Port Charles Daily Update


Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Monday 12/22/97

by Dani


In the On-Call room, Chris teases a slightly hung over Eve with pictures of her kissing Frank Scanlon at the party the night before. She is appropriately rueful. Frank Scanlon is making a phone call to alert an unknown party as to Alice's condition.

Karen expresses her surprise to Ellen that Alice is Burgess' mother, but Ellen remains emotionally distant, downplaying the relationship.

Lucy helps Kevin back into his disguise as they prepare to part after a secret night together in her room at the Port Charles Hotel. After Kevin leaves, Lucy calls Angelina and requests that she send over some potential models for Jax Cosmetics now that Brenda Barrett is out of commission. A knock at the door proves to be Rex Stanton. He gets Lucy to invite him in and Kevin watches from outside.

Act I

As Eve and Chris banter over the Quartermaine Fellowship, Eve is paged. She calls Kevin back and he tells her to alert Scott so that Scott can barge in on Rex and Lucy.

Rex notes that Lucy has placed the flowers he sent in the center of the room. She acts indignant, claiming not to need his sympathy or flowers. He flatters her and she tries to brush him off till he admits that he is there concerning Serena. He is confident of Scott's conviction and his subsequent custody of Serena. He asks for Lucy's aid in helping Serena over the trauma. She feigns adherence to the position that Scott is innocent. Rex says that she would have to change her mind if confronted with irrefutable evidence. Scott and Lee talk about the apparent validity of the evidence against him.

Eve hurries up to Scott and tells him what Kevin's requested and Scott heads for the hotel.

Matt is reassuring Alice as Ellen looks on, when Alice suddenly asks "Dr. Burgess" how long she has been in Port Charles. Ellen replies that it's been a couple of years. Matt follows Ellen out of the room and offers her any help, which she intentionally mistakes for an offer of help with the patient, not with her emotional dilemma.

Rex says that the drug dealer, Dewey, can provide proof of Scott's drug addiction. Lucy continues to protest until a phone call from Rex reveals that Dewey is down in the hotel lobby. Rex persuades Lucy to let Dewey come up to her room and present his case.

Act II

Dewey tells Lucy that he used to express mail Scott's drugs to various safe houses in Canada, but Lucy just can't be convinced. Rex argues that Lucy couldn't possibly have known what Scott was up to in Canada since he never even told her where he was. Dewey leaves and Rex puts on a good show of his concern for Serena's well-being.

Matt persists in poking at Ellen's emotional armor. He lets her know that he'll be there if she needs him.

Rex continues to cross-examine Lucy: Has Scott ever lied to her before? He asks. In the past, she admits. She pretends to come around reluctantly to Rex's point of view. A knock at the door turns out to be Scott. He acts annoyed to find Rex there.


Scott comes off as paranoid, accusing Lucy of scheming against him. Lucy hustles Rex out the door and continues to argue loudly with Scott for the benefit of Rex, who is listening outside the door. After Scott leaves her room in a huff, he slips his cell phone out of his pocket.

Eve has received a call from Scott and she lets Kevin know that Lucy is fine. They pretend to talk about her schedule, but Chris has overheard a cryptic remark and asks Eve about it. She lies to cover up and he knows she's lying.

We finally find out who Frank Scanlon called earlier as he greets Winston and tells him about his mother, Alice's, condition. Winston spots Ellen and blurts out, "What are you doing here? I don't want you anywhere near our mother!"

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