update Wednesday 12/6/00

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After getting a call from Lucy, Scott pays her a visit, saying that he got there as soon as he could. As for Serena, Gail is picking her up from school, and she should be along any minute. When Scott asks what's up, Lucy tells him that there was an explosion. Scott has already heard about it, but he doesn't know any details. He's stunned to hear that it was Ian's car and that Ian and Eve died in the explosion. Sympathetic, Scott admits that he didn't know Ian well, but he knows that he was a friend of Lucy's and that he saved her life. As for Eve, Scott thinks that she was a terrific person who was always embracing her world. In Lucy's opinion, embracing is probably what killed both her and Ian. Scott chastises Lucy for being so hard on Eve, but Lucy maintains that she deserved to be treated that way. She alleges that Eve was not faithful to Kevin, but Scott chalks this up to Lucy's anger about everything that's happened to her this year. Lucy states that she's tired of being sad and angry all the time. Scott understands that she has a lot to be angry about. In fact, he thinks that a lot of her anger is still directed at him for things he did wrong. He asks whether slugging him would make her feel better. Lucy tells him that he's being silly. Scott then asks her to hug him. Lucy doesn't know what she wants to do. She can't believe any of this is happening. "How can Eve be dead? I don't understand!" she says as Scott hugs her. "Eve's dead?" Serena asks from the doorway. Lucy sits on the bed with Serena while she and Scott explain what happened. Although Serena is sad about Eve and Ian, she's also worried about Kevin, and she insists on going to see him. She wants to stop by the firehouse and get something that she knows will help him.

After hearing the awful news about Eve, Livvie goes to see Kevin, apologizing for not calling first. Kevin invites her in. Livvie doesn't know what to say to her father other than that she's very sorry about what happened. Livvie wishes she were more like Kevin and knew the perfect thing to say, but Kevin admits that he simply talks a good game. It's his job. When it comes to death, no one knows what to do. Deciding that it would be best to leave, Livvie grabs her purse and coat, but Kevin asks her to stay.

Ian regains consciousness on the floor, confused as to what's going on. He manages to rouse Eve and tells her to untie his hands. She works on the ropes, and Ian is soon free. He then helps her with her own restraints. They both have massive headaches. Eve notices that her wedding rings are gone, but Ian tells her that they don't have time to look for them; they have to get out of there immediately. Hearing footsteps, they sit back down and pretend that their hands are still tied. Two thugs enter, followed by a man Ian recognizes. Ian rushes him, but the thugs knock him out. The man tells Eve that she's even more beautiful than her pictures.

At the river, Gabriela and Joe talk about the tragedy. Gabby still can't believe their friends are gone. She's thankful that Eve knew what it felt like to have love in her life, but she wishes that Ian had had the same chance. She's surprised when Joe informs her that Ian fell in love just before his death. Gabby presses for a name, but Joe tells her to just let it go, because it doesn't matter now. She relents, agreeing that it doesn't matter. What does matter is that they've been wrong not to celebrate what they mean to each other. She wants to make love. Joe understands, and he wants the same thing, but he reminds her that they have to wait. It's the only thing that makes sense. Gabby doesn't think it's necessarily the right thing. She wants him to think about it, because they can take precautions. Joe agrees that if she's free for the weekend, they can go away together. Happy, Gabby kisses him.

Livvie hands Kevin a mug of hot chocolate. Having found a kitchen cabinet full of different kinds, she assumes that he must like it. Kevin explains that Eve was always buying it. He knows that Livvie doesn't like her, but he wishes that she would give her a chance. Livvie listens as Kevin tells about how Eve started out as his patient in a required crisis counseling program for the interns. Kevin says that Eve listens better than anyone. In his opinion, her eyes are remarkable. He says that he tried to paint them once, but it wasn't possible to capture all the compassion and kindness. "All you can do is love her," he states sadly.

"Hardheaded fool," Eve comments, tending to the unconscious Ian's bump on the head. She believes that he would probably react the same way if given another chance. When Ian begins to stir, Eve tells him to lie still. Although he doesn't have a concussion, he does have a pretty deep gash. She tells him that she's cleaning it with soap and water, which was the only thing she could find. "Welcome to my world," Ian says. He's sorry that she got mixed up in this. Eve asks him about their captor. She wants to know who he is and how he knows her. Ian informs her that the man can find out whatever he needs to know. His name is Harris, and he's a monster--a walking nightmare. Until now, Ian thought that he had killed him. Ian explains that he met the man at a dinner party in London, where Harris was introduced as a well-known philanthropist. In reality, Harris is a multibillionaire who is after unlimited power. Ian soon found out what kind of man he really was. Every time he turned around, Harris was on the other side of a deal Ian was trying to make for Doctors Without Limits. One instance in particular hit Ian really hard. "There was the most amazing little village in the world, an African Shangri-la. Until the virus came--deadly virus. It attacked the children. But I came up with an antidote, and I swear I moved heaven and earth to get the supplies we needed. And then finally, the call came. The plane was on its way. The children would live," Ian explains. Eve is horrified to learn that Harris hijacked the shipment, and Ian didn't get the supplies in time. Indicating his bracelet of black beads, he tells Eve that he has one bead for every child he lost, so that he would never forget them. "There was nothing I could do. I held them in my arms, and I watched all of them until they slipped away," Ian says. He adds that they never blamed him, even though he had promised life to all thirteen of them. Crying, he tells her that he lost all of them, one by one. Eve holds him close.

Scott and Lucy take Serena to the lighthouse. Kevin hugs Serena, who sits down next to him. Scott tells Livvie that it's good that she's there, and she says that she's doing what she can. Serena tells Kevin that she already misses Eve. Lucy reminds her daughter that she has something for Kevin. She hands Serena a stuffed elephant. Serena tells Kevin that Eve gave it to her when she was blind. Now she wants him to have it. "Her name's Ellie the Elephant, and what you have to do is you have to fall asleep with her in your arms, and Eve will come and find you in your dreams. I know she will. I promise. You just have to believe in it," Serena promises. Kevin thanks her and says that he does believe. Eve will always be in his dreams. He kisses Serena on the head.

After hearing Ian's story, Harris gloats and mocks his captive. He thinks that Ian has been telling some great stories about him. He asks whether Ian mentioned trying to kill him. "I mentioned that I thought I had killed you," Ian states. He wants to know why he and Eve are there. Harris tells him that it's time to pay the penalty for trying to kill him. He grabs Eve. Ian orders him to keep his hands off her. He lunges at him and gets slugged. Harris goads him by talking about Eve's beauty and caressing her face. Eve slaps him hard, and he grabs her collar, pleased by the opportunity to play rough. He fully intends to bed her, but not now. He orders his thugs to get Ian away from him. Ian vows to kill him, which provokes Harris into punching him in the face again. Eve begs him not to hurt Ian. "Begging? That sounds promising. Keep practicing, Eve, I'm coming back for more begging, very soon," Harris states.

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