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Port Charles Update Monday 12/4/00
"Fate" Premiere

By Beth
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Leaving the Recovery Room, Eve finds Ian standing outside. She's surprised, since he had said that he was leaving town. Ever suspicious, Lucy looks out the window and sees them together. Ian repeats his intention to leave and heads for his car. After he gets inside, Eve gets in the passenger's seat, much to Ian's chagrin. He tells her to go back to her husband, but she refuses to leave the car without an explanation as to why he's leaving Port Charles. Ian doesn't want to get into this with her, but Eve thinks that he owes her an explanation. Although he mentions getting a call from Doctors Without Limits, Eve wants the real reason for his abrupt departure. Caressing her face, Ian promises to tell her the truth; he just hopes that she can handle it.

Inside the Recovery Room, the clock ticks. Kevin sees the look on Lucy's face and gets the idea that something is wrong, but she brushes off his concern. Joe looks for Eve as the second hand of the clock approaches the hour. At exactly 7:00, an explosion tears through the Recovery Room, blasting the window glass inward and knocking everyone down. The first to recover, Jamal stands up and starts looking for Alison, calling out for his girlfriend. Mary and Victor are fine, as are Joe, Kevin, and Lucy. Kevin calls to report the explosion. Thinking it came from right outside, Joe looks out and sees a horrifying sight. Ian's car is on its side--and on fire.

Mary is concerned that someone might need help, but Victor, who notices that she has a cut, insists on taking care of her. Kevin announces that the police are on their way. Lucy wants to check on Livvie, but Kevin tells her that she's fine, since she left twenty minutes earlier. In his opinion, they need to help the people who are still there. Lucy suddenly remembers Eve. She tries to tell Kevin what she knows, but she doesn't get far. Kevin is confident that his wife left in plenty of time before the explosion. Lucy protests, but when Joe returns from outside, she asks him what happened out there. He reports that a car exploded, and it looked like Ian's. Lucy is horrified. Kevin asks whether anyone is in the car, but Joe states that he couldn't get close enough to tell. Kevin thinks it has to be a mistake, since Ian was leaving town. Seeing Jamal, Joe asks what's wrong. Jamal still can't find Alison. He calls out to her again, and this time, she answers, albeit weakly. They find her under some boxes, and her head is bleeding. Jamal worries about how much blood she's losing, but Gabriela assures him that head wounds usually bleed a lot. She and Joe take care of Alison. On the phone again, Kevin tells Frank that although Mary and Joe are fine, they do have an injured person. Frank assures him that an ambulance is on the way, and so is he. Before he can hang up, Kevin asks whether he's seen Eve. He hasn't, but he promises to leave word for her to call her husband. Gabriela and Joe reassure Jamal about Alison's condition. Joe leaves the nurse to look after her while he steps outside to offer his help. He learns from Lucy that the ambulance just pulled up. Lucy presses him for information, but he doesn't know much, since it was too hard to see whether anyone was inside the car. Sensing that she knows something, Joe tells her to fill him in. Lucy states that she doesn't really know anything, and she can't even think it, much less say it out loud. Joe insists, and Lucy caves. She tells him that she saw Eve and Ian talking outside just before the explosion. A stunned Kevin overhears.

As they come in the door, Livvie thanks Jack for being outside the Recovery Room when she needed a friend. She's feeling guilty about leaving after everyone went to the trouble of having a party for her. She just doesn't know those people, even though they're supposed to be her family. She suddenly realizes that her grandmother doesn't know what happened with Rachel. Jack offers to take Livvie to see her. Taking her hand, he leads her back out.

Kevin demands to know why Lucy would think such a thing. Joe heads outside to help, and Kevin again tells Lucy to answer him. Lucy claims to have been mistaken, but Kevin know that she's lying. He demands the truth. Lucy explains that she saw Eve and Ian outside. In her opinion, Eve wanted to tell Ian "goodbye." Kevin doesn't believe it. He tells Lucy that Eve is at the hospital and that she will call him any second now. Deciding not to wait for her call, he heads out to find her. Lucy follows him outside, where Mac and Frank are waiting for the firefighters to get the fire under control. Kevin tries to get through, but an officer stops him. Mac intervenes to talk to Kevin, but neither man has any information for the other. "We'll search the wreckage when it's safe. Just pray no one was inside. There's no way anyone could have survived this," Mac states. An officer interrupts, and Kevin takes off for the hospital. Again, Lucy follows.

