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Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Monday 12/8/97

by Dani


When Kevin, Lee and Scott arrive at court for the jury selection, Scott's apprehension gets the better of him. Rex comes over to get in Scott's face about their idea of the ideal juror (middle-aged women with children) as his lawyer feels that the same type will be sympathetic to Rex's cause, but is warned off by Lee. The Judge enters and asks how long the lawyers anticipate the trial will last. Both agree that 8 days should do it.

Lucy and Gail prepare a party at the lighthouse for Serena's birthday. Both are concerned about Scott having to be in court and about Serena, but Lucy sticks with her plan to appear unhappy. So when Gail asks about the scene Lucy made at the PC Grill, Lucy admits that she's not pleased about the type of care Serena is receiving at Lee and Gail's house, which gets Gail's dander up.

The jurors are sworn in and Scott, as usual, is pessimistic.

Act I

Lee questions the jurors, pausing to confer with Scott. One woman thinks Scott is guilty already and is dismissed. Another hates people who inherit money.

Chris is harried, preparing for his day in the OR with Bennett Devlin, until Devlin arrives and orders a replacement for him. When Chris protests, Ellen comes over and intervenes. Privately, she asks why he wants someone to replace Chris after having spoken so highly of him in the past; Bennett says that Chris' work has been substandard. He asks Joe to step in for Chris.

In the courtroom, Lee and Scott have to settle for some jurors who will be poor risks for their cause. Scott won't let Kevin mollify him.

Act II

Scott is very nervous and tells Kevin how he has seen innocent people convicted merely because a juror didn't like their face. He has no faith in the system.

Joe is telling Matt about his awesome experience in the OR with Devlin when Chris cuts in with a remark about Joe advancing at Chris' expense. Before Joe can say much more, Devlin storms over and berates Chris quite publicly about his pre-op reports. Eve overhears and after Devlin leaves, she pesters Chris for what is really going on. Since she knows Devlin better than Chris ever will, she suggests that he take care of the problem because Devlin is gunning for him.

Serena arrives for her party, happy, and calling out for her daddy. Lucy and Gail try to distract her by asking about the party her classmates gave her at school, but Serena just can't muster any enthusiasm without Scott.

The Judge addresses the jurors and then adjourns the court. Rex can't resist trying to get a rise out of Scott, but Kevin warns Scott not to snap in front of all the jurors. Scott remains quiet and, determined, says that he will win this case.


Karen and Lucy can't get Serena to party until Scott arrives. As they bring out her cake, she makes a wish that she can live with her daddy again and then blows out all the candles but one. Depressed, she thinks that her wish won't come true and bolts out of the room. Everyone is terribly sad and Lucy shares a secret look with Kevin. Scott goes up to Serena's room with a magic cupcake and an extra wish candle. He cajoles her into blowing it out then gives her a present: a locket with a picture of her mother on one side and Serena and Scott on the other. He says that it'll remind her that he and mommy are looking out for her all the time, but she says that if mommy left, Scott might leave as well. Scott tries to hug that thought away.

Chris goes to Devlin, putting him on notice that he's not going to take any more of his crap, and even threatening him with a lawsuit for harassment. But when he mentions sleeping with Nicole and Devlin warns him to keep his voice down, Chris knows that he now has some leverage and the two end with a stalemate.

While Serena sleeps, her new locket around her neck, an empty rocking chair moves slightly. Dominique appears and whispers reassurances and love in her daughter's ear. She tells Serena that she is always there looking out for her and Scott. She withdraws and sits in the rocker to watch Serena sleep.

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