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Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Wednesday 12/24/97

by Dani


At the bottom of a stair, Dr. Devlin runs into Chris Ramsey who wants to discuss the poor review that Devlin gave him during the intern evaluations. On the stairs above, Julie overhears.

Ellen enters her mother's room to find her and Winston in a lively conversation. Ellen reports that her recovery has been much better than expected and Mom takes the opportunity to remark pointedly that it's the presence and loving care of Winston that saw her through the heart attack. Stung, Ellen leaves while Winston and Mom discuss plans for their family Christmas.

Joe, Karen, Rhonda, Scott, Lee, Gail, and Serena all gather at the Baldwin house for a Holiday party. Lucy arrives, laden with gifts, and Scott has to feign annoyance at her showing up when she knows that he'd be there, too. They take their argument outside and Scott tells Lucy that he hates the look on Serena's face during his confrontations with Lucy. Lucy says that it'll be even worse because they need to step up the pace to convince Rex.

Act I

Scott is reluctant, citing the effect of their ruse on Serena, but Lucy insists that it's the only way. When they go back inside, Serena gives Lucy a hand-made Santa as a gift.

Joe and Karen let it slip to Rhonda that they will be going away to a cabin over New Years. Rhonda gives her blessing by not batting an eye.

Lucy has brought Serena a gift: a stuffed duck, which is really from Kevin.

Chris is upset because the review Devlin gave him was not an accurate reflection on his skill as a doctor, but payback for Chris' affair with Nichole. Devlin says that Chris better not cross him again, that what happened at the review was just a slap on the wrist. With a smirk, Julie joins the conversation and sticks up for Chris' work as a doctor. She tells her father that his review of her was more an exertion of his parental control and that Chris could vouch for her work. As would any of the interns, Chris adds. Devlin leaves them with a grim reminder that he is their superior, something they'd do well not to forget. After he leaves, Julie tells Chris that she doesn't hold him entirely responsible for what happened between him and her mother, that Chris just got caught in the crossfire. Chris is pleased to have made amends.

Scott worms it out of Karen that she and Joe will be away by themselves for New Year's and Scott also gives his implied approval of Karen's choice.

Serena is surrounded by gifts from Lucy and says that this has been the best Christmas ever. She asks Lucy to come over on Christmas day, but Lucy regretfully declines, citing a business trip that she must take.

Act II

Matt and Ellen discuss her mother's prognosis, which is good, so why, Matt asks, are you so sad, especially after being reunited with her family. Ellen tells him that, contrary to popular belief, holidays don't always bring out the best in families, and that she could live without them. Holidays or families, Matt asks. Ellen tells Matt to mind his own business.

Devlin approaches Julie, who rebuffs his attempt to talk because a personal conversation might be hazardous to her professional life. Dad considers their harsh words earlier to be water under the bridge, which leads Julie to wonder aloud if he's listened to a single word she's said. How about a family lunch later, he asks. Julie, disgusted and exasperated, asks if he's noticed that they don't have a family any more.

Back at her room in the PC Hotel, a despondent Lucy spots a man's shoes poking out from under her drapes. She beats the intruder with her purse before she discovers that it's Kevin in disguise as Santa Claus. She sheds tears over not being able to see Serena until the whole custody mess is over.


Kevin tries to cheer Lucy up with a gift, which turns out to be Sigmund with a green bow around his neck. This helps to lighten Lucy's mood and they begin to get romantic.

Dr. Devlin has arranged for a holiday meal to be catered in to the interns. He says Merry Christmas to Ellen and then to Matt, who accepts the greeting with little enthusiasm. He sees Julie and starts to greet her, but Frank comes along and whisks her away to Christmas Eve at the Scanlon's.

Outside her mom's door, Ellen hears Winston presenting her with a framed picture of the two of them (Winston and Mom.) She turns to leave and finds Matt there with a gift for her. She thanks him haltingly and wishes him a Merry Christmas.

At the Baldwin's, Serena tells Jake that she'll help him find a star for Danielle, preferably one close to Dominique's star. Scott rounds them up and they all gather in the living room to sing "We wish you a Merry Christmas" as Dominique appears in the room.

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