Port Charles Daily Update


Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Friday 12/26/97

by Dani


Gail greets Scott and Serena as they return from a sleigh ride. When Gail inquires about Scott's preoccupation, he says that the sleigh ride reminded him of a similar ride he took with Dominique when they visited the Quartermaine cabin. He flashes back till Gail asks if they were happy memories. Scott says yes, that everything in Port Charles reminds him of Dominique and that he misses her terribly. Gail gently reminds Scott that the time will come when he has to move on, but Scott, wounded, says that when Dominique died, it was the end of love for him.

Eve is grousing to Chris about everyone (Joe & Karen, Frank & Julie, even Matt & Grace) being in love during the holidays. Doesn't he feel left out? Chris maintains that he doesn't go in for that sentimental stuff and didn't think Eve would either. Eve says that she hasn't believed in true love since her affair with Devlin and that she feels so jaded.

Lucy is at Rex's, telling him that she still doesn't believe a word that Dewey said about Scott's drug habit, and that she went to the Cayman Islands and couldn't find anyone who'd actually seen Scott. Rex then produces a picture which he says is Scott fishing with the president of the bank in the Cayman Islands.

Act I

At GH, Scott tells a giddy, helpful Eve to contact Lucy about coming to the hospital for their "big fight."

Joe and Frank talk about the potential for intimacy between Joe and Karen at the cabin. Joe says that Karen isn't ready for that. Cut to Karen telling Julie that she's ready, but that she thinks Joe is a good Catholic boy who's saving himself for marriage. Cut back to Joe telling Frank about commitment, that Julie is just waiting for him to pop the question. Cut back to Julie telling Karen that she has no time for marriage. Cut to Frank ruminating on having two careers, but then that sometimes Julie is just so pretty and so sexy, and they'll be alone at the house all weekend. Cut to Karen telling Julie that they're not going to seep together. Cut back to Frank pointing out that Joe and Karen will be in the same cabin, even in the same bed! I know, groans Joe. Karen tells Julie that they can keep their emotions in check. Julie mentions a crazy time in the shower with Frank. Cut to Frank finishing that tale for Joe, calling it sudden and powerful. Karen says that relationships change, that she's not ready for commitment. Joe is telling Frank the same thing, and Frank advises him to bring condoms. Wishes for good luck are exchanged between the brothers and Julie and Karen.

Lucy shows up at GH, accusing Scott of lying, and of having a drug habit and gambling problem, in front of many witnesses, including Lee and Gail. Scott blows up and forbids Lucy to ever see Serena again.

Act II

Eve catches up with Scott on the roof and congratulates him on the terrific fight, but Scott is agonizing over the lies he's telling to his family and friends. She promises that it'll be worth it. He presents her with a gift, a heavy gold bracelet with a charm that represents the first time he was nice to her (fed her pizza.) She's touched, and he admits that Rhonda did the actual shopping. They hug, but part self-consciously.

Joe and Karen are stranded with a flat tire and a flat spare. Miles from the nearest city or gas station.

Eve has told Chris about Scott's gift and he further downplays Scott's actual involvement by saying that Rhonda probably writes the checks, too. They toast to another crappy year gone by.

Lucy is dumping on Rex about her banishment from Serena. She's terribly upset about Scott's deception and vows that she'll do anything it takes to save Serena from "that man."


Joe and Karen decide to sleep in the car. They snuggle, they kiss, but they can't get comfortable, so they laugh in spite of themselves.

Lucy leaves Rex, who has had Byron hiding and listening the entire time. Rex doesn't trust anything that opportune, but he's willing to play along.

Eve and Chris take down his tree, getting their kicks by smashing ornaments that represent wrongs done to them over the year. When Eve smashes one for Scott Baldwin, Chris wonders just what Scott ever did to her. Nothing, she replies. "Scott has done absolutely nothing to me." She adds, "What about you, Chris? Do you do nothing, too?" He takes her in his arms and kisses her, proving that he's no Scott Baldwin.

In his dark firehouse, Scott is asleep on the couch. In a dream, he leaves his body and meets Dominique. He touches and hugs her. Dom pleads with him not to lose Serena. Scott reaches for her again and she's gone, then he wakes up to the empty firehouse again.

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