PC Update Tuesday 12/5/00

Port Charles Update Tuesday 12/5/00

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Chris brags to Colleen about his latest successful triple bypass, but the nurse isn't in the mood to hear about it. When Chris asks where everyone is, she realizes that he hasn't heard the news. Before she can fill him in, she has to take a phone call. Not wanting to wait around for an answer, Chris walks away. In the on-call room, Frank, Joe, Karen, and Gabriela talk about the explosion. Although it was believed to be a car bomb, Frank doesn't think that's been confirmed. The women try to keep up hope that Ian and Eve were not the two people who died in the explosion, but the men realize that it doesn't look good for their friends. Chris walks in, and everyone looks at him. Not having heard the news, he demands to know why a nurse and a paramedic are in the on-call room. Frank informs him that Ian and Eve may have been killed.

Identifying the piece of jewelry found in the car as Eve's wedding ring, Kevin breaks down. He doesn't want to believe it; it has to be some kind of a mistake. He steps away, and although Lucy wants to go to him, Mac tells her to let him go. The commissioner is determined to find out why this happened. Victor joins them and realizes that something has happened. When Lucy tells him that Eve's wedding ring was found in what was left of the car, he goes to comfort his grieving son. After getting a call that the bomb squad is coming, Mac takes Victor aside to say that Kevin shouldn't be there. Lucy offers to take him home, and although Victor wants to go with them, Mac would like him to stay and help him find out who did this. He asks Victor to check with the Agency; if this wasn't local, they'll have to move fast. Victor feels that his son needs him, but Lucy agrees with Mac. In her opinion, what Kevin needs most is to find out who did this. She tells Kevin that she's taking him home, but he protests. It doesn't do him any good, because Lucy won't back down. Mac promises to call the minute they find out anything.

After hearing that Eve and Ian may have died in a car bombing, Chris can't believe that they don't know more about the situation. He wants someone to explain this to him, but no one's talking. Chris realizes that he's not their favorite person, but he asks them not to shut him out. After taking a call from Mac, Frank informs everyone that Eve's wedding ring was found in the burned-out car. Chris is stunned, but the others find him insincere. They don't believe that he cared about Eve or Ian. Chris informs them that Eve was his best friend, and she knew how he felt about her. Even though he didn't get along with Ian, he certainly didn't wish him any harm. Joe and Frank don't believe that. Joe wants him to get out, but Chris reminds him that they're in the on-call room and he's the chief resident. Joe argues that Eve should have had that title. He admits that they all started out as a team but says that Chris stopped being one of them a long time ago. Chris asks Gabriela about Livvie, and she says that she was at the party but probably left before the explosion. She can't be certain, though. Chris rushes out to check on her.

After sharing a long, slow kiss with Jack, Livvie pulls away and says that they have to talk. She wants to know more about him, especially who he is and why he came to Port Charles. Jack thinks that's a tough question. Livvie decides to start with something a little easier. She asks how he manages to keep showing up in her life every time she needs someone. Jack tells her that they have an incredible connection because they've been through a lot of the same stuff. He admits that his own mother died. Like Livvie, he's drawn to the water, but for a different reason. The river is a lot like the one where he scattered his mother's ashes. He says that he and his mother were very close for the short time they were together. They were separated for most of his life, and by the time they found each other, it was too late; she was dying. He always thought that if they could have found a better doctor, maybe he could have saved her, but they were too poor. They didn't have any insurance and couldn't afford another doctor. The phone starts ringing, and Jack tells her to answer it, but she doesn't. Jack is the only person she wants to talk to at the moment. As Lucy's outgoing message plays, Jack pours himself a glass of water. When Chris begins talking, Jack breaks the water glass in his hand. While Livvie cleans his wound, the phone rings again. It's Chris again, urging Livvie to call him the minute she gets his message. Jack points out that it sounds important, but Livvie states that it can wait. She regrets having made him talk about his mom. She promises not to push him anymore. Jack remarks that Chris seems to want more than her friendship. Livvie doesn't care what Chris wants.

At the lighthouse, Lucy wraps up a call from Victor, promising to call him later. She tells Kevin that the bomb squad has concluded that it was a professional job and that Rachel has been ruled out as a suspect. Victor and Mac have a couple theories about who could have done this. One is that Eve and Ian could have made some enemies during their investigations. The other is that this is something from Ian's past. Lucy points out that Ian worked in a lot of tension-filled areas before coming to Port Charles, and he had a way of stirring things up. "Yeah, well, he also had a way of dragging my wife into it!" Kevin yells, angrily kicking his briefcase off the coffee table in front of him. He tells Lucy that earlier today, he thanked Ian for saving her life, and Ian apologized for endangering Eve. Kevin hopes that Ian rots in hell. He shouldn't have come to town in the first place. Kevin wishes that he had died alone instead of taking Eve with him.

A knock on the door interrupts Livvie and Jack as they hang out on her bed. She hopes the person will go away if they're very quiet, but it doesn't work. Chris bursts in and sees them, relieved to see that Livvie is safe. He asks what Jack is doing there, and Livvie informs him that he's her friend. She in turn asks how he got in. Chris admits that housekeeping let him in; he was worried about her. He wants to know why she didn't check her messages. Livvie uses the excuse that she can't check Lucy's answering machine. She asks what's going on. When Chris tells her about the explosion, Livvie says that she wants to see Kevin. Chris offers to take her. Jack offers to go with her if she wants, but Livvie tells him that she should do this alone. They all walk out. Chris stops Jack and warns him to stay away from her. "Yeah, like hell I will," Jack states.

Gabriela and Karen talk about their friendship with Eve. Overcome with sadness, Karen puts her arms around Frank's neck for comfort. Karen thinks that Joe and Gabriela should get some sleep, but they insist on getting to work. They talk about how Ian never listened to similar advice. "At first I thought he was twins. Every time Emilio and I pulled into the E.R., day or night, there he was," Frank marvels. Gabriela will never forget her first day in the E.R. She was a nervous wreck, and Ian didn't cut her much slack. That meant that she learned very quickly. She learned a lot from both Ian and Eve. She starts choking up as she remembers her friends. Karen remembers fun times as a group, playing basketball in the on-call room. Part of their family is missing. Frank can't believe they're gone.
Kevin wants to be left alone, but Lucy refuses. When the phone rings, he tells her not to answer it. He doesn't want to talk to anyone. Eve's voice comes over the the machine as the outgoing message plays. Mesmerized, Kevin plays the message over and over. Suddenly, he falls to the floor in grief, resting his head in Lucy's lap as she tries in vain to comfort him.

A man carries an unconscious Eve into a dungeon, while a second man drags Ian in behind them.

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