Estelle is thrilled to see Livvie. Hugging her grandmother, Livvie assures her that she is also very happy to see her. "Who's this young man?" Estelle asks, eyeing Jack. Jack introduces himself and extends his hand, which Estelle takes after Livvie states that he's a friend. Livvie chides her grandmother for referring to him as "easy on the eyes." Jack charms her by stating that Livvie is the one who's beautiful to look at, and he can see where she gets it. Estelle approves of her granddaughter's new friend. She tells Livvie that she's feeling much better these days, since Ian Thornhart took care of her. Livvie is pleased to see how well she's doing. Estelle assumes that they'll be going to see Rachel now, but Livvie has something to tell her. She looks at Jack, who nods. She gently tells her grandmother that Rachel had to leave town without them and therefore isn't coming. Estelle sits down on her bed. She interprets Livvie's news to mean that she's lost another daughter and is now alone in the world. Livvie assures her that she's wrong about that. Rachel is fine. Besides, Livvie loves Estelle very much, and nothing will ever change that. Estelle has a coughing attack, which scares Livvie. She runs to the door to shout for help. Jack sits down with Estelle, gives her a sip of water, and rubs her back soothingly. Estelle calms down, telling Livvie that she has a "very special boy," but Livvie already knows.

Alison is unconscious, which worries Jamal, but Gabriela thinks it's probably due to shock instead of her head wound. When Alison stirs, the nurse tells her that she has a little cut on her forehead that probably won't need more than a couple stitches. "Well, I hope it doesn't leave a scar, because I don't want to wear bangs. I don't like bangs," Alison states. Amused, Jamal now feels certain that she's all right. While Gabriela calls the hospital, Alison asks Jamal to stay with her, and he assures her that he will.

Victor frets over Mary, who wants him to stop worrying about her. Frank comes in, and Mary hugs her son. He reports that the fire is finally under control. Unfortunately, there's not much left of the car, making it hard to tell whether anyone was inside when it happened. In any case, the authorities believe that it was a car bomb.

Seeing Joe, Mac asks Kevin's whereabouts. Joe says that he went to the hospital to look for Eve. Mac looks grim.

At the hospital, Kevin looks for Eve, but he learns that she never showed up to check on her patient. Kevin doesn't want to believe that. He knows that she's there. Lucy tries to reason with him, reminding him that they've asked everyone and that no one has seen her. Joe joins them, and although Kevin tries to put him off, Joe insists on speaking with him. He informs Kevin and Lucy that the remains of two bodies were found in the car.

Home again, Livvie is surprised that Lucy still hasn't returned from the party. Jack tells her that he likes Estelle, and Livvie says that he should have seen her before she got sick. She reminisces about going "bumming" with her grandmother by going to thrift shops, buying really cool vintage clothes, and putting on a little fashion show when they got home. Jack tells her that she made Estelle feel better by visiting her today. Livvie asks how he managed to calm her down and stop her from coughing, and Jack puts it down to experience. When Livvie questions this, Jack states that he knows how to make women feel good. Livvie knows that's not what he meant. She asks whether he was a doctor in another life or something. Jack tells her that it's no big deal. Livvie wants to know all about him, but as far as he's concerned, there's only one thing she needs to know. He kisses her.

While trying to have Alison admitted for treatment, Jamal is annoyed by the requirement that she fill out a bunch of paperwork. He becomes even more annoyed to learn that her insurance has been cancelled. He causes a scene with the woman trying to admit Alison, which gets Gabriela's attention. The nurse informs the woman that the law requires them to treat every patient who comes into the emergency room. She gets a wheelchair for Alison and tells the woman to take her to Cubicle Two while she starts the paperwork. She assures Jamal that it's all right now, but Jamal is very angry.

Kevin returns to the scene of the explosion, despite Lucy's protests that there's nothing he can do there. In denial, Kevin says that Ian must have gotten rid of his car. Eve couldn't have been inside! When Mac approaches, Kevin looks to him for reassurance. Mac states that it will take a long time before they can positively identify the bodies, but they found something in the remains. He holds out his hand to show Kevin what they found. Seeing Eve's wedding ring, Kevin takes it from his friend's hand. Crying out his wife's name, he breaks down.


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