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Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Tuesday 12/23/97

by Dani


The words that Winston and Ellen exchange exhibit no familial warmth. Standing by, Frank expresses surprise that his old school pal Winston even has a sister. Matt looks on, taking in every detail.

Joe is posting a notice in the on-call room to rent the newly finished room in their house. Julie assures him that there is no need to hurry the repayment of the money she loaned Frank and Joe to replace the furnace. As they leave, Eve, who has been listening, slinks over to the board and snatches the notice.

Karen has brought a Christmas tree to Scott at the firehouse and she tells him how surprised she is about Kevin and Lucy splitting up. She wants Scott to talk to Lucy, which forces Scott to admit that he is no longer speaking to Lucy either.

Act I

Scott and Karen plan to bake cookies, which allows Karen to pry the details of his estrangement from Lucy out of Scott. He reveals that Lucy is on the witness list and will likely testify against him. Karen wants Scott to fight for Lucy's support, citing how much they need her. She also pledges her unending support to Scott.

Joe finds that Eve has taken down the rental notice. Eve tells him that she has to move out of Chris' apartment, and Joe expresses his doubts about her being able to live under the same roof as Julie. Eve pleads till Joe agrees to talk it over with Frank.

Winston sees his mother, who is pleased. The warmth between them is palpable. When Matt joins Ellen, Winston asks for a moment alone with his mother. Then he asks his mother if she'd known that Ellen was working at GH. With a look between hurt and annoyance, Ellen leads Matt from the room.

Act II

Karen meets Lucy at the PC Grill and tries to reason with her. Rex has come in and Lucy is forced to continue her act and accuse Scott of drug abuse. When Rex approaches their table, Karen is quietly hostile, informing him that he'll never get Serena from Scott. She accuses Lucy of selling out in order to get in good with Rex and maintain her contact with Serena. She leaves and Rex tells Lucy that he'll allow her to come and see Serena anytime. Lucy tells Rex that she still believes that Serena should stay with Lee and Gail, as opposed to with him. When Rex invites Lucy to spend Xmas eve with him, she declines, saying that she'll be with Serena at the Baldwin's. Will she be welcome under the current circumstances, wonders Rex. Lucy parts with the comment that it would be wrong for her to consider Rex a friend.

Scott corrals Eve at GH, needing to tell someone how miserable it makes him to lie to Karen the way he has. Eve tries to tell him that Karen will understand in the end, and even be proud that she has a father who was smart enough to pull it off. Scott is genuinely grateful for Eve's support and her help.

Kevin arrives at Gail's for a session, also bringing a Christmas gift for Serena. He tells her that he won't be at their house for Christmas, due to his estrangement from both Lucy and Scott. He confides in Gail about how he's lost Lucy to her obsession with Serena. (Which seems a bit unethical to me, considering he's lying to his therapist!--Suzanne) Is the obsession linked to Lucy's miscarriage? Gail asks. Kevin admits that he's considered that, but that Lucy won't.

Frank and Julie are smooching in the on-call room when Joe finds them. He hands Frank a catalog featuring a sewing machine they want to get for their mom for Christmas. Frank is hesitant because the machine is over $300 (I hate to tell you, Frank, but that is really not that much in the world of sewing machines today! Men!--Dani) but Joe mentions that the money might not be an issue since he has a potential tenant for their room. He tells them that it's Eve Lambert. Frank defers to Julie, who graciously concedes, citing the holidays as a time to forgive.

Winston tries to question Matt about his mother's condition, purposely excluding Ellen. Matt, intuitive to a fault, firmly refers Winston to his supervisor, Dr. Burgess. Winston asks Ellen where her husband Sam is--this eliciting a reaction from Matt--and Ellen replies that she and Matt are no longer together. Winston snidely remarks that their mother predicted that it wouldn't work out.


After Winston returns to his mother's room, Matt tells Ellen that he couldn't help overhearing. But if he is trying to initiate a conversation about Ellen's relationships with her mother, brother and ex-husband, it doesn't work--she walks away.

Julie runs into Eve and presents her with a key to the Scanlon house. Julie apologizes for her behavior and Eve accepts. They agree to put their differences aside.

While having drinks, Rex tells Byron that he's having fun watching the show that Lucy, Kevin and Scott are putting on, but that he's not buying any of it.

Kevin is telling Gail that he'll visit Victor at the new home, then spend the rest of Christmas alone, when Lucy barges in with an armload of gifts for Serena. When she and Kevin see each other, they both fall into an uncomfortable silence. The sadness between them is obvious, and Lucy hastens to leave. Lucy runs into Eve outside and blurts out that Rex is not buying the deception, that they are going to have to do something drastic to convince him. She vows that she'll do whatever it takes to protect Serena from him.

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